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Some more tips to recognize the fake alims (imposters)

Posted on: June 2, 2008

Remember they cannot tell the future its is impossible because future is only known to Allah. However sometimes it seems what they say about future and actually it happens for example your house will get burnt in two days time. This happens because the so called alim(imposter) will get the jinn to do the job. But in return you see that your house is burnt you run back to the alim and praise him and believe in him becomes blind. brothers and sisters this is shirk and thousands and if not hundred of thousands of people have fallen into this trap.

After telling you about all information that surprise you. He will say don’t worry i will solve the problem. He may start to recite some Qur’anic verse just again deception because in between his breath and in his mind he will recite instruction and others things which is not Qur’an but something which pleases the jinss. They are mostly praises of certain leader of the shaytain this causes the ripple effect in the jins world where communication happens through wind and at a very faster speed thousands of miles per second. When the master or leader of that tribe jinns hears his praises by the imposter alim he sends his slave jinns to see what the alim wants in return its just like getting paid for reciting nice poetry in front of a king or something and calling him your lord. Remember Allah made humans(from adam) higher then the jinns(from iblis) so when a human praises and worships a jinn , that jinns feels overjoyed at this.

So the jinn will come and and communicate with the alim . Sometimes the jinns brings some written form of Arabic , often Qur’anic ayahs written in red but again deception. because if you are an arabic expert you will notice that between Qur’ainic ayahs there is writen other incantations. These are instruction from the leader shaytan to a smaller jinn to execute a job. Sometimes its written in Arabic number fro a common problem like stomach ache, back pain , separation problem etc.. again they are something that will cause a person to leave Islam for ever . Please don’t go to these alim for help you will lose a lot in the after life.

The alim then gives the person the written paper to wear, sometimes to put in water and drink , sometimes in oil and rub . Sometimes put in certain area. so the result is the black magic that has been done in you will get cancelled but remember the ayah when allah says:

‘ many would seek the refuge and help from the jinns and little would they know that they will cause more ruin in your life’

so the alim makes his money . and the shaytan leader gets his praises and worship from the sons and daughters of Adam instead of Allah, getting Allah the worship the devil gets the worship. so its a dual collaboration between the alim (magician) and the jinns. but overall you gain but you lose more: how:

So temporarily you get cured . but permanently you lose the after life ..because its form of shirk and is one of the most dangerous sin in Islam that can make u kuffar. secondly you will become addicted to this alim u will go to him many times for any problem forgetting Allah who created all this for a test for us. thirdly the after effect of taking the help can be seen… often illness like cancer happens to the family member , sudden accident , etc.. the list is endless so beware…

Remember not all jinns are bad . They are some Muslim jinns and i stress very few in numbers less then 0.1% who are true Muslims. they suffer a lot in the jinn world because iblis and his followers always attack them. they live only with Allah’s help and refuge but they are very small in numbers. REMEMBER they never get involved or involves themselves with human alim or any human beings they have enough problem in there life for survival. only the kafir and munafiqin jinss do.

What is the solution then you may ask. the solution is asking repentance from all, reforming your life staying awau from things that pleases the angels ( malika) like not listening to music, drawing pictures, having photos at home , doing haram , involving with usually anything that attracts shaytan to you and your house and also keeping up with your prayers. people always look for short cut in life , but remember short cuts are failing test.

Next step is doing Qur’anic ruqaya. there are certain ayahs of the quran(around 1 hour of recitation) when recited repeatedly especially verses about sulaiman alisalam (the jinns was his salve on earth and he was their king) and this will cause a major response in the person affected by the black magic. like cause that person to have repeated nightmares , cause the persons body part to become temporarily paralyzed , tightness in berating etc.. until and eventually the person will have an epileptic shock and the jinn will then speak begging you to stop reciting the Qur’anic ayahs. you the other person often a good Muslim who is a true believer inshallah will then go into a dialogue with the jinns. you will ask him many questions but usually the jinn lies with answers so u will have deal with it intellectually until the jinn tells u where the magic script is kept . Often tied to hair , clothes of the person whom black magic was done to.

You find the script from the location the jinn tells you..Put it inside a glass with water to get dissolved and recite surat muattains on the water and that’s how it will get inactivated. but then remember pour the water over an area of soil where no other human will get to touch it.

This should be an eye opener for anyone … it will give people the sense why we are all here. must remember the Qur’anic verse as Allah says ‘ are we not going to test you as we tested before you ‘. Remember all the prophets were tested and kings were tested Adam a.s) was tested what makes you and i exempt are we better them…only the pondering mind can answer. (by Abdullah al-anzi )


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