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Learn Telepathy – Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi (PDF)

Posted on: January 17, 2009

Download Book Telepathy – Learn (PDF) by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi


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plz telepaty ki ijazat or tarika bata dain

Assalam o Alaekum…
I want to learn Telepathy and Muraqba for many years, but how to get ijazat for it? kindly tell me where and who will give me permission or to whom i make my spiritual teacher? plz help me out… i am waiting for your reply.



many friends want to learn TP .. but its not easy to complete all TP exercises, and must need good teacher, without Teacher or guide line we cant complete single exercise,

and unfortunately in pakistan we dont have sincere and True TP teachers .. all are here just for make money,

if some one know abt any gud teacher .. plz share with us .. thnx

brother i m giving u the person….he is the best….i had experienced it….
03335700720 his name is mr muzaahir

hi dear how us re hope u asre fine how is your exercise going own and how much you have about telpehty and how happy you are, i am riz Aele ,hope u best time in life and best peace.How you shall learn this .

AOA you can learn it in 2 years if you spare 2 hours each day ……whole dedication … need of permission. I went through the whole course.

aoa, are u now master in telepathy……….. ???

nadeem can you please be my tp teacher? i really believed that telepathy is exist now i want a partner u can contact me on my yahoo id

Assalam o Alaekum…
i am intrested in telepahty . can you tell me how to get telepathy books. can you provide me course

contact me 03135687875

i am a telepatheist,,,,,,,,,
you can do your work without any permission because it’s your mind not of any baba.
keep concentrating abd remove babas from ur mind

site not working – Error 404 – Not Found

if u know any link in saudi arab .. please guide me .. for muraqba or TP

jazakallah khair

plz telepaty ki ijazat or tarika bata dain

The permission can be only granted from professional expert. The one who practice!

i want to learn telepathy but i can not go to take classes please tell me the online source.

Is it possible to get this PDF in English or Arabic? That would be higly appreciated.

Salaam, i’m trying to find the book called muraqaba:the art and science of sufi meditation in english pdf. i see it’s only in urdu on the link.does anyone have it in english pdf? thanks,yusuf

isn’t telepathy sihir?

NO telepathy isnt sihir… These are all branches of Murqaba (Meditation). You need to read more articles on Meditation; your concept will be clear.

then can you please give me a link which can make the concept more clear? Thanking you in advance

I believe you havent download the book; Telepathy. All your questions and concerns are already answered in that book. You can download from

Thanks. But it doesn’t explain whether telepathy is proven to be valid in the koran or the sunna. The reason why I am feeling doubtful is that it seems to be related to the occult and ‘Ilm Al Ghayb (knowledge of the Unseen) of which only Allah has that power. Can you please clarify that for me or show me where I can find my answer?

That i told you it’s a part of Meditation (Murqaba)… Why don’t you donwload a book Murqaba and read the introduction. Hopefully your queries will be answered.

Maybe you also would like to read my latest post, which have some ayat and hadiath about Meditation.

very sorry to be asking you many questions. Yes, as a Muslim and a believer, I understand the importance and benefits of meditation, reflection, and zikr elhamdulillah and i’m still learning more and more about it.

But dear brother my question is this: how is telepathy part of zikr or meditation?

jazak Allah khairan

Oh yes, and also the book you’re telling me about is not in English or Arabic for me to understand it

They are in English

heloo…..i want to learn telepathy….bt nnfortunately can,t find any teacher..can u tell me any teacher in pakistan who give permission for telepathy and lean about regarding this..???????

did you ever find the book: muraqaba, the art and science of sufi meditation in english? i saw it in urdu only. do you know where this book is located for download in english,pdf? thanks, yusuf

from where we find the books of tp ????
in khi

It’s OKie … sorry for late reply. Actually as long as i know and knowledge is Meditation or Murqaba is base and this telepathy.. is the one part of it… I mean their are steps of Murqaba the more you do the more you get spiritual strengths…

SALAAM,i’m new to Islam, and i find this subject to be very amazing… i have downloaded the book:learning telepathy, but the muraqaba art and science of meditation is in a language other than english. is there a download in english somewhere online? or can someone mail me an english download pdf?thanks, yusuf

how r u brother wellcome plz if u see msg plz reply soon then we start conersation

Momin see with the (Help of ) knowledge of Allah … Momin ki farasat say daro …
How possible to having pray (NAMAZ) without special ability of See the Allah or Beleive Allah .. see you… as well you talk with Allah and Allah hear your talks. … you hear Allah message …

I hv download telepathy book ,,nd I lyk to learn telepathy ,,do u allow me to start my exercise ,,

learn 1st step telepathy in lahore first time i n pakistan by mr roman kenth
dears meara name shahzad hay or main is field main hoon
main is ilm k 2 step seekh chukan hoon roman kenth is my teacher or woh yeh sikhatay hain ap logon k shoq ko dekhatay hoay main nay socha app ko bhi is main shamil kerna chahiyay so any one intrested cantact me : cell 03331-4375148 thanks

helo i see ur text now,not sure its true….can u tell me the address of ur teacher?

plz telepaty ki ijazat or tarika bata dain

hi qasim
app ko telepathy q sikhney hay?app ki age kitni plz tell me hu app chain tu main app ki madad kar sakta hun

rehan qureshi 4rm rawalpindi

Rehan i also i wanna to learn Telepethe i m 26 nd want to learn Telepethe could u plz guide me?

hir rehan can you please help me to learn it?

mian ne telepahty sekhni hai .mari age 19 year hai ,kia ap mujhe sikha saktay hai plzzzzzzzzzzz

how to learn a telepathy.plz tell me the exercise,imediately.

I want learn telepathy can u help me

SALAAM,i have downloaded the book:learning telepathy, but the muraqaba art and science of meditation is in a language other than english. is there a download in english somewhere online? or can someone mail me an english pdf of this book?

if u dont mind i want to know u Sohail Ahmed Shaikh
r u mureed of Abba Ji i m mureed of abba ji where are you live i want to meet you plzzz tell me your e-mail adress

plz someone help me in learning telepathy…

book is not being downloaded does not let me signup

I am Arslan Khalil And I am the Fan Of Farhad Ali Temoor I want to Seak Telepathi

i want to have more info. about telepathy. plz some one guide

Will you kindly tell me is there any authentic way to learn telepathy because I have been trying it for almost 10 years

hi , i just gone through this web site, i live in newzealand, auckland, but i am basically from islamabad, pakistan, so i am interested to learn telepathy, can u please help me out what is the starting step to go with?



can i please have urs contact number i would like to ask something personally if u dont mind.


I Maraqaba seakhana cahata hoon joo Urdu main hooo lakin tahreri hoo vedio na hoo. kionka I have Ear and Eye Problem.
Doctoroon nay Ear and Eye ka jawab day daya ha ka bus Allah say dawa keroo. kionkay an danoon kay parday kamzor hian.
mian nay Buzergoon say bhi dam kerwaya lakin baat nahin bani. ager apkay pash ash kaa Elaajh majood ha to bray karm mera Elajh keran. thank you

Please mujhe telepathy sekha dain

dear sister my name is sohaib i m also intrested in telepathy and hipnatizm also study many books and do exercise but aik question mujhy paryshan kar gya k kia yh karna i mean kisi k mind ko ahkamat dy k us ko kisi kam py majboor karna correct ha ya ni plz tell me if u know my e.mail sent u and my cell ius 0334-4089392 and 0345-4170206 mujhy khushi ha k ap bi intrest rakhti ho

Sohaib kia ap Karachi min rehti hin?

Habib jaha tak mjhay lagta hay k …. Sohaib Sinf-e-Nazuk nahi hayn .. to Rehti nahi Rehtay :)

agr glt kam na krwana ho to thk rehta hai
sohaib bhai kia ap mjhe tp or hipnatizm k tareeqey bta do ge plx?

salam my i m imran from bwp
mje telepathy sekhne ka bht shoq he
kea ap meri help aur guiding kr skte ho

muraqba seekhna chahta houn kindly send me excircise in urdu
and also give me permission to proctice.

kindly tell me the link from where i can get Muraqba book

main telepathi sekhna chahta hoon plz ijazat de dain

mjhe bht shok hai telepathy sekhney ka plx mjhe tariqa bata dain

Basically wht telepathy is i want to know plz answer me
Maham 13 yrs

Telepathy is not for 13 years old kids … enjoy your time . take care

I dont wht it is but i want to know

a.o.a it is just a skill from which we can know about others thinking but it is too hardworking task and ony few people achives their goal…
it is not for fun…

asalam o alikum i want to learn telepathy how can i learn plz tell me

I need to learn Tp. i need a teacher….. reply me must

asalam o alikum i m imran ali from peshawar .i learn to tele pathy course plzz reply me.

aslamoalaikum main telepethe sekhna chata hon shama beene ke mashkain beh ke hain ab agy jare rakhna cahata hon aap rehnomae farmain ,sukreya Doago sajid

asalamoalaikum mai aap k jawab ka intezar ker raha hon sajid

plz ap mujhay bhi ijazat dil wa dan mujhay bhi telepathy sikhni hay plz mujhay bohat shok hayy telepathy sikhnay ka

i want to learn telepathy

Allah ap sb ko aur majhay be ek acha ustad Rehnumai ky lya day Ameeeeeeeennnnn

Want to know about telepathy

I am over 40 years old male living in karachi . I started learning telepathy 25 years back and mastered in it . Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi’s book was also of good help those days. I used to convey my messages successfully and started reading peoples thoughts . It took me ten hectic years to achieve this .This continued for several years . I never harmed any one. Then one day i felt as if i m doing things against my will , this continued for 7 days . One night my father called me in his prayer room and told me that i should stop all this at once or i may put my life in big danger . My father was a big buzurg of his time . I was surprised since i never told anyone about my ability of telepathy. He held my head in his hand for 5 seconds and gave it a little jerk and said that he has put a hissar around me . Neither i will be able to do telepathy again nor anyone can hurt me through telepathy. I was shocked . he didnot say a word any more and asked me to leave the room . After that i tried all my best but no use. Its all gone. My father died a year and a half back . Now i want to know wether some one can help me or not. I went to couple of sufi’s but they said ur father has put a hissar around u and they trying their best cannot check my mind . What shall i do . Just tell me is there any hope to retrieve . It is 7 years now that i have lost this. shall i loose hope ? Is it gone for good. Is this has gone forever ????

brother question is, why u want to go back to TP ??, its my request or advice please do not go against your father decision, i am sure he did hesaar because he realized thats, TP is not good for you.

Irfan Ahmed

WHY I WANT TO GO BACK TO TELEPATHY ! Hmmmmmm ! Brother when we are infants we can not talk , walk , feel a lot , run or stand …… But when we grow up we sit , stand , walk , run talk and feel a lot ,,,,,,, when we talk we might say some thing which can make someone angry and we can get hurt , when we sit we can get dis balance and we can roll down and get hurt , when we walk we can slip and hurt ourselves , when we run we can clash head-on with anything and can hurt badly and when we started feeling a lot we get sensitive and we get heart broken very easily which makes us sad , BUT DO YOU REALLY THINK ,,,,,,,,,,,,, it would be a perfect idea to go back to infant age and get a cozy cot sibling life than to face the world like a man . One more thing You may not know what Telepathy really is . I should not say big words for myself BUT might be to make u understand or make u feel the way I do ,,,, I should express my feeling as ,,, Brother Once Upon A Time ,,,,
……………… I W A S T H E K I N G ………………
Hope u understand now ,, how it is to loose a Kingdom or an Empire , When u do not fly , u can never have a feel of a bird who is captive in a cage ,
One more thing for u guys ,,, there are people in our country who can guide in TP, But you will find them among true sufis only . And a sufi is usually an excellent mind reader , And they dont guide people who are away from religion , So to get to those Sufis u must be religious and ur heart should be clean and soft , You have to keep try to get to those sufis , I Tried n I succeeded and I m one of the example in front of you,
I dont want to loose hope, I m trying my luck , And I know one day i will click back.

us salaamo alaikum Abu Haani ,
kia aap mujhay guide karaingay? I m student of Karachi University. I want to learn telepathy and want to do muraqba . May nay suna hay k jo shakhs telepathy k master hota hay woh aasani say kisi ka bhe life pattern sahi kar sakta hay. Please i want your guidance sir. i will be thankful,May Allah help you k aapko apni salahiyut wapis mil jaay.(aameen).

right sana jatoi would you please contact me on this

ok brother .. u know well about ur self and ur controling power .. and offcourse i will wish u best of luck for your kingdome .. and Allah kareem always bless u .. and mabye some time i will visit to your kingdom for some guide lines :)
see u around :)

Assalamu alaikum Brothers & sisters

we as muslims should not make telepathy our main aim in spiritual practices.
Muraqaba or meditation is a practice for the believing men and women to connect to Our Beloved Creator Allah (swt). From what i have read, telepathy does exist, but we should not take permission from Sheikhs to do muraqaba with the intention of excelling in telepathy. we should do it with the aim of knowing our Creator and gaining closeness to Allah.

Yes telepathy does sound very exciting and we do tend to hope for it, especially with all the western movies we see these days. I am not an islamic scholar or anything so i cannot say that it is wrong to practice telepathy. but as muslims we need to remember its the intention that counts.

As your muslim sister, i would advice you to become the student/mureed of a Sheikh, as every muslim needs one to guide them in their spiritual journey. we have our mufti’s to teach us the fiqh and how to live our live’s as good muslims and according to shariah but our soul desires spiritual contentment as well. we do not only gain closeness to Allah by performing salaah and reading qur’an in parrot fashion. it is the manner in which we do these acts of worship that helps us to gain the closeness and this is where your spiritual guide comes in. When your rooh and qalb is spiritually activated by your Sheikh and by the sincere practicing of the lessons given to you by your Sheikh, then your salaah and dhikr will find a new light to it. you will actually feel connected.
As for the brothers and sisters who have asked for a good Sheikh or teacher, i highly advice you to visit “The school of Sufi teaching. (A branch of The Institute of Search for Truth)
It will insha allah prove very benficial for all searching for true spiritual guidance and connection.

as for telepathy, their isn’t much on everything about it, we can only make connections of different subject fields. by connecting knowledge from different areas and fields of life, we can make assumptions of telepathy. According to many websites, some islaamic, some general and others on psych, you might find that they all discuss how telepathy, telekinisis and related subjects use energy in one’s surrounding. we do know of the existence of cosmo’s and the cosmo energy. we also know that when we are in the company of the friends of Allah or when we are engrossed in dhikr then Allah’s mercy is upon us. this mercy can be seen as the cosmo light descending upon us or the energy atoms surrounding us. their are thought bubbles all around us and its these thought bubbles that form the bases of telepathy. when we use our concentration skills we can transfer these thoughts from our surroundings into the surroundings of those around us.

all this is only possible if Allah desires. as for reading the minds of others, that could also relate to how well you can attract their thoughts from thier surrounding into your own surrounding. so everything in life are all connected. everything uses the theories of science and psych because Allah has created everything and therefore everything has the same manner of functioning. every artist has a certain unique nature in their art, in the same way our Creator, the Best of Creators also has a signiture, the complete perfection.

It all comes to the same things: attraction-repulsion forces, law of conservation of energy, the electronic config. levels etc.

Back to the matter of transferring of thoughts. Many times we tend to misinterpret events and say that after visiting someone, if we feel sick or lame we say so-and-so has done blackmagic on me that is why i am feeling sick. but most times it is not blackmagic but rather the negative forces that you may have attracted. like for instance if so-and-so is jealous of you then their thoughts are filled with negative feelings towards you or about you or just the negative thoughts of jealousy itself and while you were in that so-and-so’s company, you may have attracted those negative thoughts and now due to so many neagtive thoughts of yourself being in your mind and sub-.consciousness, you feel sick and lame. a situation of low self-esteem.

there is so much i can say regarding this matter as this matter is quite wide on its own, for now i shall stop here.
as a parting note i ask you to please visit that website.

I have met the Sheikh personally and was blessed with the opportunity of hosting him as a guest in our home and i can honestly say that he has a beautiful character. we felt as if we had a piece of the shadow of Nabi’s(saw) sunnah in our home.

i am but a 17 year old muslim girl and may be wrong in some of my statements above but these are some of the conclusions i have come to from all the reading, and experiences i have had thus far in my life. I ask you to forgive me if anything i may have said is wrong or offensive and more importantly i ask my Rabb ( the knower of all things) to forgive me and us all for all our sins and misjudgements. May Allah grant us all the understanding and guidance.

Please Remember me and my family in your prayers.

Wassalaam ulaikum
Anonymous Sister
South Africa

Madam thumbz up for you Realy like the way in which you have discussed all of the matters.

I had learned telepathy without someones permition and I felt successful but i left behind exercises after half a month. My way of learning TP was like that : First of all their were some inhale and exhale exercise then We had to go in a type of meditation in which we had to imagine an ocean of noor in which the whole world and me also are drowning. that was the 1st exercise only and other exercises are also like this type.Please Sir tell me is this method correct or I was just wasting my time? Tell me if telepathy is allowed to muslims. A stupid aalim told me that telepathy is just for jules and christians but i did’nt believed him.

a.o.a em abu hania do u hv a yahoo id or fb acount.

may telepathy sikna chata hu help me03043197949

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