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Day of Judgement and Animals

Posted on: June 18, 2008

Just because few animals are haram for us to consume does not mean that these animals are evil and are accountable for their najis. The human beings are accountable for consuming najasa animals, but the animal is not accountable. Animals are all Muslims and do not have freewill.

Day of Judgement:

There are different stages throughout the Day of Judgement which is equivalent to 50000 years in length. I go through the different stages and tell you what happen to animals in each stage to keep it organized.

1. The Hour: The Hour is the first stage of the Day of Judgement:

The Angel Israfeel is going to blow into the horn or trumpet and in a sudden manner the Hour will occur. The Hour is going to occur on the worse of people when the believers are not on Earth anymore.

What happens to the animals during the Hour?

When the Hour arrives everything will be in a state of swoon and die. Humans, jinn, angels, and the animals are going to cease to exist for a temporal time. We don’t know how long the it takes. Every living thing will perish including the animals you asked for.

2. The Changes of the Universe:

The stages of the Day of Judgment is not necessarily exactly in chronological order or consecutive. The changes of the universe will begin with the Sunrise From the West then then it will continue during the Hour and when you are resurrected you still witness the changes of the universe.

What happens to us and the animals: In that stage the earth will be spread and other changes happen. We are going to be in the swoon before the resurrection. When we are resurrection we will see the mountains exploding, the oceans in flames and the stars are falling down into hell. You see how the earth is spread etc. You see how the heavens are wrapped up like a scroll.

3. The Resurrection:

This is when you and all the creatures will be given a new life and emerge from the graves or whatever.

4. The Assembly:

All the creatures will be assembled together in this court of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and none of the creatures are missing. I am not sure if we might even see the dinosaurs because Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will assemble on that spread earth (sheet of paper) all the creatures including animals, humans, jinn, insects, and other.

Every creature will have only the spot where he put his/her feet to stand on. This shows how crowded it will be on the Day of Judgement. During this stage.

The animals will be assemble among themselves in that stage.

If a human being mistreaded an animal this animal my take revenge in that stage.

If someone did not pay Zakah on his livestock such as camels or cattle, the person will be laid down on the ground and these animals will stampede him and run over him and bite him throughout the Day of Judgement.

These are some of the examples when the animals may do in this stage.

5. Waiting Period:

The people and animals are going to stand there standing on the same spot all the time. They are waiting for the Accountability to begin. The humans will be side by side with jinn, animals etc. on the Day of Judgement waiting.

6. The Intercession:

This is the stage where our Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam will intercede for all mankind etc. and ask for the Accountablility to begin.

7. The Accountablility stage:

In this stage the people will receive the books of deeds and they will be interrogated if they did this or that sin. In this stage the deeds will be reckoned together and collected to be placed on the scale in the next stage.

The settlement of accounts among humans and creatures in general will happen in that stage.

If there is a dispute between two humans then it will be settled on this Day. If there is a oppression between a human being and an animal then it will be settled here. If a human being mistreats an animal then the animal may witness against this man on the Day of Judgement.

The is also settlement of accounts among animals and among jinn etc. If a horned goat hurts a hornless goat then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala allowed the hornless horn to take revenge on this Day. However, if the account is settled then these animals are turned in to dirt, all of them.

Animals may we a witness against or for us. If we call the adhaan in the wilderness then the animals, the jinn, the mountains, the plants etc. who are present are going to witness for the caller of adhaan on the Day of Judgement.

In this stage the animals will turn into dirt and only those who are in takleef remain such as human beings and jinn.

6. The Scale:

The people now have to weigh their deeds. The animals don’t way their deeds because they are already gone and dirt. However, in some cases some animals are places on the scale. For example, someone who prepared a horse or camel for jihaad and rides to battle with it, then this horse or camel will be put on the scale which make it heavier.

7. The Bridge:

There are no animals going over this bridge. This bridge is made for the human believers and hypocrites.

Paradise and Hellfire:

The animals are not going to receive punishment of hellfire or reward in paradise. There may be animals in hellfire, but for the punishment of the people of hellfire. There are animals in Jannah, but they are going to become a good meal for the people of Jannah or a means of transportation. May be Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala let us have our pets with us in Jannah as a reward for us. If you love your cat in dunya, then you might meet with your cat in Jannah. Ameen

Allah knows best.


2 Responses to "Day of Judgement and Animals"

May almighty allah reward you aboundantly for the brillant research work done on this web.infact i will like to know more about the various creature created by god almighty allah before prophet adam. ma sallam


I would love a couple sources. This sounds like you’ve lived Judgement day and came back to tell us detail for detail how it went. Some of the stuff is the gist of many people’s beliefs, but still it would be cool to get some sources.



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