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Child Possession Symptoms

Posted on: January 16, 2011

1. A child may suddenly develop insomnia or fear of sleeping.

2. Spend excessive time in the toilet.

3. Talking to one self in the mirror.

4. Fear of going upstairs alone.

5. Complains of pains constantly, or moving around.

6. Wakes up in the mornings with head ache

7. Might use vulgar language not in line with the normal personality child.

8. Frequent nightmares of snakes, dogs, animals, things or people chasing them.

9. Strange erratic misbehavior and causes mischief, especially once they know something is wrong they keep repeating it as though something encourages them to do it.

10. Hates/ scared of the masjid and mistreats the Quran.

11. Complains of pain in right leg and stomach (at night mostly).

12. See people/ jinns walking around (could be external possession not necessarily internal)

13. Gritting/ grinding teeth in the sleep.

14. Nightmares of falling from high place (could be sihr)

15. Pupil dilating at times- abnormally big.

16. Intense dislike of listening to Quran.

17. Extreme anger and unusual strength

18. Obsession with things of sexual nature from very young age- 7 or 8 etc.

19. Claiming to have imaginary friend who has a name- like charlie, samantha, elizabeth, adam etc (can be external)

20. Child constantly wanting to go to the garden at night or hates coming back to the house for no apparent reason.

21. Hearing voices when awake


5 Responses to "Child Possession Symptoms"

Salaam Sohail Saab

You have included every symptom in the world. You sure you not misssed out any? If you have menitoned the symptoms, also mention the solutions.


I watch a 4 yr old girl who does most of these things and then some. She hits me and her sister, curses at me. When she is mad her voice changes. She will tell me things like “whatever it takes i will get you out of my house” i was wondering if there is anything i can do..

I am an adult and have a teeth grinding problem, what could this be.

There is teeth disorder called TMJ, which is also cause teeth grinding. I would recommend you before predict anything you should first visit Dentist. If everything is perfect and they say there is no sign of medical problem. Then you can think from other perspective.

When I was little I remember I would take a long long to fall asleep at night. I would just lie in bed completely still and watch the fan turning. Recently, I heard my grandmother commenting on how I would always come home from school and go straight to the bathroom and spend a very long time in there. I remember talking to myself in the mirror. I also remember getting extremely extremely angry sometimes for no reason. I would get up at night time so angry and I would go straight to the bathroom and look at my face in the mirror and the face I was making would scare me. I was obsessed with things of a sexual nature when I was very young- just starting school. And I would steal things. I stole many many things and when I think back on it now I have no idea why because growing up, I always had everything. I would be very violent towards other children. Please help me. I’ve been worried for a very long time about why I was the way I was when I was little. Why I did such evil things when no one else in my family was this way? What do I do? I’m very scared. I don’t want to tell my family. They will not take this seriously and I never told them about any of this. My father was not there when I was born, so no one said the adhan or iqama in my ear. Is it possible that when I was born this could have happened?

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