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The Reality of Jadoo / Sihr / Blackmagic

Posted on: July 1, 2008

 Say, I seek refuge with the Rabb of the Morning from the evil of created things; and from the night when it spreads, and from those who blow into knots (practice secret arts), and from the evil of a jealous person. (Surah al-Falaq; 113)

Say, I seek refuge with the Sustainer of mankind, the King of people, Rabb of the people, from he evil of the whisperer who withdraws; he who whispers into the hearts of people; from Jin and uman. (Surah An-Naas; 114)

A Jew by the name of Labid did black magic on Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam). He took the hair of Rasulullah and made eleven knots into a date and placed in under a rock in the well called Zarwan. The effect of this was that it created uncertainty in the mind of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) as to whether he had done or not done certain things. At times Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) felt he had accomplished something yet he had not done so and vice versa. Jibraaeel (AS) informed Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) as to what had occurred and brought the above mentioned two Surahs. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) together with the Sahaaba (Radhiallaahu Anhu) went to the well and removed the knotted hair. As each Aayat was recited, the knots untied miraculously. At the eleventh knot, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) was relieved. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer vol.4 pg.614; Darul Ma’rifah)

One may wonder, how is it that the Prophet of ALLAH was affected with Jadoo. He had so much of faith in ALLAH, how could Jadoo affect him?

The Reality of Jadoo

Jadoo has a natural effect just as the sun has an effect of heat. The Prophets/Ambiyaa (alaihimus salaam) felt the heat on hot days, they felt hungry when they didn’t eat, similarly they could be affected with Jadoo as well. But this Jadoo did not interrupt their prophet hood status nor was it allowed to interfere with the authenticity of their mission.


Almighty ALLAH Ta’ala created this entire universe and he has designed its functions according to the cause and effect procedure. Everything has a cause which subsequently has a natural effect. When the sun shines, it is hot, when snow falls it is cold. Heat and cold are the natural effects of the sun and snow. Similarly, if a person is stabbed with a knife, he will bleed. Bleeding is a natural effect of stabbing. If a person is thrown in the center of the sea, he will naturally drown if he cannot swim.

Our Belief Although this world functions according to the cause/effect procedure but the effect of anything lies in the Will of ALLAH. If ALLAH Wills, the effects of causes will exist but, if ALLAH does not will, then in -spite of the means we adopt, the effects will not exist. Incidents

  1. Namrood told his people to make a fire to burn Ibraheem (‘alaihis salaam). After the fire was lit, due to the flames being very high, Ibraheem (‘alaihis salaam) was put on a catapult to be thrown into the fire. Although the effect of the fire is to burn, Ibraheem (‘alaihis salaam) did not burn. This was because it was not the Will of ALLAH for the fire to be effective. (Ibid vol.3 pg.192) ALLAH told the fire: “Oh fire, be cool and peaceful upon Ibraheem.” (Qur’an 21 V 69)
  2. A knife has a natural effect of cutting, the cut could also sometimes be fatal. Ibraheem (‘alaihis salaam) passed the knife on his son Ismaaeel (‘alaihis salaam) but the knife did not show its natural effect because it was not the will of ALLAH Ta’ala for it to cut. (Tafseer ibn Katheer vol.4 pg.18; Darul Ma’rifah)
  3. Firoun and his army were drowned in the Red Sea but the same Red Sea did not drown Moosa (alaihis salaam) and his army. All these incidents clearly indicate that effects of causes are through the Will of ALLAH Ta’ala. ALLAH Ta’ala is the One who gives effect to the cause.

 Black Magic

‘And they followed what Shaitaan had recited on the Kingdom of Sulaimaan (‘alaihis salaam), and Sulaimaan (‘alaihs salaam) did not transgress but the Shaitaans did it by teaching the people Black Magic’ (Qur’an 2 V 102)

Black magic was common at the time of Sulaiman (alaihis salaam). The Shaitaan used to teach the people black magic. ALLAH sent two angels, Haroot and Maaroot, as a test to the people. They taught the people the practice of black magic but warned them that they have been sent as a test from ALLAH, so the people should not abuse this knowledge. ALLAH further says: “They (people practicing black magic) cannot harm anyone but with the Will of ALLAH”. (Qur’an 2 V 102)

The Challenge

Moosa (alaihis salaam) and the people practicing witchcraft at the time of Firoun is mentioned in the Qur’an. Moosa (alaihis salaam) was victorious and ALLAH further says: “A witchdoctor/ person practicing black magic does not succeed wherever he goes” (Qur’an 20 V 69).

Labid Ibn A’sam practiced black magic (witchcraft) on Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) and he was affected for about 6 months, until the Surahs of ‘An-naas’ and ‘Al-falaq’ were revealed. Thereafter Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) was cured. (Ibid vol.4 pg.614)

The above explanation is clear that black magic is a reality and it has its effects but only with the Will of ALLAH, just as poison has its effects with the Will of ALLAH. Why do people resort to black magic, Jadoo, etc.? Generally, people are driven to black magic due to jealousy.

When a person has a flourishing business or popular and holds a distinguishing postion in society, etc. this is not tolerated and accepted by others. People desire that those prosperities be taken away from their brother. This jealousy causes a person to harm his brother. His ultimate purpose is to cool his eyes by witnessing his brother’s downfall. Thus he stoops to the despicable and Haraam act of Jadoo to achieve his ambition.


Jealousy is an internal sickness, like pride and anger. If it is not cured, the consequences of jealousy are very dangerous to oneself and the society in general. The jealous person is actually objecting to ALLAH’s decree: “Why did You give him wealth, why did You give him position?. Why haven’t I been given this wealth and position?” Such a person needs to strengthen his Imaan on Taqdeer. Everything is predestined. When a person is in the womb of his mother, his sustenance, life and position is already written. Everything happens according to the absolute Knowledge of ALLAH (Taqdeer). Such a person must repeatedly remind himself that he is helpless in determining other peoples’ affairs. The affairs of people are controlled by ALLAH Ta’ala. Ponder upon the Hadith of Jealousy. Hadhrath Abu Huraira (RA) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said; Beware of jealousy, for jealousy eats up good deeds just as fire eats up (burns) wood (Mishkat 46 pg. 248)

Hadhrath Zubair (RA) reports that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, ‘The sickness of the previous nations will creep into you, i.e. jealousy and hatred. These sicknesses are shavers; I don’t say they shave hair but they shave Deen”. (Mishkat 2 Pg. 428)

Jealous person is void of the spirit of Deen. His heart is always filled with enmity and malice. He does not perform any Ibaadat. His wish is to harm others. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) asked, “Do you know who is a pauper?” The Sahaaba (RA) replied, ‘A pauper is he who does not have a Dirham or Dinar (no money) nor has he any wealth’. Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, “A pauper in my Ummah is he who comes on the day of Qiyaamat with Salah, Fast, Zakaah But has verbally abused someone, unjustly eaten another person’s wealth, hit someone, etc. (for such a person) his good deeds will be taken and given to the other person. If that person’s good deeds are finished, then his sins will be laden upon him and will be put in the Hell Fire. (Mishkat 2 pg. 435).

A jealous person should ponder upon all these Ahaadith and rid himself of the evil of jealousy. If he does not, then jealousy can make him stoop to low levels, to the level of Jadoo and oppressing his brother. Imagine the grief and anxiety caused through Jadoo. The affected person is oppressed, thus the jealous person is endangering his hereafter. If he only strengthens his Imaan on Taqdeer, he could contain himself.

How to save oneself from Jadoo

If a person is affected by witchcraft, it is Sunnah to cure himself. The method of cure must be carefully chosen. Many people (Muslims and non-Muslims) claim they can cure. But one must choose a person who strictly adheres to the Qur’an and Hadith. One should abstain from going to a non-Muslim. However, in a case of desperation, if no Muslim is found, he may go to such a person who does not utter words of Kufr and Shirk. The person who cures is not any extraordinary person. He is just a Doctor who specializes in a specific field. Just as a Doctor could make a mistake in his diagnosis, the Aamil too can make a mistake. His words cannot be regarded as absolutely correct. Whilst treating, if somebody’s name comes out, it is not certain that the person did Jadoo, etc. Similarly, the taweez the Aanmil gives may be used. The Sahaaba asked Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) about Taweez. He said, ‘it is a power from the power of ALLAH’ It is a means of cure, but ALLAH is the ultimate Shafee (Curer).


Many people experience some downfall and quickly jump to the conclusion that somebody made Jadoo and start casting doubts on different people. Therefore, one should not be too hasty in concluding that the cause of a problem is Jadoo because more often than not, Jadoo has nothing to do with the problem. And ALLAH knows best


Superstition constituted an integral part of the belief system of the Pagans. Prior to the advent of Islam the Arabs were steeped in superstitious beliefs, beliefs that regulated their social, economic and political activity. Superstition created a mysterious value system that gave rise to fear, suspicion and enmity. It deprived man of rational thinking and every ailment, accident or calamity was attributed to some evil force bent on destroying their lives. The situation was further aggravated by wicked “Spiritual Doctors” who exploited the unwary masses and ran lucrative businesses treating and exorcizing the “evil forces”. Even today there are people who claim to know the future and try to impress people with their “divine powers”. Belief in superstition detracts from Imaan in Taqdeer and the qudrat of ALLAH Ta’ala.

The Holy Qur’n states: “No misfortune can happen on earth nor (afflict) your souls, but is recorded in a Book (long) before We bring it into existence; that is truly easy for ALLAH”.

Disaster and misfortune take place according to the Will and Plan of ALLAH. No other force or power can direct your destiny or cause harm to you except with the permission of ALLAH. Some of the superstitious beliefs that filtered down from Jahiliyyah to us are:

The Month of Safar

The month of Safar is regarded as a month of ill-fortune and bad luck. The pre-Islamic Arabs believed Safar to be a serpent that dwells in the stomach of man. It stirs to life in this month and causes various types of illnesses and diseases. Thus people are more prone to fall ill in this month. Because of the various evil omens attached to this month some Muslims regard:

  • Nikah contracted in this month to be bad luck and ill-fated.
  • Any important business venture initiated in this month bound to collapse.
  • The first thirteen days of this month to be specifically evil and bad luck.

Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam condemned such superstitious beliefs in various ahadth.

A hadth narrated in Muslim states: “There is no (ill-fortune) in the month of Safar nor do evil spirits (exist)”. Another hadth states: “Do not revile time (i.e. do not regard any particular day, week or month to be bad, for I (ALLAH) am the (embodiment) of all time”

Soothsayers – Fortunetellers

There are certain impostors who pretend to know the future through contact with the “spirits”. The Holy Qur’n rejects the notion that anyone besides ALLAH knows the future in the following verse: “Say – No one in the heavens and earth knows the unseen except ALLAH”.  

The Holy Qur’n states: “If I had knowledge of the unseen I should have had abundance of good and no evil should have touched me. Truly I am a Warner and a Giver of glad tidings to those who have faith”.

Concerning the Jinn who laboured for Sulaiman alayhis salaam the Qur’n states: “It became clear to the jinn that if they had known the unseen, they would not have continued in the humiliating punishment of their task”.

Horoscopes and Astrology

The Pagan Arabs used three arrows to ascertain whether they should proceed with a task or not. The words “My Lord has commanded me” were inscribed on one arrow; “My Lord has forbidden me” inscribed on the second arrow and the third arrow was left blank. If they planned a journey, or a marriage or to raid the enemy, etc., they would go to the temple and draw out an arrow. If they drew the arrow with the positive inscription they would proceed with their plans. The negative inscription meant that they should abort their plans. A blank arrow meant that they should repeat the process till they received a clear directive. This practice is akin to modern day horoscopes, astrology, palm reading and other similar practices. Islam prohibits all such practices and considers them sinful.

The Holy Qur’n states: “And (also forbidden) is predicting the future by means of divining arrows, for that is impiety”.

Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam has stated: “If anyone acquires any knowledge of astrology, he acquires a branch of magic (which is totally forbidden)”. He also stated: “The astrologer is a diviner, the diviner is a magician and the magician is an unbeliever”.

Another tradition states: “Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and believes in what he says has denied what was revealed to Mohammed”.

Omens and Charms

The same prohibition applies to hanging charms, beads and amulets, in the belief that they will protect the bearer from evil spirits, bad luck or the evil eye.

The Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated: “May ALLAH not fulfill the hopes of the one who wears a charm; may ALLAH not protect the one who hangs seashells (used as a charm in those days)”. (Ahmed). Another narration stated; “Whoever wears a charm will be left to rely on it”. (Tirmidhi)

Abdullah bin Masd radhiallahu anhu once saw his wife wearing a knotted thread around her neck. He pulled at it and broke it saying, “The family of Abdullah is free from associating anything with ALLAH for which He has sent no authority”. He then said: “I heard the Messenger of ALLAH sallallahu alayhi wasallam say ” Incantations, amulets and spells are shirk”.

Drawing evil omens from a black cat, the number thirteen, a pregnant woman, using a knife at the time of an eclipse, etc., is no more than weird superstition. The disbelievers frequently attacked the Prophets saying “Indeed we augur an evil omen from you”, The messengers would
reply: “Your auguring of evil omens is with yourselves”. This implied that, the cause of your evil omens lies in your attitude which stems from superstition, disbelief and stubbornness.

Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated: “He is not of us who seeks evil omens or for whom evil omens are sought …..” (Tabraani). Another tradition states: “No one is free from three things: suspicion, auguring evil omens and envy. Thus if you have a suspicion, do not pursue it, if you augur an evil omen, do not turn you back, and if you are envious do not transgress”. (Tabraani)

Sihar – Magic – Jadu

Practicing magic is tantamount to kufr in Islam. Just as it is haraam for Muslims to consult with diviners or fortune tellers, it is likewise haram for them to seek the help of magicians, sangomas, witch-doctors etc.

Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam disowned such person saying: “Anyone who goes to a diviner, a practitioner of magic or a soothsayer, asking something and believing in it, denies what was revealed to Mohammed”. Another tradition states: “The alcoholic, the believer in magic and
the one who breaks ties of kinship will not enter Jannat”
. (Ibn Hibban)

Corrupt Sufis

“Sufis who treat people as cheap profit making commodities and call towards themselves rather than towards ALLAH and ask them to respect and love them, instead of loving ALLAH, were, infact the robbers, the liars, traders in religion, cheaters and thugs.” (Shah Wali-All h)


Hazrat Umar Abdul Aziz (known as Umar, the second) states: “I advise you to observe piety and fear ALLAH, to maintain a balanced life by obeying the commandments of ALLAH and following the Sunnah of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I also admonish you against innovation introduced by the `Ahle – Bidat’ and advise you to detach yourselves from them ….”. (Abu Dawood)

Islam is not a religion based on superstitious dogma. To attribute every ailment, calamity and hardship to “evil spirits” is to be a defeatist. We ultimately become the victims of suspicion, hatred and fear. We become blind to our own weaknesses and shortcomings and simply attribute all our ills to some external forces.

If we ourselves have set our garden on fire with our own hands, why do we complain against the enemy. No one is our enemy except our ownselves. Fie upon us that we proved to be the enemies of our ownselves.

Making “Sihr” means practicing black magic (Afsun) and it is forbidden (Haram) in Islam. A person who makes black magic (Sihr) is called “Jadu” in the Persian. If a person who practices black magic (Sihr) believes that he can do anything through black magic, he will become a disbeliever. A person who denies the existence and effects of the black magic will also become a disbeliever. We should believe that black magic, just like other medicine, is effective only if Allahu ta’ala decrees it. Even though it is not disbelief to believe that whatever one may wish Allahu ta’ala would create it, believing as such would be a grave sin. The cure for the black magic is written in length in the Turkish book Se’adet-i Ebediyye.


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Nice article
Can u please help me …Many years ago i went to a Magicin for black magic ….to gain the love of a girl…many years later i am still a bacholor and cannot find a wife myself for unknown reasons.
i think it is the effect ..give ,me comprehensive and real cure ..i know all the surah ..nas falaq etc etc

If you need any assistance for spiritual healing you may browse the Blogg roll section and specially;

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2. Rawatan Sihir forum

These are two dedicated forum and group which can help you at no cost and their way of treatment is according to Quran and Sunnah.


Sohail Ahmed

i have a very naive question… can jadu affect the major aspects of your life e.g. marriage?


The most Powerfull ZIKR – for all evil spell protection & all matters of life is:

Kasbo-nallaho- Wanay-mal-Wakeel, Naymal-mowlah-Wa-nay- manaseer.

This is to be read countlessly throughout ones daily life with heart that all matters are dealt by allah as ones protector.

Allah Haffiz

Sher Afzal

The most affective ZIKR to find out if you are affected by evil spell is:

Yaa-Sallaamo, reading it while your trying to fall asleep at night a simple method of 3 nights with reply that involves only one dream as a reply as seheree time.

one tasbeh of Darood Shareef prior to this zikr.

This is for all readers for all matters of life who are unable to carry out istikarah.

Allah hafiz

Sher fzal

I went to a muslim man from Mali in Africa in UK he claimed he could help me get justice for my son who was framed by the police for something he did not do.

We were very naive as he showed us little tricks as in business went better family members started to talk so we beleived him when he said he could get an appeal for our son and release him from prison. We paid him £7413.00 which I believe symbolises a holy number. I witness this guy doing his prayers at times when I was with him. He gave me as the mother various washes, my son had dream after dream in prison that he was released. Our appeal got thrown out of Court. Our family demanded money back as he claimed it would be done in 21 days 8 months later nothing.

I suffered terrible stomach cramps during this time and felt ill all the time. This guy has sinced moved and does not answer his phone. My mum wanted to call the police but I didnt want to how do explain the above? He did not rob us. But I felt emotionally blackmailed as he said he kept dreaming my son was crying in jail.

I have manager to spiritually get my mind clear and now my stomach aches are down to a few days a month. I still feel quite depressed about my son but as it is now only 9 months for his release I am very very much looking forward to it.

What worries me is that this man has some of my hair and my son’s hair, what can he do. The stomach aches I was led to believe are him with a hook in my solar plexis which is the yellow chacra is being pulled for power by him as this is your intuition and wisdom.

Whilst I have read you site and comments I am not a muslim so do not understand what to read unless someone can write me what I am suppose to be reading to get rid of this persons wishes. His intention was not to release my son or he wasnt powerful enough to do so. Anyhow I do not feel it was even him as he was only about 25 years old and my mind told me there is a group of them. You know they are these guys who put cards through peoples door or advertise in paper etc. saying they can help you in exam, love, marriage, business etc. What are they really doing.

Thank you if anyone can help or you can send me to someone who will not abuse me as a woman and who is honest and knows what he is doing because I am at my wits end thinking something bad is going to happen and they have some control over my life.

Thank you

asalaamoaikum. My mother was giving my son a lecture the other day and she was telling me off in the process. she was telling me not to let my son out afta maghrib as in the month of safar there are more jinns and things that are out so he should avoid going past trees/parks at night . is this true or just an old wives saying??

Yes it’s true; prophet Muhammad PBUH says something same; that this is the time for Shayateen (Jinnat) to wakeup… So it’s says do not go out in that particular moment besides keep the door/windows closed of home (jinnat do enter when they find any window/door open) and for women to keep their head covered.

Is there any way to find out person himself infected with Jadoo?


All such things called sihr, black magic, etc. seem to be rubbish. What is reported in Quran and Sunnah should be understood in the context of basic teachings of Quran and Sunnah according to which everything happen at the Will of Allah and the Will of Allah is that He has destined the function, causes and result of everything in the University. Whatever happens in physical world is guided by physical laws prescribed by Allah and whatever happens in metaphysical world is guided by laws not to be comprehended by human reason. Those who say that magic, sihr or jadoo can affect marriage, health and other things of physical world are taking recourse to simple speculation. If such thing has any real effect in the physical world then why not they take recourse to punish criminals, dictators, etc. I challenge if such thing really exists, they should demonstrate it. It is pitty to note that in the name of Islam the same superstitions are accepted which were prevalent in pagan societies and Islam dispelled all such frauds and called man to reason and wisdom. Due to such frivolous belief, large number of cases is reported on witch hunting and anyone can blame another that he is doing some wrong to him through sihr or jadoo. If proof is demanded he can simply say that there is no need of proof because it is a matter of metaphysical world. Jinn is reality as per Quran and there are large number of species which are still unknown to man to see physically. So far as miracles are concerned, it is rare intervention by Allah as per Quran. People many times demanded miracle from holy prophet Muhammad pbuh but Quran only replied that Muhammad is a man and Quran is the word of Allah revealed on him to guide people to right path and no one can create such surah (revealetions) being revealed on the Prophet. Authenticity of such Hadith which describe the effect of Sihr on Prophet Muhammad should be scrutinised as the Hadith regarding interpolation of Devil’s word in Quran. Islamic scholars should scrutinise such Hadith and traditions which accepts the sihr or jadoo as reality. So far as sihr reported in connection with Pharao is concerned, it appears that through some manipulation the magicians created deceptions and halluniciation which is just possible and even today one can experience.

I haven nothing to say about you than you are simply saying whatever written in Quran is fake or fabricated. Quran himself talk about existence of Jinn and Magic. If you dont know than i would recommend you to read meanings and translations of last 3 surah of Quran.

I agree with Sohail Ahmed Shaikh.
Do you read the Qur’an and interpret? It clearly states the existence of Jinns and Black Magic/Jadoo. Are you a black magician? .. Well you must be a kafir or you have little knowledge about Islam. Please get your facts Right! May Allah swt guide you..Ameen.

Me and my sister went for a palmreading just today and since we left we feel very confused and quite weird.. can you tell us why this is and is it possible that the palmreader has done some sort of jadoo or spell on us from when we went their? He seemed to know alot of things about our life but im sure thats because he can communicate with jinns.. Am I right?

First of all this act for you have went is SHIRK in islam. You should at very first ask forgivness to ALLAH. Yes it’s obvious he can have companion Jinn; and Jinn can obviously tell more than your exceptions.

Salam A

I just wanted to ask a question. I have been ill as in having scars on my Arms, it started with one and kept spreading out and still is. This started 5 years ago. I have gone to so many doctors and specialsits. They have taken samples and test and says they can’t find what is wrong. Another word it they are saying nothing is wrong where as in fact it is itchy and I keep getting more n more. I have tried everything but heard and taught it might be something to do with Sihr (Nazar). Can anyone please help me or show me what to do.

can sihr affect a person’s eyes? what are the symptoms?

can someone tell me that what do u feel if the effects of Jadoo are getting out of your body?

can someone tell me that what do u feel if the effects of Jadoo are leaving you?

I believe one has to fell

1. the body fell light
2. felling happiness inside
3. everything around look beautiful
4. peace of mind
5. felling calm

I feel like my ex-fiance has done jadoo on me. I feel unhappy and stressed out all the time. I just cant concentrate on anything. Could you please tell me the cure? I live in USA so here I do not know anyone who does such treatment. Please help me!

In the time of Moses AS there were magicians all over the place and use to deceive people, they throwed chords and they were looking like Cobras to the people but the assa of Mosa A.S was a real snake and swallowed all the chords
at that time all of those magician accepted Mosa A.S


43. Go, both of you (MOSA AND HAROON), to Pharaoh. Indeed, he has transgressed.
44. And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be
reminded or fear [AllOEh].”
45. They said, “Our Lord, indeed we are afraid that he will hasten
[punishment] against us or that he will transgress.”
46. [AllOEh] said, “Fear not. Indeed, I am with you both; I hear and
I see.
47. So go to him and say, ‘Indeed, we are messengers of your Lord,
so send with us the Children of Israel and do not torment them.
We have come to you with a sign from your Lord. And peace779
will be upon he who follows the guidance.

48. Indeed, it has been revealed to us that the punishment will be
upon whoever denies and turns away.’ ”
49. [Pharaoh] said, “So who is the Lord of you two, O Moses?”
50. He said, “Our Lord is He who gave each thing its form and
then guided [it].”
51. [Pharaoh] said, “Then what is the case of the former generations?”
52. [Moses] said, “The knowledge thereof is with my Lord in a
record. My Lord neither errs nor forgets.”
53. [It is He] who has made for you the earth as a bed [spread out]
and inserted therein for you roadways and sent down from the
sky, rain and produced thereby categories of various plants.
54. Eat [therefrom] and pasture your livestock. Indeed in that are
signs for those of intelligence.
55. From it [i.e., the earth] We created you, and into it We will
return you, and from it We will extract you another time.
56. And We certainly showed him [i.e., Pharaoh] Our signs – all
of them – but he denied and refused.
57. He said, “Have you come to us to drive us out of our land with
your magic, O Moses?
58. Then we will surely bring you magic like it, so make between
us and you an appointment, which we will not fail to keep and
neither will you, in a place assigned.”
59. [Moses] said, “Your appointment is on the day of the festival
when the people assemble at mid-morning.”
60. So Pharaoh went away, put together his plan, and then came
[to Moses].
61. Moses said to them [i.e., the magicians summoned by Pharaoh],
“Woe to you! Do not invent a lie against AllOEh or He will
exterminate you with a punishment; and he has failed who
invents [such falsehood].”

62. So they disputed over their affair among themselves and
concealed their private conversation.
63. They said, “Indeed, these are two magicians who want to drive
you out of your land with their magic and do away with your
most exemplary way [i.e., religion or tradition].
64. So resolve upon your plan and then come [forward] in line.
And he has succeeded today who overcomes.”
65. They said, “O Moses, either you throw or we will be the first
to throw.”
66. He said, “Rather, you throw.” And suddenly their ropes and
staffs seemed to him from their magic that they were moving
[like snakes].
67. And he sensed within himself apprehension, did Moses.
68. We [i.e., AllOEh] said, “Fear not. Indeed, it is you who are superior.
69. And throw what is in your right hand; it will swallow up what
they have crafted. What they have crafted is but the trick of a
magician, and the magician will not succeed wherever he is.”
70. So the magicians fell down in prostration.782 They said, “We
have believed in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.”
71. [Pharaoh] said, “You believed him [i.e., Moses] before I gave
you permission. Indeed, he is your leader who has taught you
magic. So I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on
opposite sides, and I will crucify you on the trunks of palm trees,
and you will surely know which of us is more severe in [giving]
punishment and more enduring.”
72. They said, “Never will we prefer you over what has come to
us of clear proofs and [over] He who created us. So decree
whatever you are to decree. You can only decree for this
worldly life.

73. Indeed, we have believed in our Lord that He may forgive us
our sins and what you compelled us [to do] of magic. And
AllOEh is better and more enduring.

After reading this I assume I may be living in this world controlled by so much powerful magicians and ummah, including me cannot see the truth we are all deceived and there is a jadoo upon us that we have forgotten something.

This is Surely a strange world and something very basic forgotten by us…….

Think…… please
I am very afraid

i came to know , tat i have been affected from zadhoo. Hazarath came and broke it.. but still i am facing the problem with my husband. how long it will take to be alright, after doing break up process

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I would like to make clear all the visitors of my blog that I am not Rqaqi, Aamil, or Spiritual Healer. Any Raaqi you contact via my blog, know they do not represent this blog or me.


In my knowledge these are few dedicated places where you can get your spiritual healing according to Quran and Sunnah. I can recommend these places as in my knowledge they works according to Quran and Sunnah; but I cannot be made responsible either individually or severally for any untoward incidents.


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