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Jin o Shaiten se Gharon ke hifazat (PDF)

Posted on: November 10, 2008

Download Jin o Shaiten se Gharon ke hifazat (PDF)


7 Responses to "Jin o Shaiten se Gharon ke hifazat (PDF)"

janab kia hum is barey main aur jan saktey hain in detail tu hamian khooshi hougi
appki site is very nice


please reply me. may jinnat ke bare may jana chata ho ke kia jinnat insan ke urat se shewat bhe karte hay

Yes they do

kia in ke shewat kane se ulad bhe paida ho jate hay or in ke shar se kese bacha jay. kindly ap mujh se rabte may rehna mujhe ap se or bhe malomat hasil karna hay detail ke sat please

Kia jinnat ke ke shewat karne se ulad bhe pada ho hate hay Please give me reply for this question

Yes Hoti hai. The great example is Queen of Sheeba.

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