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The Mysterious Beggar

Posted on: June 4, 2008

I went to the city of saints, Multan Shareef, to visit the Glorious Shrine of Ghous Baha-ul-Haq wad-Din Zakaria Multani Ramatullah Alaih and to say salaam (the Islamic way of greeting another muslim, It is a prayer for blessing and peace). After offering Fatiha (Prayer), while I was coming out, I saw someone who was busy with his Dua (prayer), I just stopped over there and stood still. The person was tall but physically he was quite thin, and from his face he looked as if he was very sad. The reason why I stood still was because he had a small container hanging on his neck, there was water in the container and he had his right hand’s fingers dipped into it. When I looked at his face properly it seemed as if I knew that person. So, I started waiting for him to finish. After he finished from Fatiha, I said my salaam to him. He replied back and started looking at me very curiously and recognized me. For a moment a small smile came on his dry lips, but it went away, and then he was sad again. After asking him how he was. I asked him the reason for having a container of water hanging and having his fingers dipped into it? A sigh came out from inside of his grieved heart, and then he started talking. I have a small grocery, once a beggar came to my shop and asked for some help (financially). I took out a coin and placed it on his palm. He then went away, and while going he started praying for me.

On the second day, he came again and after getting the coin he went away. He started coming regularly everyday and I started giving him something or the other each time he came. Sometimes he would sit in my shop for a little while and tell me his sad stories. After listening to his sad stories I used to feel sorry for him. As it went on I started feeling sorry for him and we became very close friends. The days kept on passing by, until one day when I felt that something was wrong because I did not see him for quite a few days, which was something unusual. I had a feeling that the poor man might be sick, because he never skipped so many days in between. I had not seen his house but I knew that he lived all alone in a hut in a deserted area outside the city. Hence, after searching for him, finally I was able to find his hut. When I entered the hut, there were some old remains scattered around, on one side there were some old and broken utensils kept, in short, the door and the walls were narrating the signs of poverty. He was lying on a broken bed on one side of the room, and was in pain. He was very sick and it seemed that he would not be able to regain his health again. I said salaam to him and I stood by his bedside. He opened his eyes and looked at me. In his eyes there was a glittering sign of relief/happiness when he saw me. He signaled me to sit by his side, I sat down. With a lot of difficulty he opened his lips and, in a very soft voice, said: “Brother! Forgive me I have done a lot of fraud with you.” I asked him, surprisingly, “What? He said: “All those sad stories which I told you about myself were all just made-up stories, and I have been making up such stories in front of other people also so that they give me money and I keep on begging. Now, because there seems no chance of my survival I will tell you all the truth.

I was born in a middle class family, got married, I even had children. Due to being lazy I did not fell like working and got addicted to the habit of begging. My wife was very much against this profession (begging) of mine and we used to quarrel because of this. Slowly slowly the children started growing up, I got them highly educated and they were very lucky with their fate and got very good jobs. Now, even they started getting annoyed with me. They, very firmly, wanted me to stop begging. But, I was so much into it that I could not give it up. I was in love with money and I did not want to leave the money, which I earned without much of an effort. Finally the situation got so bad that I left my wife and children and came to this deserted place to live here in the hut.” After saying this, he pointed towards one corner of the hut, where some wreckage was kept, and asked me to move the wreckage to one side and opened one of the four sacks kept under the wreckage. Hence, I did exactly as I was told. As soon as I opened the sack, I could not believe my eyes the sack was full of money. Now, that beggar seemed very mysterious to me. He said, “All of these four sacs are full of money, like this one. My brother! look I trust you, and this is why I told you this secret. Now you will have to act according to my will, you would do it right (won’t you}! “I told him that I would. He said, “Look! I have loved this money a lot. Because of this money I left my wonderful home, I never did anything good, I never wore good clothes, I kept on satisfying myself by looking at this money again and again. He then stopped for a while and then asked me to bring some bundle of his lovely notes so that he could kiss them. I took some notes out of the sack and gave it to him. There was a glitter in his eyes, as he took the bundles from my hand and kept them on his chest and started kissing the notes one by one. He used to kiss one bundle and then place it on his eyes, and he kept on saying that my will is a special one and you will have to fulfill it. Then he said that my will is that all this money is my lifetime saving, when I die you will have to bury these notes with me. I promised him that I would. He was kissing the bundle as if there was nothing else better than them. Suddenly, a strange sound came out of his mouth and got lost in the air. I got so scared that I started shaking with fear. The hand in which he was holding the currency was now hanging by his bed, the notes had fallen on the ground, and his head turned on the other side, and he was dead. I got myself back into senses and quickly gathered all the notes that were lying on his chest, and on the ground, and put them back in the sack. Then I tied a knot tightly on the opening of the sack, after this I placed them back and put the wreckage back on the sacs as before. Then I, with the help of some trustworthy individuals, buried him. Somehow I managed to dig a huge grave and bury the sacs along with him.

After sometime my business started declining and things got so bad that I was in a big debt. My debtors made it very difficult for me. There was no way in which I could pay back. One day, suddenly, I remembered my old friend, ‘THE MYSTERIOUS BEGGAR’, I felt so sorry for my foolishness of burying all that money with him according to his will. Obviously, the money could not give him any profit in the grave, had I kept it with me then today I would had been much richer. Satan started giving me more deceiving ideas; like it is not too late the money must still be there in the grave. I had not told anyone about this secret as yet. All that I did was that some how I buried the sacs, they must still be there in the grave. This satanic idea sounded good to me and I decided no matter what happen, I will get those sacs out.

Hence, one night I took tools to dig the grave and went to the graveyard. I was standing near his grave, there was a horrifying silence all around me, my heart was beating very fast due to some uncertain fear, and I was getting soaked up with sweat. Finally, after gathering a lot of courage I started digging his grave, after two to three strokes I started feeling normal. After a little hard work I managed to dig a hole in the grave. Now all I had to do was put my hand inside the grave, but again I started losing courage. My whole body started shivering due to fear, different horrifying thoughts started coming to my mind. Something within me was telling me to go back, and was stopping me from destroying myself by taking this forbidden money. But finally greed overcame me, and the vision of bein
g rich again boasted my morale and encouraged me by telling me that I just need a little courage, I am very close to my destination. Ah! The quest for money made me forget the consequences of this and I put my right hand in the grave through the hole. I was searching for the sack when my hand reached something burning. Because of pain and fear I screamed, and my scream got lost in the horrifying silence of the graveyard. I removed my hand from the grave and ran away as fast as I could. My hand was badly burnt and I could feel the pain, I wept and begged for forgiveness to Almighty Allah, but the pain of my hand was still there. Until now I have shown my hand to a lot of physicians and to herbal-doctors (those doctors who use herbs as a source to prepare medicine), but the wound on my hand is the same, I only feel a little relieved when I put my fingers in water, therefore I try to keep my hand in the water as much as I can.

After listening to this horrifying story my heart suddenly became disgusted with the world, I started hating the worldly power of money and all of a sudden I remembered the following verse from the Holy Quran: Pilling of more wealth has kept you heedless till you saw your grave. (KANZUL IMAN PARA 30, SURAH 102, VERSE NO.1 & 2 )


3 Responses to "The Mysterious Beggar"

Assalam, i really love this story book i must read it in a month it is a very nice book and also teaches a lesson thank you

Money is a shaitan, its the women that are controlled by this shaitan they make a man spend and spend, get in debt .

erm no its not the women…if nething in the story the wife was telling the man to stop begging…and even wen he was on his own he was still begging for money because of his own personal love of it….you cant just say its because of women….everyone has to account for themselves, and even if a woman was tryna spend all the money…a man should be strong enough to say no…we need to spend only where necessary!

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