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How to Crack, Unprotect or Remove Document Protection in Word

Posted on: September 27, 2008

Ever run into situation where someone sends you a read-only password protected Word document, but wants you to make changes?
Here’s how to crack it if you are using the newer versions of Word:

If you are using office XP or 2003, you can change the view to HTML-Code using Microsoft Script-Editor by pressing the [Alt]+[Shift]+[F11] key combination.

Search for “Password” and you will find somethimg like this:

To remove the protection:
-Just remowe those two lines, and after saving the document , the protection is gone.

To remove the password:
-replace the Password, here “19E8E61E”, with “00000000”, save the Document and close “Script-Editor”.

Alternative you can save your document as .html and use a html-Editor


31 Responses to "How to Crack, Unprotect or Remove Document Protection in Word"

but not find by Alt]+[Shift]+[F11] key

Thanks a lot. Good tip

Absolutely Spot on. Thanks for this info. It has saved me ages re writing one of my docs. Thanks again.

Wonderful! I just needed to increase the maximum size of a form field created outside our office and could do so without having to recreate the whole protected thing.

Spot on! I had never thought of going into the html code. What a brilliantly simple solution. Thanks.

Assalamu alaikum,

Any way to “open” a Password protected Word file, if you’ve forgotten the Password ??


Great! It works! Fantastic….this is why word protection is useless!

Thx a lot Man!
Your password removing method is so simple and wonderful :-)

Thank you very much.
It is so simple and wonderful.
Is there a such way for Excel too?

A) Open document > Select edit menu > choose select all > then choose copy from edit menu.
Open new document > edit menu> paste.
Select tools menu> choose options> window opens with options. Select form different tabs the edit tab> make sure that al desired boxes are selected.
Select save tab>choose and mark box>ask about properties
accept or Apply options and close.
Save new document different name. When saving it should ask if you want to save properties> choose not save. Maybe it asks if you want to modify properties> choose yes> select box archive amongst read only, hidden or archive.
If this does not work.

thanks alot .May allah bless you

Thanks, that’s a simple crack!

Thanks for the help. Work perfect!

Brilliant! Thanks.

So is it part of islamic manners to crack, break into and steal?
Remember, when a document is protected, it is protected for a reason.

What about those peoples those have lost there password and that file belongs to them? Every technology have good and bad usage it’s up to human how they want to use it.

Thanks, May Allah (swt) bless you with His Rahmah.

Thanks. Quickly solved my problem.

Thanks for this. Saved me a lot of time re-writing the doc.

how do you find something in the editor?

Great tip! Worked like a charm. Thxs!

Lifesaver … tx!

[…] How to Crack, Unprotect or Remove Document Protection in Word …Sep 27, 2008 … Ever run into situation where someone sends you a read-only password protected Word document, but wants you to make changes? […]

super post. very useful

Absolutey perfect, Thankyou it worked perfectly for me. saved me hours of work.

How about on a Mac? Word 2010? I can’t get it with Alt+shift+F11 or with Apple+shift+F11…

Thank u very much for your short and effective solution. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruby, et al.

Save it as a webpage and then open the file from notepad. Search protection and make the changes. Then reopen the file as a word document and save as a word file.

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