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Destroy effect of Taweez

Posted on: July 7, 2008

To destroy effect of taweez use recited water,

Ruqya Water

(2)Al Baqara 1-5 (7x)
(2)Al Baqara 163-4 (7x)
(2)Al Baqara 255-256 (7x)
(2)Al Baqara 285-286 (7x)
(10)Yunus 81-82 (7x)
(109) Al-Kafirun 109 (7x)
(112)Al-Ikhlas 112 (7x)
(113)Al Falaq 113 (7x)
(114)Al-Nas 114 (7x)

Recite above verses 7 x

Add extra power to water
(36)Ya sin
(37)Al saffat 1-10
(44)Al Dukhan
(72)Al Jinn 1-9

Recite above verses 1x, Then blow into bottle of clean water, when blowing ensure some saliva is transferred to water, place taweez inside and then throw into flowing water such as a river.

Fee amanillah

3 Responses to "Destroy effect of Taweez"

Your site is very nice among all.

Secondly, when I gone through Destroy effect of taweez there is written some sures but I do not understand by 7x please explain enable us to follow.

where is the taweez i don’t seee ?

Thank you for the information QURAN is very powerful AlhamdoliAllah

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