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Hadith about “Black magic” on Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Posted on: September 22, 2009

Sahih Bukhari:

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 89:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

The Prophet continued for such-and-such period imagining that he has slept (had sexual relations) with his wives, and in fact he did not. One day he said, to me, “O ‘Aisha! Allah has instructed me regarding a matter about which I had asked Him. There came to me two men, one of them sat near my feet and the other near my head. The one near my feet, asked the one near my head (pointing at me), ‘What is wrong with this man? The latter replied, ‘He is under the effect of magic.’ The first one asked, ‘Who had worked magic on him?’ The other replied, ‘Lubaid bin Asam.’ The first one asked, ‘What material (did he use)?’ The other replied, ‘The skin of the pollen of a male date tree with a comb and the hair stuck to it, kept under a stone in the well of Dharwan.”‘ Then the Prophet went to that well and said, “This is the same well which was shown to me in the dream. The tops of its date-palm trees look like the heads of the devils, and its water looks like the Henna infusion.” Then the Prophet ordered that those things be taken out. I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! Won’t you disclose (the magic object)?” The Prophet said, “Allah has cured me and I hate to circulate the evil among the people.” ‘Aisha added, “(The magician) Lubaid bin Asam was a man from Bani Zuraiq, an ally of the Jews.”

Volume 7, Book 71, Number 660:

Narrated Aisha:

Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle so that he used to think that he had sexual relations with his wives while he actually had not (Sufyan said: That is the hardest kind of magic as it has such an effect). Then one day he said, “O ‘Aisha do you know that Allah has instructed me concerning the matter I asked Him about? Two men came to me and one of them sat near my head and the other sat near my feet. The one near my head asked the other. What is wrong with this man?’ The latter replied the is under the effect of magic The first one asked, Who has worked magic on him?’ The other replied Labid bin Al-A’sam, a man from Bani Zuraiq who was an ally of the Jews and was a hypocrite.’ The first one asked, What material did he use)?’ The other replied, ‘A comb and the hair stuck to it.’ The first one asked, ‘Where (is that)?’ The other replied. ‘In a skin of pollen of a male date palm tree kept under a stone in the well of Dharwan’ ” So the Prophet went to that well and took out those things and said “That was the well which was shown to me (in a dream) Its water looked like the infusion of Henna leaves and its date-palm trees looked like the heads of devils.” The Prophet added, “Then that thing was taken out’ I said (to the Prophet ) “Why do you not treat yourself with Nashra?” He said, “Allah has cured me; I dislike to let evil spread among my people.”


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sir i want to read aout lubaid bin asim more i serche alot aout him but i didnt find any site aout him so pls can u tell me aout him
wich lavel of megician was he ….

allah is my god he can do things that your minds will blow away
say his name with respect


allahu akbar


My Brother Muhammad;

God is English word; now if you ever read the translation of Qulma, which i believe you must have at least once in a life you read; it says….

Their is no GOD but ALLAH.

Isn’t it? If it is; then why ALLAH says their is no GOD but ALLAH? And what does he want to say to us?

!!!!!!!!SUBHAN ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Suhail!
… “no God” .. in arabic is “la elah”..
now in english; there’s no proper word that can be used to refer “elah/elah(a)” which actually refers to the idol gods.. there’s so much confusion bcoz elah and allah sound so much alike… ancient muslims prayed to idol god they called “Elah” and some muslims prayed to “Allah” who was aka “Moon God” or God of moon & stars” (as they couldn’t see) so in their language, they didn’t have a proper word for ‘GOD’; so if people had to mention the word god.. it wasn’t like “My God Elah”.. it would be said just “My Elah..” which meant “My God”
For e.g… kismet = fate ; therefore god = allah.. Allah is not a name… he has 99 names… Allah is to be used instead of word God .. strangely no one gets this simple meaning or logic coz… all the interpretations.. dint crack this one easy code! Allah is telling.. He is the One… (No. 19)

Perhaps the translation could be
La illaha ill allah
“There is no other form of god except the One Allah”

Bi smi llah
“In the name of Allah”

– The word GOD has plural, (GODs & GODDESs, etc) thats why it is said, “There is no GOD but ALLAH.” ALLAH IS ONLY ONE.

– The word GOD has plural, (GODs & GODDESs, etc) thats why it is said, “There is no GOD but ALLAH.” ALLAH IS ONLY ONE.

Allah hu Akbar…

Allahu Akbar my brother

This is good
but doesnt provide much information

The purpose of the incident, that the magic is truly exist, and we must beware of it.

I am not responsible of any Misinformation on those sites :/ you just have to say “Bism’i (a)llah” and read ’em :/

im also suffering from black magic.plz send me hadees related to this

Salam alekum,

Sister Mahwish if you are suffering from black magic then please contact raqis in this site:

it is best site to get cure through islamic way of Ruqya…

May Allah guide us and save us from all the evils of this world..Ameen

dear mahvish,

my wife’s name is mehwish. she is suffering the same but she doesnot disclose an alam have revealed it to me and then many people who can see the jinns or creatures like that. 1st thing i think is that your name has the effect of this bad things coming on to you. you must contact some alam sooner rather then later. or you may contact me once i will have my wife cured.


recite last two surah’s
surah falaq & surah nas

this is a remedy of magic.
allah says in quran surah baqarah ch 2 v 99-101
those who do magic. there is no hisab(calculations of good and bad deeds) in hereafter. in DAY OF JUDGEMENT

Pleas (sister/brother) don’t contact anyone on the internet, anyone who don’t use Quran and only Quran, please don’t deal with them, if your case is very bad, please don’t the self-ruqya because it will be very hard to you to stand it :/

you can use this method :
1- wake-up in the daybreak (Fajr time) and pray the Fajr prayer, with (Al-Baqara 255):1st raq’aa and (Al-Falaq + An-Nas):2nd raq’aa, and pray the Sub’h prayer also with (Al-Baqara 255):1st raq’aa and (Al-Falaq + An-Nas):2nd raq’aa.

2- say the remembrance of the morning, say them all specially (Al-Baqara 255):1 time, and (Al-Ikhlas):3 times, and (Al-Falaq):3 times and (An-Nas):3 times.

3- after you do all Duaa’ of the morning remembrance, now join your hand and close them to your mouth and read (Al-Fatiha)+(Al-Falaq)+(An-Nas), in each verse of it blow on your hands, (Spit without saliva), and then wipe with your hands all you can from your body (I think you must not wipe The visible portion of the human genitals but you have to think in that because I built my view according to The sanctity of the Quran).

4- now I expect it is the Duha time, so you have to pray the Duha prayer, with (Al-Baqara 255):1st raq’aa and (Al-Falaq + An-Nas):2nd raq’aa, and pray the Sub’h prayer also with (Al-Baqara 255):1st raq’aa and (Al-Falaq + An-Nas):2nd raq’aa.

Now, no Jinn or any devil of evil will happen to you or hurt you, so now you can do the Self-Ruqya ,, and read more of Quran, and remember your prayers and the morning Duaa’ ( morning remembrance) and evening Duaa’ (evening remembrance)

1.Fajr Prayer : Two rak’ahs in the daybreak, and this is Mustahabb (recommended but not required) : , { Fajr prayer requires two fard rakaʿāt. In a congregation, the leader of the prayer (imam) recites aloud. However, two sunnah rakaʿāt are highly recommended prior to the two Fard rakaʿāt. }
in arabic Terminology : the two fard rakaʿāt = Subh
and the two sunnah rakaʿāt = Fajr.

2.Subh Prayer : , it’s Obligatory or Fard (

3. the morning remembrance are 16 Duaa’s and all of them are just what the Prophet peace be upon him said :/
read the meaning in English more than one time to understand it, and than do it in Arabic ( the transliteration is above the English meanings) { I don’t know if it is acceptable to do it in english or any other language but I prefer to do it in Arabic the same as the prophet}

4. in the 3rd step you can read more from this ( ) I am not responsible of any Misinformation on any other page :/
in this page they didn’t list all the Hadeeths related to the case. but they provide good ones :/

5. about Duh’a Prayer :

and from here you can find the prayer times :

some of people are just sick and Ignorant and others are know but they are deceiving the people, maybe they are perform Black-Magic in the name of Allah and the use of Quran , i will give you an example :

any one tell you : write Quran and wear it or put it in your cloths , and others tell you : use something as an Ink and write the Quran in a sheet of paper and then eat or drink it and any use of the Quran other than reading and reciting is the work of devils and evil peoples so don’t do what they say.

others will tell you : pray some prayers in some days rather than other days, this is not true, you can use Wikipedia and and and search for prayers there are 5 Obligations and ~5 recommended each day and there is no special prayer for a special day of the week, else the prayer of Friday (Jum’aa) and it is in the place of Duh’r.

Finally use those two websites for more help :
and for any question :

May Allah help you ,

Warning : don’t contact any Raqi who tell you to do, you have to contact just the Reliable one :/

Salam Ala’ykom

my mother in law is suffering frm diabetes plz suggest me cure for it by islamic methods

Recite Surah Fatiha 70 times and blow in a cup of water three times and then drink it.

plz e mail me the remedies

i can break any kind of black magic by help of QURAN & MY ALLAH.
so my any effected brother & sister can conatct me.
my id is (

this site is also very helpful for people who dont know how to get rid of this eveil.
i,ll be thankful if i could help anyone

people from all over the world can break black magic by the help of QURAN AND ALLAH.
if someone wants i can guide him .
its my invitation to evry1 in the world.

Allaho Akbar

sheeraz shaukat –

my family and i have been through some bad times.

can you guide me how I can use the Quran to remove any bad spells or black magic?


The Bible says that Prophet Jesus (PBUH)was tempted by the devil for 40 days, i.e. “Where he (Jesus) stayed forty days, being tempted by Satan.”, that doesn’t mean that Jesus was a bad person, nor does that hadith about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Assalamu alaikum. My brother in law seems to be strugling becos of the effect of Black magic. Can u suggest me how to come out of it in islamic way by the help of Quran & Hadees. Contact me on please.

As Salaam Alaykum,

I would like to know is there a way to know the person who has done black magic.

As far as Quranic knowledge goes I have not come across anything which shows this. Also if it would have been possible to know through some knowledge then Aap Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam would have known (who has done black magic on him), by his knowledge rather than through the dream shown to him by Allah Subhan Wa Ta’ala.

I Also know that coming in contact with a Jinn is Prohibited by Allah. So getting to know about the person who has done black magic through a Jinn is also Haraam.

Then how can this be done, is Salatul Istekhara helpful in this?

Awaiting your kind reply.

Salaam Alayk,

Dear Fellow, with no disrespect to your knowledge,i am sure that Muslims never prayed to idols or even if people did they were not Muslims…please quote the reference. thanks

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