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Sparks Of Fire And Smoke Coming Out Of The Grave:

Posted on: June 4, 2008

He used to pray five times a day regularly. Apart from being wealthy, he was very kind hearted. He used to help poor people and widows open-heartedly, he also got a lot of orphans married. He had also performed Hajj (pilgrimage). He died, one morning, in 1973. He was very kind and socializing. All his neighbours were very much impressed by him, hence a lot of people gathered to grieve his death. A lot of people paid their last respect and went to the graveyard. The grave was dug up and all set, as soon as they brought his dead body near the grave to put it in, something terrifying happened, the grave closed all by it self. Everyone was surprised, and they dug up the grave again. Once again as they were about to keep his body in the grave, the same thing happened again. Everyone was worried, the same thing happened once more. Finally, they were able to bury him successfully on the fourth try. After praying for him they had just moved a few steps away, when it, felt as if the ground was shaking. Everyone turned back to see and what they saw was something really horrifying. Ah! There were cracks on the grave, There were sparks of fire and smoke coming out of the grave and shouting could be heard very clearly from inside the grave. After looking at this everyone was filled with terror and they ran away as soon as possible. Everyone was worried and wondered that his person was very pious, kind, and noble then what was the reason due to which he was subjected to such punishment in the grave. After doing some investigation, the results that came in front were; the deceased was very intelligent right from the childhood, hence, his parents got him highly educated. After getting highly educated, he used bribery/sources to get employed in a government office. He got addicted to the habit of bribery, he bought a plot of land by the earnings from bribes and made a huge bank balance with this money. He went and performed Hajj with money, and he used to help people (by giving charity) from his forbidden earnings (bribery is forbidden in Islam).

Our Holy Prophet (Allah’s Grace & Peace be upon Him) has said, “That individual who earns forbidden money and gives it away in charity, it will not be accepted from him and if he spends from it he will not find any blessing in it, and if he leaves it behind then this would become a cause for him to going to hell.”


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