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What color is your heart….red or BLACK?

Posted on: October 13, 2009


For the sake of Allah and HIS animals – WATCH THIS and DO something about it! This is sickening! Share this and tell everyone you know to be KIND and LOVING to ALL animals! This is our duty as muslims and as human beings! THE ANIMALS SUFFER SO MUC…H – they do NOT deserve this cruelty! They need our understanding and compassion, we need to help them MORE!!! May Allah protect, preserve and rescue his animals from all the pain and intense suffering. What color is your heart….red or BLACK? MINE BLEEDS RED WITH ALLAH’S GIFT OF COMPASSION!



3 Responses to "What color is your heart….red or BLACK?"

I have never seen such a cruel and barbarin act in real. This
video made my cry. I am hurt, badly.
Can’t believe humanity can be that worst. Such a lovely animals.
I will always condemn people who wear these fur coats.

This is torture to animals and it should stop. People who have been doing this may you rot in hell.

i did not see this as i am not strong enough to take it. can someone help me to tell me where i can read about animals in the Quran and that muslims must care for them. I cant read arabic so it must be an english reference please. i will appreciate this so much.

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