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The Best solution to the Riddle of picking up one

Posted on: June 2, 2008

One big company was hiring new staff, the question of the written exam is:

You are driving a car on one big storm night, you are passing a station, there are three people who are waiting for the bus; one old lady who is dying, one doctor who saved your life before, one guy / women (as the case may apply ) who is someone you have been dreaming to be with. You can only take one passenger, which one you will choose? Please explain your reason. Think about it before you read the following : I am not sure whether it is some kind of personality test, since every answer has its reason. One lady is going to die, you should save her first, however, one people always end up dying anyway, you should take the doctor, because the doctor saved my life before, this is the perfect chance to pay him back. At the same time, some people believe that you can always pay the doctor back in the future, but you may never be able to find the perfect lover once you pass this chance.

Within the two hundred candidates, the one who has been hired did not explain his answer, he only simply stated that ” Give the car key to the doctor, let the doctor take the old lady to the hospital and I stay to wait for the bus with the lady of my dream!”

Everyone I know think the above answer is the best answer, but there is no one (including myself) can think of this answer first. Is that because we never want to give up any advantage we held in our hands (the car key)? Sometimes, we would gain more if we were able to give up our stubborn limitations.


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