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Breaking the “Shields” (Advanced Topic)

Posted on: July 10, 2008

This is an advanced topic and beginners are not expected to grasp this quickly as these things are not seen, most people does not even know they exist. However when our raqis brothers are stumped for many months, some up to 9 years, these are indications “shields” may be in use by the jinn/sorcerer.

Strong shields commonly used by Asian sorcerers comprised of several layers of “material” which are stone-like or metal-like. There are many other materials but that should come later.

Actually before we attempt to break a shield for say the jinns , it is best to make doa to know what is their shield material. IN ADDITION, these amal should NOT be done by the patient but by someone else NOT SICK.

So the recommended procedure is to:

1) Identify the type of shield material, and how many layers. Most sorcerers have less than 7 layers, although those who are sorcerers through generations have up to 1000 layers.

2) Decide to break the shield (or select other strategies)


Make doa, then recite the following set of Qurani verses. insyALLAH you will get some guidance usually through a dream:

1. Al-Baqarah 177 21x

2. Surah Jin [ayat 1-17] dan [Yassin ayat 20, 40] – 21x
So when reciting the sequence is al-Jin 1-17, Yasin 20, Yasin 40. Then repeat.

3. Surah Kausar 10x


Based on your narration learning the Reiki, Cakra, and other “internal energies” I believed we have the regular common shield which is mix of stone and metal-based.

The simplest method is to recite Yasin the whole surah 7x followed by Al-Baqarah 174 21x. We sometime used this method as it is very easy explain to non-raqi volunteers (either from tahfiz or mosque congregation)

Another method which is more time effective for shields under 7 layers as follows. If we have say 10 layers, then we do this 2 times.

Yasin whole surah 1x (as protection against counter-attack)

Isra 81 21x, Saba 49 21x –
(Historically, these two verses were recited by our Prophet when he took over Mekah and cleared off the 360 idols, please refer tafseer Ibn Kathir, narrated from Ibn Masud:

Saba 10 – 21x
Qursi 21x
Fatihah 21x
Al-Mukminun 115-118 21x
Al-Kafirun 21x Salawat, Amin



3 Responses to "Breaking the “Shields” (Advanced Topic)"

Aslkm can i place arequest for destroying sihr4 a person named shaukatali who stays bandra mumbai.He’s suffering losses in business for more than 7 years he has taken to alchohol addiction due stress and strings of losses

Aslkm pl suggest me way to destroy the sihr done on one source of income

Dear Afzal please join these forums/groups they can help you in breaking Jadooo/Bandish


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