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Genealogy Baba Tajuddin of Nagpur

Posted on: June 18, 2008

  1. Hazrat Syed Mohammad Baba Taj-uddin Aulia (r.a.).
  2. Hazrat Syed Badr-ddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  3. Hazrat Syed Haider Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  4. Hazrat Syed Ali Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  5. Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  6. Hazrat Syed Mohe-uddin Siya Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  7. Hazrat Syed Jamal Ahmed Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  8. Hazrat Syed Naseer-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  9. Hazrat Syed Kamal-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  10. Hazrat Syed Immad-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  11. Hazrat Syed Allow-uddin Shah Sahaib (Rehmatullah Allahe).
  12. Hazrat Syed Bahoo-uddin Nakhash Bandi (r.a.).
  13. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  14. Hazrat Syed Jalal-uddin Bukahri (r.a.).
  15. Hazrat Syed Kamal-uddin Bukahri (r.a.).
  16. Hazrat Syed Hussain Laqab-be-Mehboob (r.a.).
  17. Hazrat Syed Hussain Akber Sahib (r.a.).
  18. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  19. Hazrat Syed Fakhar-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  20. Hazrat Syed Mehmood Roomi Bin Ballaq (r.a.).
  21. Hazrat Syed Hussain Mohammad Taqi Sahib (r.a.).
  22. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  23. Hazrat Syed Mohammad Jama Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  24. Hazrat Syed Ali Akbar Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  25. Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (RaziAllah Talah Anha).
  26. Hazrat Imam Ali Taqi (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  27. Hazrat Imam Moosa (Raza Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  28. Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (Razi Allah Talah Anha)
  29. Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  30. Hazrat Imam Baqir (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  31. Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abidin (Razi Allha Talah Anha).
  32. Hazrat Imam Hussain (Allahe-Salam).
  33. Hazrat Ali Murtaza Muskil-Kusha (Karam Allah Talah Anha).
  34. Last Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed (Sulal la ho Alaeha Wa Sullam).

(Approved from His Highness by Ummah Tajia)

When Baba Sahib (r.a.) saw the book Taj Qutbee he said,

“I am the grand son of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (r.a.)”.


1 Response to "Genealogy Baba Tajuddin of Nagpur"

i believe this lineage of baba tajuddin is not correct,imam hasan askari(as) had no other son,except imam mahdi(as),then how come he is progeny of imam hasan askari(as) PLEASE NO OFFENCE!!!

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