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Hazrat-e-Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz

Posted on: June 4, 2008

The grand Mentor of the Chistia Saintly Line Hazrat-e-Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz (the sustainer of the poor) Hasan Sanjari on the visit to Madeenah Munawwara received the honour of being called Moinuddin (helper of faith) from the King of Madeenah, the Leader of the Prophets, the Enlightened Prophet and was ordered to go to Ajmair for the sake of preaching the religion. Hence, Sayyed-e-na Sultan-ul-Hind (king of India) Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz came to Ajmair Sharif. Due to his preaching large number of people started embracing Islam. The Hindu ruler over there, Prithvi Raj, started getting very much irritated by this. Hence, he prepared his most dangerous and Terrifying Magician Ajay Pal Jogi to battle with Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Ajay Pal Jogi, along with his disciples went to Khawaja Sahib. After seeing the agitation of the muslims Huzoor Ghareeb Nawaz formed a fort (hisar) around the Muslims and ordered that no Muslim should go out of this fort. On the other hand, the magicians started pouring water, fire and pelting stones with their magic power, but all these attacks were of no use once they reached the fort. Now, with the help of magic, they made thousands of snakes come down from the mountain and go towards Khawaja Sahib and the Muslims, but as soon as they reached the fort they died. When the disciples failed, their teacher, the terrifying magician Ajay Pal Jogi, started showing different tricks due to magic. But on reaching close to the fort everything used to vanish. After he failed to do anything he got very angry and he tossed his Dear-Skin in the air and sat on it and flew very high in the air. The Muslims got confused that who knows what sort of trouble will he create from up there. Ghareeb Nawaz smiled on this action of his. He signalled His blessed shoes. On receiving the signal they shoe also flew very fast, chasing the Magician. And in no time they reached up and started hitting head. He started descending as he received those hits. He came down ashamed and fell down at the feet of King Ghareeb Nawaz and he repented from the Hindu philosophy and became a Muslim. He received the Islamic name Abdullah from Him, and he received great attention from Khawaja Sahib and attained a grand rank in the sainthood ship, and became famous by the name of Abdullah Biyabani.

The Camels Remained Sitting:

When Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz came to Ajmair Shareef foremost He sat under a peepul tree. This place was reserved for the camels of the Hindu raja, Prithvi Raj, of that place. The servants of the raja came and started being rough on him and rudely said that you people go away from here because this place is the resting place for the camels of the raja. Khawaja Sahib said, “fine we people will go, may your camels remain seated here.” Hence the camels were made to sit over there. In the morning the camel-driver came and tried to make the camels stand up, but even after trying everything the camels did not stand up. They got scared and went to the grand presence of Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Sahib and shamefully begged for forgiveness for the rudeness. The uncrowned King of India Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz said, “Go by the order of Allah your camels have stood up.” When they returned all the camels were infact standing up.

  • Khawaja-e-Hind your saintly court is so grand.

  • Never did anyone return with any unfulfilled need from there(these are the translation of the verses of the poems).

Freedom From The Punishment Of Grave :

Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz went to attend the funeral of one of his disciples. After performing the funeral prayers He lowered him into the grave with His hands. Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Bakhtiyaar Kaaki says that after the burial almost everyone left, but Huzoor Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz remained sitting at his grave. Suddenly, He became sad. After sometime He said ALHAMDULILLAH (all praise be to Allah) and became satisfied. On my request He said that the angels of punishment came to my disciple on which I became worried. Meanwhile, my mentor Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Usman Harooni came and recommended for him in front of the angels, ‘O, angels! This person is a disciple of my disciple, Moinuddin leave him. The angels said that he was a very big sinner. This conversation was going on that a voice was heard saying, “O angels we have pardoned this disciple of Moinuddin Chisty for the sake of Usman Harooni.”

The Leftover Of A Majzoob (One Lost In Divine Meditation):

An incident of the childhood of Hazrat Sayyed-e-na Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz is that once He was watering His garden when the famous majzoob of that period Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Ibrahim Qandouzi entered the garden. The moment He saw that pious person, He immediately left all the work and ran and greeted Him with salaam, kissed His hands and made Him sit under the shadow of a tree with respect and then presented a bunch of grapes to Him with great submissiveness. The friend of Allah was flattered by the way of the young gardener. He happily took out a piece of Khali (oilcake) from His pouch and had a bite from it and then put into Khawaja Sahib’s mouth. As soon as the piece of Khali went down the throat, the feelings of Khawaja Sahib’s heart changed and the heart became disgusted towards the world. He sold everything which he owned, including a garden which he inherited, and a windmill, at a very minimal cost and spent all the money and other possessions in the path leading to Allah. And took permission from his mother and left the house, at the age of fifteen years for the path leading to Allah in order to earn religious education. Allah bestowed a lot of blessings on Him and He became the leader of Saints and the uncrowned King of India.

The News Of The Unseen:

One day Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Gareeb Nawaz,Hazrat-e-na Sheikh Auhad-ud-Deen Kirmani and Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Sheikh Shahab-ud-Din Soharwardi were sitting in one place, a boy (Sultan Shams-ud-Din Altamsh) passed from there, carrying a bow and arrow. On seeing him Huzoor Ghareeb Nawaz said that this child will become the king of Delhi, and ultimately it happened. After a short period of time he became the King of Delhi.

Dear Islamic Brethren! It is possible that Satan might put the deceiving thought in someone’s heart that the knowledge of the unseen is with Allah only, how did Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz give the news of the unseen? The entreaty to this is that no doubt Allah has the knowledge of the unseen and the seen. His knowledge of the unseen is His own and has been there since always, whereas the knowledge of the unseen which the Prophets and the Saints have is given to them and was not always with them. They have it from the time Allah gave them and have as much as they were given. They do not have even the minimum without Him telling them. It is possible that someone might get this deceiving thought that when Allah revealed it then the secret did not remain secret. The answer to this is mentioned ahead that the Quran has stated the knowledge of the unseen of the Prophets(ALAIHIMUSSALAAM) is the knowledge of the unseen. Now the knowledge of how much was given or revealed is with the Giver and the receiver. It stated about the knowledge of the unseen of Divinely chosen of all the Prophets and the Apostles(Allah’s grace and peace be upon him): And he is not niggardly as to the disclosing of unseen.

On the basis of this Quranic verse it states in Khazin, “It means that the King of Madeenah(Allah’s grace and peace be upon him) receives the knowledge of the unseen so He(Allah’s grace and peace be upon him) does not hide it from you but infact teaches you.” It is learnt from this verse and its commentary that Allah’s Beloved, the One knowing hidden things(Allah’s grace and peace be upon him) teaches people the knowledge of the unseen and it is obvious that the one who knows it, is the one who teaches it.

It states about the knowledge of the unseen of Isa(ALAIHIMUSSALAAM) that: And tell to you whatever you eat and what you store in your houses. No Doubt, in these things there is a great sign for you if you believe.(KANZ-UL-IMAN) (PARA 3, SURAH ALAY IMRAN,VERSE 49)

Dear Islamic Brethren! In the above verse Sayyed-ena Isa(ALAIHISSALAAM) very clearly announces that what ever you eat is revealed to me and whatever you save and keep at home is also revealed. If this is not the knowledge of unseen then what is this? When greatness of Hazrate Sayyed-e-na Isa (ALAIHISSALAAM) is so grand then what about the greatness of the master of Isa, the wonderful Mustafa? What is it that must have been left hidden from him? He has with his eyes seen Allah who is the unseen of unseen.

  • What other hidden secret could remain hide from you

  • When Allah did not hide His ownself from you millions of durood on you.(These are the translation of the verses of the poems).

Anyway Allah has given the knowledge of the unseen to the Prophets and surely to renounce that the Prophets have this knowledge means the refusal to accept the above Quranic verses. The greatness of the Prophets is very grand, and due to the bounty of the Prophets even the Saints can give the news of the unseen. Hence Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dehlavi has quoted Huzoor Ghous-ul-Azam in AL-AKHBAAR-UL-AKHYAAR: Had the Shariah not prohibited me to speak, I would have told you what you eat at home and was kept there, I know the inside and outside of yours, because you are like a glass in front of me. Hazart-e-Maulana Roomi says in MASNAWI SHERIFF:

  • The divine tablet is in front of the eyes of the Saints.

  • Which is free from any error.(These are the translation of the verses of the poems).

Made Corpse-Alive:

Once the ruler of Ajmair Shareef hanged an innocent person and sent a message to his mother to come and collect the body of her son. But his mother instead of going there went weeping to the Noble Shelter of the helpless, Sarkaar Ghareeb Nawaz Hasan Sanjari and requested, “Ah! My support has been snatched away, my house has been ruined, Ya Gareeb Nawaz! I had only one son who has been hanged by the cruel ruler for no guilt.” After hearing this, He became wrathful and stood up and said, take me to your son’s body, hence He along with her came to the dead body and pointed towards it and said, “O dead person! If the ruler of the time has hanged you unjustly then by the order of Allah stand up. “Immediately there was some movement in the body and the dead person became alive and stood up”.

Dear Islamic Brethren! Let us hope that Satan does not give the evil suggestion that to give life and death is only the work of Allah, how can any person do this? Then, the answer to this is that no doubt Allah is the only one who can do this but He can by His omnipotence give whatever rights to whom ever He wants. Look giving life to the non-living is the work of Allah but by the rights given by Allah Hazarte Sayyed-e-na Isa (ALAIHISSALAAM) can also do this. Hence it states in the Holy Quran: That I make a form out of clay like a bird for you than blow my breath in it and it becomes a bird at once by the Command of Allah.(KANZ-UL-IMAN) (PARA 3, SURAH ALAY IMRAN,VERSE 49)

The Blind Acquired Vision:

It is narrated that once Aurangzeb Alamgir went to the glorious Shrine of the King of India Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz. Within the boundary a blind beggar was crying out, Ya Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz! Restore my sight. He asked this beggar, Baba! How long has it been since asking for the vision? He said that it has been ages but my wish is unfulfilled. He said that I shall return in a short time after paying a visit to the Holy Shrine, if your eyes gain vision very well, otherwise I will have you killed. After saying this the King called for the guards to keep an eye on the beggar, and King went inside to pay his respect. On the other hand, the beggar started lamenting and kept requesting while weeping, “Ya Khawaja! First the deal was of eyes only but now it involves life, if you do not show mercy I will be killed.” When the King returned after paying his respect, His eyes had acquired the vision. The King smiled and said that until now you were asking without devoting heart and concentration, and now because of fear of life you asked from your heart, hence your wish was fulfilled.


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