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Tips to Choose a Righteous Muslim alim \ Exorcist

Posted on: June 2, 2008

Logic and judgment still need to be applied when looking for a spiritual healer even though you are looking outside the range of the traditional healing arts.

  1. Obtain referrals from friends – Talking with friends and family would probably be the first place you would go if you were looking for a doctor or dentist. Well there is nothing different in finding a Muslim spiritual healer. Find out from people that you know if they have had any experience with healers. Find out what the results were. Were the results what they expected. Was the person nice. Were there a lot of visit involved etc…

  2. How confident is the healer in their ability – Practically all products or services come with a money back policy. Is the practitioner you are talking with confident enough in their work? You do not have to have a miracle in one session but are you happy with the results. If they are not confident then maybe they are not for you.

  3. How long or often do you have to see them – Although it is unlikely that the full extent of any healers abilities can be felt in only one session, does the healer give you an idea of how many sessions it will take to clear your immediate problem.

  4. How is a successful outcome determined. After several spiritual healing sessions what level of results would you like? If you come in with a problem and after 3 sessions you feel 60% better is that successful? Is it successful enough to say you would like more sessions or is it just enough to say that is all you want and can now function very well.

It seems that there is still allot of confusion in regards to who one can seek treatment from or how to distinguish between a Magician and a righteous Raaqi.

In general a Raaqi will do the following:

  1. Recite verses from the Qur’an al-Kareem

  2. Supplications from the Ahadith

  3. Reciting the Adhaan

  4. He/she may place his/her hand on the patient’s forehead or head Or he/she may place his/her hand on the place of pain.

  5. The use of water which is sprayed or sprinkled on the patient

  6. The patient is asked to drink Ruqya water (which maybe normal water or Zam Zam water)

  7. The Raaqi may pat the patient with the hand or use a Miswaak.

  8. The Raaqi may read from memory or read from the Mushaf or some document.

  9. The Raaqi will read out aloud and clearly.

The above questions are critically important to ask. With these questions you can find a Muslim spiritual adviser that will be a good match for your needs.


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