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Darling Child Of Nature – Telepathy Article

Posted on: June 4, 2008

Analytical study of the convoluted network of life leads us to conclude that everybody is desirous of living a joyful and happy life but the materialistic approach towards life causes dismay on every step in this regard because each and every moment of our lives is mortal, Persihable and variable. Materialistically we also are not aware what is real happiness and how can we have access to it. In order to be acquainted with real happiness we have to look for our actual base. When we were nothing, we must have been something. Because not to be anything negates our being altogether.

Our material life commenses in the womb of the mother. After inception and passing through a certain process when this matter reaches its climax a living picture comes into being from nothingness. This picture receives such a training from its surroundings that it remains oblivious of the meanings of real happiness, what to say of the method of its acquisition. First of all, to embrace real happiness one has to have this knowledge that life is not based upon the body alone but it has roots in that reality which has adopted this body as a robe for its manifestations. This reality is associated with the soul; the in-built operating computer of the body. It is worth consideration where the soul used to reside before coming to this phenomenal world. The use of word ‘coming’ is indicative of the fact that something was present somewhere. After settling down that something exists somewhere we have to consider its form and shape. And determination of relative place also becomes mandatory when the shape and form are considered with careful deliberation.

Time and space automatically come under discussion when determination of place is attempted. Where we were before our birth? A simple reply to this question is that all the living soul existed in the realm of the souls prior to their birth and from there they came to this material world. After birth we encounter such a situation in which every passing moment of our life is dying after giving birth to another one. The moment which we recognise as our childhood changes into boyhood and the moment we call youthfulness converts into old age. Our access to reality is possible only when we would know that this living picture is not merely a body but a conscious is considered that medium of our identification upon which the whole edifice is erected. This also is in our knowledge that annihilation of the material body puts an end to the material density and pollution and we are also aware of the fact that the extinction of the material body does not destroy the conscious but it is transferred to some other realm. All the sacred books reiterate unanimously about the man’s abode here-after and the life to come in that realm. All these books also agree that man is not a material body only, rather they emphasise that man is a conscious. When we happen to mention the material life span, the birth to death period, we have to have this fact in our mind that the conscious whose foundations were laid in the mother’s womb decreases on one side, and keeps on increasing on the other. The decrease of the conscious builds the past and increase in the conscious constructs the future. Increase and decrease in the conscious determines the age.

One time of the conscious is called the childhood, the other is termed as youth. And yet another is known as the old age. Infact it is the conscious, which is responsible for maintaining the material life in all its various stages. The conscioius that takes the material body through evolutionary steps remains intact even after the body perishes. When we examine ourselves we find that we have a perishable limited body as an identification of our life. The tangible body that we see is constituted with density, dirt, putrefaction and effluvia. This physical body is based upon the soul. The soul is not based upon this body. The body of flesh and bones witnesses, hears, touches, speaks, feels and experiences sentiments only when the soul is associated with it. The most limiting factor of everyone’s ideology is that everyone believes that he is matter, an offspring of the material world. This limiting ideology confines everybody in a limitude and everyone finds himself incarcerated in the cobweb of restrictions and limitations. And thus it eventually results in a further restricted and limited ideology. Everybody living on the planet earth has categorised himself as a Muslim, a Hindu, a Parsi or a Christian though the soul cannot be denominated by any such name. Because light is only light, irrespective of it belonging to any religion of any part of the world whether it is Arab or non-Arab, Europe or Asia. Study of holy books reveals that God never leaves His creatures alone in solitude no matter how much different they are in their physical forms, features or ideology-wise. Holy Quran is the foundation of Islam Hindus worship in the words of the Bhagvad Gita, and Judaism is established upon the words of the Old Testament. When we deliberate upon the creation of the universe we again conclude that our universe too is the voice of Allah. When Allah said “Be” the whole universe came into being in obedience to His Command God whenever introducing Himself, proclaims to be a friend of the creatures. Just as a father cannot forget his son, God too is never forgetful of His creatures.

God, the Lord Cherisher, provides us with every type and kind of resources and makes us to undergo novel experiences at various stages of our life, and is indeed our Friend. Allah wants that everything of this universe should remain in continuous motion. Those who, in pursuasion of this wish, decree and attitude after accepting it wholeheartedly, strive and struggle become the active members of the universe. This membership further activates and keeps the universe kinetic. It would be really interesting to note that whatsoever is there in the universe or is existing in the earth has been created for man; the darling child of the nature and the vicegerent of Allah on earth. Those who care to have an affinity with their Lord and believe firmly that Allah is the One Who is encompassing every activity of life, when they start enjoying this affinity, that are bestowed with such a thinking approach which enable them to have this realisation that they are linked with that one who is encompassing their lives. Recurrence and repetition of this feeling results in a manifested form and they start observing that they are enveloped in a halo of light, in which the whole universe is also present beside them. All the holy books have explained it elaborately that the basis of the earth and the heavens is the light which every existent of the universe is linked with Allah. The one who witnesses the halo can study all the formulae, which are responsible for the creation. He also comprehends the laws of the nature. This knowledge not only helps him to live in harmony with nature but also liberates him from the clutches of worries and fears. Since Allah Himself is far above and indifferent to the fears, worries and anxieties, therefore, anyone with a strong sense of association with Him also becomes emancipated from the fears and phobias and any sort of worries cannot cause anxiety in him. According to the rule stated by Allah in the Holy Quran, the true friends of Allah are those who have no fear, nor do sorrows overpower them, therefore, anyone who fulfills this condition alone can live in a state of bliss and enjoy the pleasure of real happiness without any obligation of the material means of comfort and luxuries. Or to say, he starts living the life of the Paradise right away in this world, much before his actual admission in the Paradise.

When various forms of phobias are examined we find an obsession of a question, what will happen?

The tight grip of this lingering question causing fear can only be avoided when one, settling upon his association with Allah, considers that whatsoever that it is going to happen will be positive and good for him because the future is unseen for us alone; it is not unseen for the Almighty and He being the most merciful Friend would certainly not allow anything go against us. Similarly when the various sorrows and griefs are studied, we find the result of a question: why it happened? This question of the ensuing sorrow is not only a proof of our ignorance but also evident upon our arrogance as this simply amounts to questioning the Exalted authority of our Loving Lord. How can a creature dare to challenge the will of the Creator?

Articles on Telepathy from Book “Telepathy” by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


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