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Some Reasons for Women leaving Home

Posted on: June 16, 2008

There are several reasons for which a woman can leave the home, attired in the manner prescribed by Shariah. Among them are:

  • There is no one to support her and her children and she has no option but to leave the home to earn a basic living. She will however have to uphold all the laws of hijaab that have been mentioned under the hijaab of men. If she has any other option, such as working from home, or the assistance of any relative or other person, and this enables her to make ends meet, she may not leave the home to work.

  • She may also leave the home to visit her parents, relatives, the sick and for other similar purposes.

  • In general, she may leave the home for any need which the Shariah has recognised as a valid need. This includes spiritual needs, such as Haj or material needs, as explained above.

  • There are however, various aspects that certainly do not qualify as needs and a woman who truly observes hijaab or purdah will certainly refrain from. Some of these aspects are:

  • Roaming the market place just for “shopping.” “Shopping” in the context that it is often used is to roam around and “see what is for sale.” If there is no male at home who can provide the household requirements, a woman may leave the home to do so, observing the laws of hijaab.

  • Joining the gym or “health club.” This is the latest craze, where niqaab clad women also have found it fashionable to go to such places which are dens of great fitna. If exercise is indeed the intention, avoid using the electrical appliances and physically do the work of the machines. Also reduce the workload of the maid and do that yourself! Laughable? Ridiculous? For those who do not mind getting entangled in all types of terrible marriage-breaking fitnas, it is ridiculous. For those who value their Imaan, treasure their hayaa and are truly in purdah, it is a practical solution. Certainly, some form of physical exercise within the confines of the home can also be undertaken.

  • Attending social events, competitions, fairs and the like, whether organised by a cigarette company or a Muslim organisation. In the case of the latter, using the name of Islam does not make the gross intermingling and various other violations of Shariah tolerable. Rather it makes it much worse.

Indeed, women who are not in hijaab or purdah, even though they are in niqaab (the veil), will be found at all the above places. One should make dua for them. Women in “purdah” will certainly not venture to such places.


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