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What is Jinn’s Possession and its treatment/remedy? Dr Zakir Naik

Posted on: January 7, 2011

3 Responses to "What is Jinn’s Possession and its treatment/remedy? Dr Zakir Naik"

Asalamu Alaikum,
My name is A Razak and I am from Ghana in west Africa.I came to cross thi website and when I ready some of your verses I came to like it and want to know more of it.I am a young guy who now learn spritual thing and will be happy if I can get ome learning from you a well.I want to be strong in jinns,evil and spritual sickness.Aslo want to know much about Ilimul Ramlu.Thank you and waiting to hear back from you.Asalamy Alaikum

Dr. Zakir has no idea or insight into the subject for that matter. Sihr or Magic has been practiced since the day world was born and until the day of resurrection. There are types of Magic from white to the extreme black. The cure may be as simple as what Dr. Zakir says for the low intensity magic and may require proper exorcism to find out the source of magic from the possessing devil or jinn. People should not speak for subject(s) that they do not hold sufficient knowledge of. The two Surahs in the end of Quran are not meant for exorcism, this is very important to note. Dr. Zakir must not misguide people, very upset to listen to his talk – seems to be addressing a kindergarten audience. He should rather practice medicine – his original subject. Making false claims about Quran is a sin.

according to sahi hadeeth in sahi al bukhari zakir naik have given correct answer. we must not criticise him and we should accept he is not moulana but a gift to us from ALLAH

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