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what is destiny ( qismat ) Dr zakir naik

Posted on: December 20, 2010

4 Responses to "what is destiny ( qismat ) Dr zakir naik"

Thank you for the full details of this important topic.

i would like to know and learn, what is the difference between Roqiyah and doing Rohani Ilaaj on someone?

A sheikh wants to do Rohani Ilaaj on me, he says he does this treatment in accordance to the Holy Quran and Shariah. He abides striclty to no shirk, no names of Jinn, no duas unless from hadith and ayats only from the Quran if and when used. I also know that he believes you do not need anything which involves the names of Jinn because this may cause more probs.

He will not take money to help someone, he says their duas is a blessing.

He offered to help me with my illness but im scared, im use to a sheikh who does rukiyah. i did not know there is Rohani Ilaaj treatment and still dont understand the difference. i know rukiyah is part of the sunna. but then why do some people have strong belief in Rohani Ilaaj. please expain.

Roqiyah and Rohani Ilaaj is the same thing.

the sheikh i told you that offered to help me, he said he has persmission, blessings and spiritual support from Sheikh Maulana Tahir an Aamil from the UK. He further gets his blessings and spiritual power through his Sheikh – Sheikh AsSayid Hassani Wal Hussayni Maulana Muhammad Nazim Effendi Al Haqqani (Q) from cyprus who is the current Sultan Ul Awlia.

i dont know these sheikhs. but i know when one needs to seek rukiyah, they should ask about the sheikh who is going to treat them. so im trying to seek as much advice as i can before i proceed. do you know these sheikhs or have you heard of them? if not, how can i find out if Aamil treating me, his work is accepted by Allah? i know some people use shirk and majic. as he said he does not, i still have the right to find out more about his work.

Brother in this case i would suggest you to browse for guidance on finding right Sheikh.

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