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List of Shrines in Pakistan

Posted on: June 12, 2008


Karachi District

  • Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Clifton, Karachi

Thatta District

  • Haji Turabi, Gujjo Village, National Highway

  • Mai Makli, Makli

  • Abdullah Shah Sahabi, Makli

  • Pir Patho Debali, Pir Patho Village

  • Shah Jamil Datar Girnari, Pir Patho Village

  • Shah Inayat, Miranpur near Pir Patho Village

  • Shah Murad Shah Sherazi, Makli

  • Makhdoom Mohammad Hashim Thatvi, Makli

  • Hazrat Magar Been, Village Jati

  • Shah Aqeeq, Taluka Shah Bunder

Hyderabad District

  • Makhdoom Fatehuddin Shah Jehanian

  • Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Village Bhit Shah

  • Makhdoom Nuh, Hala Town

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Shah Jilani

  • Hazrat Muhammad Shah Makki

  • Shah Karim, Bulri Township

  • Khawaja Abdul Rehman, Wasih Malukshah

Larkana District

  • Syed Qasim Shah Bokhari

Dadu District

  • Mohammad Usman Marwandi (Lal Shahbaz Qalander) Sehwan Sharif

  • Makhdoom Bilawal Shaheed

  • Shah Sadar Lakyari

  • Sikander Shah Bodlo, Sehwan Sharif

  • Naeeng Sharif

  • Abdullah Shah Godrio, Maher Taluka

Sukkur District

  • Shah Khairuddin Jilani

  • Syed Rashid Shah Pir Pagaro, Pir Goth

  • Fazil Shah, Village Ghosarji

  • Nahro Shah, Ghotki

  • Mubarak Shah, Village Adalpur, Ghotki Taluka

Nawab Shah District

  • Asghar Ali Shah Jam Dattar

Khairpur District

  • Abdul Wahab Faruqi (Sachal Sarmast), Darza

  • Sultan Ibrahim Bin Adam

Badin District

  • Khawaja Mohammad Zaman, Luari Sharif

  • Syed Saman Sarkar, Panjrio Town

Sanghar District

  • Makhdoom Shaheed Abdul Rahim Girohi, Girohri Sharif

  • Mai Sohni and Mehiwal, Shadapur

Shikhapur District

  • Makhdoom Abdul Ghafoor Humayuni

Tharparkar District

  • Syed Razi Shah Lakyari, Nawankot Town


Multan District

  • Hazrat Bahauddin Zakaria

  • Hazrat Abul Fateh Ruknuddin (Shah Rukn-e-Alam)

  • Shamsuddin Sabzwari (Shams Tabrez)

  • Mohammad Yusuf Gardezi

  • Shaikh Abul Hassab (Musapak Shaheed)

  • Shrine of Totla Mai

  • Shah Ali Akbar

Bahawalpur District

  • Muluk Shah

  • Channar Pir, Cholistan

  • Khawaja Noor Mohammad

  • Mohkam Din, Khanqah Sharif

UCH Sharif

  • Syed Jalaluddin Munir Shah Surkh Bukhari

  • Hazrat Jalaluddin Bukhari (Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht)

  • Shaikh Saifuddin Ghazrooni

  • Syed Mohammad ghuos Jilani Hallabi

  • Makhdoom Hazrat Bhawal Haleem

  • Bibi Javindi

Dera Ghazi Khan

  • Syed Ahmad Sultan (Sakhi Sarwar Sultan)

  • Khawaja Farid, Mithankot

Lahore District

  • Shaikh Ali Bin Usman Al-Hajveri (Data Ganj Bakhsh)

  • Mir Mohammad (Mian Mir)

  • Shah Hussain (and Madho Lal)

Sheikhupura District

  • Sher Mohammad, Village Sharqpur

Qasur District

  • Baba Bulhey Shah

Sahiwal District

  • Sheikh Fariduddin Masud Ganj-e-Shakar (Baba Farid Shah Ganj), Pak Pattan

  • Sakhi Ghulam Qadir , Pak Pattan

Sialkot District

  • Syed Imam Ali Lahaq

Gujrat District

  • Hazrat Shahdoula


  • Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi (Barri Shah Latif)

Rawalpindi District

  • Pir Mehar Ali Shah, Golra Sharif

Jhang District

  • Sultan Bahu, Garh Maharaj Heer Ranja

Chakwal District

  • Sheikh Abdul Kadir Jilani, Kallar Kahar

  • Saidan Shah, Village Choa


Lasbela District

  • Lahoot Sharif (Lahoot-i-Lamakan)

  • Shah Bilal Noorani (Jeay Shah)

Khuzdar District

  • Khalifa Mulli Muali, Kodak

Pishin District

  • Masoom Baba Pir Lakha

Chagai District

  • Pir Sultan Qaiser

Loralai District

  • Mian Abdul Hakim (Nana Sahib), Dakki

Sibi District

  • Baba Kharwari, Ziarat


  • Rehman Baba, Peshawar

  • Pir Baba, Swat


10 Responses to "List of Shrines in Pakistan"


please add my Pir O Murshed Name In Your List

Hazrat Sakhi Bahar Ali Shah Shaheed Qadma Wali Sarkar Sialkot

Thanks You Much

Isn’t Shrine-hopping in Islam totally not allowed?

No brother it’s not….

Their are many hadiath for visiting graveyards and shrines in Islam….

I would recommand you to please read these books for references and more clear idea;


But how can a hadith exist about visiting a shrine since the definition of a shrine is the grave of a holy person?

and yes there are hadith about visiting graveyards to remember death and this is recommended, however, we are not allowed to pray in a graveyard (then why would we be allowed to pray in a shrine since shrine = grave)…

in islam, we worship Allah alone and that involves directing all of our dua to Him as well and not to a grave as this goes against the fitrah and tawheed itself…

it is better to visit the graveyard to remember death and that is it, any dua to the dead is strictly prohibited…

you may say we go to Allah thru these pious ppl, but how is that different than the mushrikeen arabs who used to go to Allah thru their idols…the pagan arabs also believed in one ultimate God but they wanted to make dua to others….

may Allah swt guide us all…Ameen

Waslam Bro,

I didnt said, praying at shrines (durgah’s) or in graveyard is not prohibited. It is. But ALLAH swt says they are not dead they are alive in their places. They get to know that you visit them; as you seen from many ayats in which prophet Muhammad PBUH says when you visit the graveyard they come to know about you, they can hear your sound of your footsteps, they hear whatever you say.

It’s good for Muslims to visit those ALLAH’s pious friends, but it’s not like you just start asking them your needs. Yes you can ask them as wasila, and trust me ALLAH always made wasila for everything in our real life. Look around and you will find many stories, when someone is in need of food and didn’t found at home then ALALH made wasila to someone and bring food at their home. So wasila is their, you can ask ALLAH’s friend to pray to ALLAH and make a dua for your (needs) to be fulfilled. And it’s not haram, don’t we ask our friends, our family members to pray to ALLAH that your xyz need fulfilled?

Yes I know many peoples going those places and doing a shirk by actually asking them while forgetting the fact that ALLAH is the one who can give. One you can ask them to pray for you and make a dua for you, it’s as simple as we ask our mother, father, brothers n sisters, our well wishers etc.

I have given you the references links if you read them you will get the more clear concept as they have Ayats and stories related to Wasilas. Speically read visit of prophet Mossa’s to Hazarat Khuzar alhey salam, although Moosa is the prohet while Khazar alhey salam is pious friend of ALLAH. Why a prophet has to visit him why not he? There is another story in which a women asked prophet mooosa to ask ALLAH to give me a baby, and ALLAH rejects then with pioes friend of ALLAH’s dua she got the baby? Bibi Maryum was not a prophet, she was again the pious friend of ALLAH why a prophet has asked her to make dua to ALLAH to give him baby too? So read all those you will find in those books, it will clear your concepts.

I am not saying I am a very good muslim but I am sharing whatever my knowledge is and books can give you more clear ideas.

AoA, Most of us are confused on many issues; still we cant resist giving our comments, which creat more confusion in others mind.

To clear your concepts all you have to do is read the Holy Quran with its trslation & tafseer atleast once. To start with i would recommend “Tahfeem ul Quran” by Maulana Maudidi. It is available in english also.

If you prefer listining then look for Dr.Israr`s CD/DVD titled “Understanding Quran|” it is in Urdu only.

slmz brothers i am looking for some history on my peer saib he is from darya shareef pakistan his name is peer abdul haq sha saib anyone got any info please email me at

AOA Brothers!

Well my opinion is that We Shall not debate and fight on things which are not pretty much clear to us. If any one use “Dogmetic” approach (means stick to one thing and believe he is right & others are wrong), then this approch will cause a “Firqa”, and i believe FIRQA BANDI is not good for muslims. We shall all united as one Ummat and say we are only Muslims, not belong to any specific sect.

So if we are not clear to any thing then leave it to ALLAH. Just think that many peoples dont fulfills all the necessary things for muslims mention in QURAN. So if we read Quran, act upon which ALLAH say to us and act upon Sahee Hadees, then we will see that it will be more than enough for us to spend a good life as per Shariayat.

We regarding the above debate, my heart says to me;
*if u visit them then only recite Fateha
*Ask any big and small things directly from ALLAH as when we call ALLAH, ALLAH replies to u.
*Better to act upon their teachings (obviously were that is in Quran, Hadees & Shariyat).
*Strengthen ur believe in ALLAH and try to be like those pious ppl or even better then them.
*Love those ppl who love ALLAH.

May ALLAH give us better understanding of Islam and help us to implement islamic shariyat in our life, Ameen, sum Ameen.

Hazrat Abbas RadiAllahuAnhu asked Hazrat Umar RadiAllahuAnhu to make dua for rain in the rule of Hazrat Umar RadiAllahuAnhu’s time.What Hazrat Umar RadiAllahAnhu said O Allah I ask you to shower rain through the waseela of Hazrat Abbas RadiAllahuAnhu who has a link with Allah’s Habeeb SallAllahuAlayHiWasllam, before Hazrat Umar RadiAllahuAnhu could finish His Dua it started raining, so much so that before they got into the house they Ridwanullahialayhimajmain were soaking wet.SubhanAllah!
Second point Imaam Shaafe’ee RadiAllahuAnhu should visit the Shrine Mubarak of Hazrat Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa RadiAllahuAnhu and should make dua through the Waseela of Hazrat Imam Azam Abu Hanifa RadiAllahuAnhu. If you want your duas to be accepted then Imam Azam Abu Hanifa’s RadiAllahuAnhu waseela your dua will be accepted.SubahaanAllah!

Hi Friends,
Salam to all of u. Well am looking for some help from anyone who is from thatta, sindh or if anyone who has knowledge abtHazrat Syed Sakhi Jamil Shah Datar Gurnari, Pir Patho(Pir Phatha, Thata Sindh). It would be of gr8 importance & help to me. Thank You.
Allah Hafiz.

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