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Default Possession vs. Psychosis

Posted on: January 8, 2011

Bilal Phillps has written a book on the issue of Exorcism, and it’s mention in other world religions. Its an interesting book, and impressive explanation of fundamental aspects of faith such as tauheed, kufr and shirk etc.

“Tradition of Exorcism in Islam”

The things you mentioned can be classed into three categories

1. Jinn and Magic
2. Evil eye
3. Psychological illnesses.

In summary, there is no real magic to it, the one who is genuine and ‘qualified’ in the subject would recite Quran for the patient with the intention of ruqya and observe individual’s reactions and body language.

Similar to when you go to the doctors and explain your symptoms, he can tell what illness you have.

Though the reactions to the Qur’an can be subtle, or violet depending in the severity of the possession or intensity of the magic. In the case of subtle reactions, with enough experience the scholar or individual is able tell if a person is affected or not.

And more importantly what the victim is affected with. It’s a skill that is developed with practise and experience. But sometimes those who appear experienced can get it wrong, even more so if they happen to be insincere.

Diagnosing and healing purely by the Will and Permission of Allah and not any special power of the individual.

The issue of magic or jinn is at first quite a confusing matter, even for one who has been doing ruqya for a while.

To simplify matters, the specific type of reactions that occur when the verses to do with sihr eg. 2:102 where Allah (swt) said

“They followed what the Shayatin (devils) gave out (falsely of the magic) in the lifetime of Sulaiman (Solomon). Sulaiman did not disbelieve, but the Shayatin (devils) disbelieved, teaching men magic”

Typically this verse will cause a reaction in people affected with magic, or more specifically, magic of separation.

I have realised from Shiekh Waleed Basyouni that talking about the signs and symptoms of possessions or magic is not something that should be told to the general masses, because we all have a tendency of becoming paranoid and expecting something to happen or something to be wrong.

Truth be told, this whole field is something odd, and becomes more and more weird and abnormal the more one delves into it, since many of the things one will see or experience is unreported by books that I’ve read, but verified by those who do ruqya, scholars and the normal individuals alike.

Anyway, best not drift off the topic.

According to Sheikh Asim Al-Hakeem, who mentioned during a conference that he was afflicted with the evil-eye. Unlike the issue of the diagnosis of magic and jinn (mentioned above) based on the reactions to the Quran, evil-eye is such a thing that does not cause any reactions at all.

Because evil-eye is not linked to magic or jinn, rather its one soul affecting another soul due to envy, jealousy and lack of protection. The effects are instantaneous, give or take.

“And from the evil of the envier when he envies” [al-Falaq 113:5]

“The evil eye is like an arrow which comes from the soul of the one who envies and the one who puts the evil eye on another towards the one who is envied and on whom the evil eye is put; sometimes it hits him and sometimes it misses. If the target is exposed and unprotected, it will affect him, but if the target is cautious and armed, the arrow will have no effect and may even come back on the one who launched it.”
Adapted from Zaad al-Ma’aad.

And the effect of evil eye is such that in most cases will affect the physical aspect of the person.

Like Shiekh Asim Al-Hakeem said that he was playing squash and he happened to be very good at it and one of the members of the audience there was impressed so much so that instead of saying masha Allah, possibly felt envy, until suddenly sheikh Asim Al-Hakeem’s leg swelled up really badly. Having sought medical treatment for it the cause was unknown and in the end he did ruqya for him self using Ayat Al Kursi, washing with the water and drinking it until he became well again.
In the sunnah we find the example of “Sahl ibn Haneef (who) did ghusl, and he was a handsome white-skinned man with beautiful skin. ‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah, one of Banu ‘Adiyy ibn Ka’b looked at him whilst he was doing ghusl and said: “I have never seen such beautiful skin as this, not even the skin of a virgin,” and Sahl fell to the ground. They went to Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came and said, “O Messenger of Allaah, can you do anything for Sahl, because by Allaah he cannot raise his head.” He said, “Do you accuse anyone with regard to him?” They said, “ ‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah looked at him.” So the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called ‘Aamir and rebuked him strongly. He said, “Why would one of you kill his brother? If you see something that you like, then pray for blessing for him.” (Imam Ahmad 15550)

As far as i know you can’t check for the presence of evil-eye with the Quran in the same way as with jinn and sihr because there are no physical reactions.

The final category is psychological illnesses and the same can be said about them. As far as i know psychological illnesses wont cause a reaction either.

So even though a person has many of the symptoms of magic or jinn possession, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are affected by it. The only way to tell for certain is to do ruqya for the person and observe their reactions.
So in the absence of these reactions it is possible that the symptoms and problems a person is facing could be medical or psychological.

I put emphasis on the reactions to the Quran because since the jinns are repulsed, angered and hurt by it, the way they react is very unique and though one can argue they can be faked, one would have to watch jinn possessions and practise the reactions over and over again to perfect them.

Needless to say jinn, evil eye and magic cannot be detected by modern medicine, although some of the physical symptoms such as depression, headaches, irregular movements etc can be recorded but would often be left unexplained or practitioners and experts baffled.

So sometimes a person may display psychological problems on the apparent, tests and examinations will show no results of such illnesses. In situations like this one should wonder if there is something else at work.

It is possible to have a jinn possession and psychological problem at the same time.



Evil Eye

Bilal Philips…/exorcism.html

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send me updates on allthese type of ilms

Salam. If the person still suffers during Ramadan,when the larger syaitans are chained up, would that mean they are not being possessed by jinn and magic?

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