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Miracles of Sultan Bahu (RA)

Posted on: June 10, 2008

The miracle of the sayyid and the gold.

It is narrated that a poor but respectable Sayed was advised by a dervish to seek Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) for his material needs. Going from village to village the Sayed finally found Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) working in one of the fields under intense heat. It must be mentioned here that this was the only time during which the Saint had been occupied in any sort of worldly occupation and this too he had discarded after some time. The Sayed was disappointed that what can this Faqir give me when he himself seems in want and dressed in tattered clothes. Disappointed, the Sayed decided to return to his village. As he was turning back, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) called out ” Sayed Sahib, why are you turning back…. speak what do you seek ?” Taken aback by this sudden forte and calling, the Sayed lamented his material needs to the Saint. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) asked the Sayed to excuse him while he attended to the call of nature. Returning from the call of nature, the Saint threw the stone with which he dried himself in anger at the direction of the Sayed. Wherever the stone made contact with the clay ground where they were standing turned into gold ingots. The Sayed was told to take the gold for his needs and depart immediately so that nobody could be aware of what had taken place. It is said that this gold in the form of jewelry is still extent in the same family for several generations. This writer himself, during his journey to the tomb of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) in 1982 met a person at the tomb who had a friend who had personally seen the jewelry at the home of the said family.

The miracle of the cave and the deer.

It is narrated that on one of his travels which he so often took, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) was accompanied by his attendant Sultan Naurang Khatran (RA), a dervish who was blessed with spiritual light by the Saint himself. His entire life had been spent in serving the Saint and had accompanied him on many of his travels. When they approached the vicinity of Kellar Kahar, the approach of the month of Ramadan had been heralded in by the drumbeat of a caller from a nearby village. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) spend the entire month of Ramadan, meditating in an isolated cave in the mountains nearby. Drowned in the Ocean of Mercy and remembrance, the entire month of Ramadan passed without the intake of food on the part of the Saint. The dervish who accompanied the Saint had received daily his food for `Sehri’ and `Iftaar’ miraculously by a deer which use to appear with the food tied on it’s horns. This happening has been put into verse by Hazrat Naurang Khatran (RA), the attendant himself. He says

” Strange and wondrous; my sight did witness

spectacle of Bahu,

Load of lover; carried on horns of a deer.”

At the approach of Eid a call was heard from the nearby village announcing the end of Ramadan. Disturbed by the sound of drumbeats from the village, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) raised his head from meditation and enquired from his attendant as to what all the noise was about. Sultan Naurang Khatran (RA) replied ” Hazrat the Eid moon has been sited and you have been in a state of intoxication and annihilation in the remembrance of Allah for the entire month of Ramadan�. The Saint exclaimed: ” What about my fast, salaat and tarawee for the month of Ramadan”. It is narrated by his attendant that despite having being in a state of intoxication in the remembrance of Allah, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) performed all his qaza fasts and salaats. This is the state of the true friends of Allah that they do not even for one moment leave aside the Sunna of the Holy Prophet (Peace be on him) or any other obligatory commands of the shari’a. It is said that this episode of the cave is the only one time that Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) had been in a state of intoxication, otherwise his entire life had been spend in a state of sobriety, so much so, that he did not miss even a single mustahab act of the shari’a.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) completed his qaza fasts and salaats. It is narrated that thereafter the Saint made tawajju (gave spiritual attention) on the deer and it expired. A grave was dug and the deer was buried nearby the cave in which the Saint had passed his month of Ramadan. Very soon it became a very popular place of ziaarat and today people still visit this place known as `Ahu Bahu’. My grand sheikh, Hazrat Faqir Noor Muhammed Sarwari-Qaderi (RA), visited this place of ziaarat and reported that even today one can feel the spiritual light, radiance, brilliance and luminous vibrational energy in the cave and surrounding area……it has such a magnetic effect on the visitor, that any sincere seeker sitting in the cave in the remembrance of Allah experiences a state of illumination.

The episode of the woodcutter.

It is narrated that some dervishes accompanied Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) on one of his travels. During the course of the journey one of the dervish companions asked : ” Hazrat, what is meant by `eyes of elixir’ ? ” At that moment, at a distance not to far away a woodcutter was about to pick up his wood. With one gaze, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) transmitted his spiritual attention to the woodcutter, who became motionless, staring in the sky. Turning to the dervish, The Saint said : ” Do you see that woodcutter over there ? He will answer your question on our return journey”.

It is said that on the return journey, they passed the woodcutter who was still starring into the sky. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) once again gave his spiritual attention to the woodcutter. With one gaze the woodcutter returned to his normal original state. He fell at the feet of the Saint, lamenting and imploring him to return him to the state he was in. The Saint asked the woodcutter to explain what he had experienced so that his companions could understand what is meant by `eyes of elixir’.

The woodcutter said : ” Sir, the other day you were passing by when you looked towards me. As soon as your gaze fell on me, I experienced a state of illumination, peace and felicity. I felt myself being drowned in the ocean of Allah’s Light and Mercy, annihilated in a blissful rapture. Please Sir, for the sake of Allah, return me to that delightful and ecstatic state again”.

The Saint turned to his companion dervishes and said : ” You have received your answer to your question from the woodcutter himself. This what you have witnessed is but a small drop from the reality of what is meant by `eyes of elixir. You cannot comprehend and withstand the full force of it’s reality. Turning to the woodcutter he told him to carry on his work, counseling him not to despair as his inner state was now luminous and that intermittently he would be experiencing the same state of ecstatic rapture. Bidding him farewell, the Saint carried on his journey. By Allah, what an eyesight! Such is the reality of the Faqir’s of Allah. With one gaze they turn a woodcutter into a Gnostic of Allah. With one gaze they turn a `dead’ heart into a `living’ heart, to remain always immersed in the remembrance of Allah.

Episode of the Saint Sher Shah (RA).

This fact is well known that Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) passed most of his life in travelling from one place to another. This helped him in concealing his real identity. Many of the miracles wrought by the hands of this great saint have been manifested during his travels.

It was during one of these travels that Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) came to a village where a Sufi saint Hazrat Sher Shah (RA) was well known. At the border area of the village Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) retired to a little hillock where he sat in a state of deep meditation. Immersed in Divine light the saint became oblivious of his surroundings. At that moment some disciples of Hazrat Sher Shah (RA) were on their daily errands of collecting firewood for the kitchen. One of them came close to Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) and offered salaams. Once again Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) demonstrates to us the power of the gaze of a true Faqir of ALLAH. Returning the greeting the saint’s `eyes of elixir’ irradiated the inward of the disciple, whose heart became alive with the zikr (remembrance) of ALLAH. Crying in ecstasy he fell at the feet of the saint. Noticing this spectacle the second disciple hurried to inquire the condition of his friend. Seeing the saint he too fell into ecstasy. The third disciple raced off to his master, Hazrat Sher Shah (RA) to report on the incident. Sher Shah (RA), together with some of his disciples and dervishes hastened to confront the enchanter ‘who had cast a spell over his disciple. He confronted Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) :”Many a Spiritual court have I attended, including the Holy Court of his Holiness Prophet Muhammed (peace be on him). In none of these Courts have I seen you present. You must be an illusionist or trickster and have cast a spell over my disciple. Cease and desist from such action and bring my disciples to their original state or else I will complain about you in the court of his Holiness (peace be on him).” Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) responded ” Shah Sahib, you be present in the court of his Holiness and I too will try to be present in the august court of his Holiness (peace be on him). Tomorrow we will meet at this same place and decide on the outcome.” Shah Sahib departed promising to meet the next morning.

That same evening, Shah Sahib was blessed to be present in the spiritual court of his Holiness, Prophet Muhammed (peace be on him). Respectfully he looked around the assembly to see if he could see the `enchanter’ dervish who had cast a spell over his disciple. Not seeing him in the assembly he thought to himself that tomorrow in the morning we will deal with him. For the moment let me be respectful in this august court.

Suddenly from behind a spiritual curtain ( a place which is reserved for the Prophets (peace be on him) household) a beautiful child appeared. The child went straight to the Prophet (peace be on him) and sat on his Holiness lap. The Prophet (peace be on him) of Allah very lovingly and affectionately embraced this beautiful child, stroking him with his blessed hands. The child was similarly blessed by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Othman Gann, Hazrat Ali, Imam Hassen and Hussein, various Prophets present in the court, Hazrat Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani and other believers (peace be on them all). Finally the child came to rest in the lap of Sher Shah (RA) who also embraced the child lovingly. Playfully the child pulled at the beard of Sher Shah (RA) with his little hands pulling out two pieces of hair. Thereafter the child of light again returned to the blessed lap of the Prophet (peace be on him) from whence he disappeared behind the curtain from which he had entered.

The next morning Hazrat Sher Shah (RA) accompanied by his companion dervishes went to the agreed meeting place. On meeting Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) he said angrily ” Oh dervish, I did not see you present in the blessed court of the Prophet (peace be on him). I looked all around but you could not be seen. So you must be an enchanter and juggler. I once again warn you to give up this trickery otherwise the end will be not good for you.”

Sultanul Arifeen Sultan Bahu (RA) replied: ” Oh Sher Shah. How many witnesses do you need according to the Sharia that I was present in the court of his Holiness.” Sher Shah retorted ” two witnesses.” Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) took out the two pieces of hair which belonged to Shar Shah (RA) saying: ” here is my proof of me being present in the august court of the Prophet (peace be on him).” Recognising the hair of his beard, Sher Shah (RA) immediately apologised to the great saint. Thereafter they both retired into seclusion to discuss the deeper secretes and meanings of the spiritual path. On the request of Sher Shah (RA), Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) blessed him with higher realms of spiritual knowledge and some say that he was blessed with khilafat also. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) further counselled him to carry on his work by bringing people to the reality of the truth.

The baby who became a majzuba saint.

During the course of his travels, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) had twice crossed over the river Sind towards the areas of Dera Gazi Khan and Dera Ismail Khan giving off generosity, compassion and spiritual `baraka’ ( baraka — it is a form of subtle energy which flows through everything. Its highest realm of activity is the human being. This energy is purity itself, which is light. It is transformative, healing and immeasurable.)

It was during one of these travels, on the eastern side of the river Sind, that the Saint, together with some of his companion dervishes passed through the area of Dera Gazi Khan. In one of the villages nearby a town called Fateh Khan, they decided to rest for an afternoon meal. Some companions approached a lady cook who was attending to her crying baby, to bake some bread for them. She refused as her baby girl was crying profusely due to pain in her eyes caused by an infection. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) requested that the lady cook put her baby in a cradle for him to look after while his companions assist her in sifting the flour and preparing a fire to bake the bread.

Reluctantly the lady agreed to this request. No sooner had she left the baby with the Saint, the child stopped crying. This was due to the spiritual attention that Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) had given to the child. Once again the Saint exhibits his extraordinary powers of spiritual `baraka’ and gives the spiritual aspirant an insight into what is called `eyes of elixir’. No sooner had the spiritual energy reach and envelop the little heart of the baby, it sprang into the commemoration and remembrance of Allah. Every follicle on the baby became alive with the remembrance of Allah. Becoming aware of the child�s silence ,she ran to enquire about her baby�s well-being. Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) informed her that he had made her child `alive’ forever, in this world and the hereafter. Not being satisfied, she removed the baby�s face covering. At that moment the `little’ heart was spiritually energised and immersed in the remembrance of Allah. On seeing her baby and witnessing this marvel , this audible display of `zikr’ of Allah emanating from her child, the mother also went into ecstasy exclaiming Allah! Allah! Blissfully she fell at the feet of the Saint displaying her euphoria and delight.

The duration of time transformed this `little’ girl into a majdhuba Saint. She became renowned as Ma Fatima Mastooien. Mastooien indicating a state of majdubiyat ( majdhub — a person who is mad-in-the-Devine. A spiritual condition which in itself has an elevated capacity to teach wisdom and sometimes it also reflects as a spiritual condition of complete absorption in divine light cutting off contact from body function i.e. eating and sleeping). Even today her tomb stands as a beacon of light and hope, illuminating the hearts and minds of the people. Her tomb stands as a reminder to seekers after truth `that where there is hope, there is a way’.

Spiritual power from the tomb.

In Islam wilayat, the condition of a wali, refers uniquely to the gnostic station of a person. The station of a wali is the station of knowledge of the Real by direct seeing. Thus in the Spiritual Kingdom of Allah, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) holds a very high position of his own. He is referred to as `king of the gnostics’ an appropriate title, as he himself says, that for a true Faqir life and death is the same. It is a well known fact that in the temporal world, an officer loses his powers after retirement or on death but not so for the saints of Allah. In the spiritual world the powers of the saint�s of Allah remain as good as they were in their lifetime, nay, their powers even increase as they are no longer constricted and obstructed by their physical bodies. Their spiritual powers comes into play immediately after death. Just as they illumined the hearts and the minds of the people during their lifetime, so too, after their demise from this world, they illumine the seekers after truth. One should not be surprised by such occurrences.

This holds true for Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). His tomb stands as a unique guiding post for humanity at large. Many a dead hearted soul has drunk from the waters of his tomb, receiving his spiritual `baraka’ and thereby attaining to high spiritual stations to benefit humanity at large. Countless sublime souls have been blessed with `khilafat’ at his tomb, as is the case of my grand sheikh Hazrat Faqir Nur Muhammed (RA). We will narrate for the benefit of the reader a few instances about the spiritual power which still emanates from the tomb of this great Saint.

The tree that moved.

It is narrated in `Munaqabi Sultani’ that Hazrat Muhammed Siddiq (RA) and some of his companions had sojourned for a while at the tomb of Hazrat Sultanul Arifeen Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). In those days, at the entrance to the tomb of the saint stood a large berry tree. One day a blind man on his way to the tomb had injured himself with a trunk from this tree.

Seeing his condition, the dervishes gathered at the precincts of the tomb to consider what should be done to avoid such an injury again. After due consultation it was decided to cut the tree. But as all the dervishes who were staying there at the time were live hearted saints, they decided to seek `spiritual guidance’ from Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) on the matter.

That very night `khalifa’ Muhammed Siddiq (RA) was blessed with a vision of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), who told him not to cut the tree. He was informed that the tree would relocate itself to the northern side of the tomb, an area which was behind the head side of the tomb. That very night Hazrat Muhammed Siddiq (RA) informed the other dervishes of his vision and retired to his cell again. The next morning to everyone�s surprise the tree had relocated to the northern side of the tomb. This tree still stands there today, its branches protruding outwards towards the heavens, as a monument to demonstrate to us the reality of the saints of Allah…..that these are the men of knowledge. The writer had himself seen this tree on his fist visit to the tomb in 1982.

The saints bounty on an orphan child .

In his early years Hazrat Mohsin Sha (RA) lost his father. His upbringing was left to his mother. They passed their life in dire need and poverty. In those days their lived in Gotki a potter who had received `spiritual baraka’ from Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). His spiritual reputation soon followed him wherever he went. After a while he settled in his hometown Gotki again. People began to flock to him.

One day the mother of little Mohsin also approached him. She appealed to his good nature that the next time he went to see his Murshid (teacher) Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), he should take her Mohsin with him and present him to Hazrat Sultanul ARIFIN (RA) with a message that the Saint should bless him with spiritual insight and wisdom and that she has given Mohsin to him in the path of Allah. So the next time the potter Faqir went to visit his Murshid, he took Mohsin with him and presented him to Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) with a message from the mother. With love the Saint passed his blessed hands over the head of the orphan boy, telling the potter dervish to entreat his mother to enroll him in an institution of religious learning and that once he had completed his studies he should be brought back to him ( Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA)) to crown his inward with spiritual illumination and to irradiate both his outward and inward. The Saint sent a message to the mother that she should not worry as her child was destined for greater heights.

The potter Faqir went back to Gotki and delivered the message of his teacher. Acting on the guidance of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), the mother entered her son in an institution of learning. Completing his studies he was again sent with the potter dervish to the Saint for further polish as promised by the Saint himself. No sooner had he reached the presence of the Sheikh, Mohsin went into ecstatic rapture at the sight of the Saint. With one look the Saint made him traverse one spiritual path after the other, illuminating and transforming his personality. Mohsin’s inward and outward became replete with the light of Allah. Very soon, through the blessings of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), Mohsin Sha’s fame spread far and wide as a Sufi of great repute and his person became an asylum to all and sundry.

Returning to Gotki, Hazrat Mohsin Shah (RA) chain of activities gained fame far and wide. Thousands of people repented at his hands and trotted the path of righteousness under his guidance. He sat up a free public kitchen or alms house (`langarkhana’) where countless of people satisfied their hunger. The public kitchen was spacious and extensive and free of wants. He had a magnanimous breath of vision coupled with deep spiritual insight. It is narrated that nobody in the vicinity of Gotki challenged his decisions or acted contrary to the Islamic law. Even today the mosque build near his tomb stands as a reminder of his services to Islam and his tomb a reminder that here once ruled a Faqir of extraordinary qualities.

Sultan Bahu (RA) and the Brahman physician.

As has been mentioned earlier that whenever his sight fell onto a non Muslim, they would involuntarily recite the Kalima-the Islamic declaration of faith. This trait in the Saints character use to cause mayhem and consternation among the populace.

One day the Saint fell ill, and the town physician (who was a Brahman) was summoned to attend to the Saint. Realizing and knowing of this quality of Sultan Bahu (RA), he refused to go and attend to him. The physician asked instead that they bring a sample of the Saints urine for diagnoses. The disciples brought the urine in a bottle like container to the physician. On seeing the bottle the physician immediately recited the Kalima (declaration of Islamic faith). This well-known and famous miracle is still talked about in the vicinity, near and around.

Metamorphic powers of invisibility.

Hazrat Kaloo Shah (RA), the son of Hazrat Juneid Qureishi (RA) was a mureed of Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). One day, due to the pangs of separation, love and desire he decided to visit his Sheikh Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA). When he arrived at the Saints house, he heard the sound of a resounding `Hoo’ coming from within the small chamber. He went inside to meet his Sheikh but there was no sign of Hazrat sultan Bahu (RA). Standing inside the chamber in wonderment, he heard the sound of a resounding `Hoo’ coming from outside the chamber. Sheikh Kaloo went outside again hoping to meet his Teacher but there was no sign of him. Every time he heard the `Hoo’ he went inside or outside but still there was no sign of his Sheikh. Hazrat Kaloo Shah stood outside perplexed and bewildered by the happening. at that moment he recited the following;

`Inside is Hoo — outside is Hoo

Where is Sheikh Bahoo

The love of Hoo, the desire for Hoo

Has kindled my yearning for Hoo.’

Seeing the condition of his mureeds (disciples) bewilderment and shock, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) once again demonstrates the benevolent and compassionate trait of his character. Reciting the following couplet ,the Saint unveils his invisibility in a tractable manner and makes himself visible to Kaloo Shah.

`Wherever the Light of Hoo reflect

Runs darkness in despair

Oh Bahu! whosoever realizes Hoo

Both the worlds is his forever.’

After removing the curtain of invisibility, the Saint blesses Kaloo Shah aplenty with his bounty and favour. Hazrat Kaloo Shah and his father Hazrat Juneid Qureishi (RA) are both buried at a place called Sarwarpur. (Munaqabi-Sultani) Therefore, we have with us today, as witnesses, two of Hazrat Sultan Bahu’s (RA) greatest miracles. His tomb which is a beacon of light giving solace to the broken hearted and seekers after truth. And secondly his writings-his works which even today bear testimony to his greatness. Whosoever listens or studies his works is affected and transported into higher realms of spiritual truths. This miracle of his will remain forever -Insha Allah-ameen.


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