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Devotion among animals

Posted on: January 6, 2009

Unity… Cooperation… Self-sacrifice… Devotion…

These may be regarded as exemplary qualities in all societies. Every human being would wish to live among individuals who possess these virtues.

This book deals with just these examples of proper morality. Yet the main characters in it are not human beings at all… But can a beetle or bird really know compassion, mercy or selfless devotion? Can an animal possess high moral values? How can we account for a penguin developing so strong a bond with its mate and young that it will risk its life for them? Why do antelopes or zebras throw themselves between their young and pursuing predators?

Each of these questions poses an insurmountable problem for the theory of evolution, which maintains that life formed by chance from inanimate matter. In fact, the truth is clear and evident for all to see: The examples of altruism, compassion and mercy cited in this book are signs of our Lord’s infinite compassion and mercy, He Who has created and sustains us and everything else. God is most compassionate and most merciful, He is the Creator and Sustainer of all living things, and it is He Who makes animals devoted, compassionate and merciful.

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