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Signs of Jinn possession

Posted on: January 24, 2011

*1. Feeling a heaviness on the shoulders and/ or head or head ache when standing up for salah.

*2. Feeling a movement (actual movement or like a pulse) or a pain (can be moving pain) or burning (part of the body becoming hot) or pins and needles, numbness, shaking, fear, anxiety when listening to the Quran with ear phones with a loud volume.

*3. Dislike of reading or listening to Quran, urge to turn it off, or agintated and irritated or angry (opposite of tranquility)

*4. Aniexty or fear of going to the masjid or feeling uncomfortable in the masjid or getting head aches or during islamic lectures etc.

5. Dislike of azan.

6. Insomnia (either can’t sleep to very late and just before fajr feeling very tired, or broken sleep)

*7. Nightmares-

Some jinns are black dogs, snakes and lions, rats, carnivorous animals and give birth to the same type of jinns.

Others are flying jinns so u see men flying in the dream, others are earth bound ones but are very ugly so they chase you.

Some take pleasure by causing a person to have a wet dream.

These nightmares will be quite frequent ie. Always seeing one self being chased by a black dog, or a lion, snake or a ugly man.

Seeing a lion caged up.

Seeing a tall bold headed man.

Seeing snakes around you or trying enter the house etc.

Every case is different.

8. Anxiety- Fear of sleeping and fear of dying for no reason. Sometimes at night other times at maghrib time

*9. Urges or thoughts to jump off bridge or commit suicide or go to the park at maghrib time or at night alone!

*10. Hearing voices in the head, sometimes a clear distinct voice.

11. Prefering to keep one self away from family and like to alone.

12. Prefer not to have showers or keep one self clean.

13. Uncontrollable or irrational anger.

*14. Obscene thoughts during salah- pornographic or even kufr things like throwing the Quran.

15. Urge to push people or babies down the stairs.

You will know as soon as you read these signs if they apply to you or not. No need to concentrate and force your self to believe these things apply to you.

The ones with the red astrix * are the ones that need to watch for….

Sihr is almost always accompanied by a jinn possession, so the aboce signs will apply to sihr too.

The only way to find out for sure is to listen to the sihr verses (2:102, 10:81-82, 20:68-71) with ear phone an a loud volume. If you feel any of the feelings like head ache or pain etc its best to get in touch with a raqi (muslim exorcist) to double check your situation.

To be 100% its best to arrange a ruqya session with a raqi who is known and only uses methods that are strictly according to the Quran and Sunnah.


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i have some similar symptoms. its like im lazy. i dont bother to clean up. self and home. an i wake up late for namaz fajar an i miss most of my namaz. i have slight pain in my heart like a pin prick pain. wen i start to pray namaz.
im confused all the time and i dont know what i want.
as ive written about my problem on this site before.— i still have daba at the time wen im sleep in bed. its like the whle forse has hold me an cant move anything. i always have nightmares. that i have to b stoned to death. or some bad guy is trying to chase me. or a handsome man is duin forse wid me in my nightmares. an i wake up in such shock.
ive been praying my whole life and till now non of my prayers hav become true.
does this mean …
i have jinn?
does it mean il go crazy an run around outside?
i dont want this to happen to me. as my child only depends on me.
plz — respond…soon…

Walaikum asalaam,

dear brother, the only way to get rid of jinn is to read Ayathul Kursi whenever u feel these problems. Kindly ask your spouse / children to recite 4 iklaas and 1 ayathul kursi and blow hard into your both ears. Insha allah, every thing will get set right. You please contact Mr. Akram @ 09886850152 who resides at Palamnur.

please send me Mr. Akram Contact, i tried to call the number is not working. He is from where

please all, offer 5 times prayers, and after every furz raka, in dua recite darood shariff, aura fateha, ait ul kursi 3 times or atleast 1 time then 4 qul and then ask whatever u want to from allah and then darood shariff. try to keep yourself in wudo as much as possible along the day. during the day, or in the evening recite ait ul kursi 244 times with start and ending with 11 times darood shariff, you will abruptly notice the changes in yourself, any type of attack on you, either nafs or external will be gone, incase your house is effected or family members, they may be loud due to the aamil, who is now more active, therefore better avoid them and leave for somewhere. read ait ul kursi, the same one and fill a clean bottlle of water and do a “dum” of this water, and make others drink, or sprinkle all over them, drink yourself too.

i was tired , hopless , angry , i lost many frends ,no one like me in this world ,living very depress life. for the past five years i suffering from something possses or its black magic or else. i am happy that i recovered slowly with my own intense (prayers)but i still not able to study, do prayer and go to colleague. what i see clearly i cannot talk to people i am not able to eye contact with anyone i am not communicate with anyway the most worst part i get pain in my private part when i talk. some of my body part have black skin colour. i was suffering from many years.

belive in god allah an if you got a momin i mean ur husband or elder male in house tell him to take u to a peer who is real an take jin out
never go alone to a peer ok

Brother please get in touch with me, my email is please brother I want to help you.

Have intention from the heart to pray to Allah and put all your mind to it and from there Allah will guide you

Assalamu Alaikum,

I beg you to reveal the Islamic source of the information you present here as symptoms of jinn possession. Many of the symptoms you describe are clear signs of mental illness.

Please do not make a mockery of Islam by posting such nonsense. The pioneering efforts of scholars like Ibn Sina in the area of mental health are well known. And it is the like of him who rejected the notion that the symptoms of mental illness you describe are caused by demons (jinns).

Anyone experiencing some or all of the symptoms here should consult with a doctor and be referred to a psychiatrist.

I have written many times if any such symptoms are there than one first need to check Doctor than psychiatrist, if the problems are still there than you need to check with Riqis.

But many Muslims today do not believe on Jinn and Magic if you are also one of them, than I can sorry about your Iman (fath). You are simply denying whatever written in Quran and Hadees.

Br, can u please suggest a Riqi in bangalore and one in Vijayawada or Guntur

you can contact mr faydh in bangalore, renowned Riqi practicing as per quran and sunnah, send across an email to me ill direct you to the concerned person (

There is one Shaikh who does the treatment as per the quran and sunnah which I know off, Alhumdulilah he has found success in many cases. Mr. Faydh is the name of person based out of Bangalore. Send across your details I’ll try to get in touch with him regarding the case, and see how best to arrange for him.

salamualaikum zarra ..i read your coment and i need your help if u cand send me the infor of this shaiku talking about i need hes help cause am going through alot for now ok pls

assalamu alaikum sir don’t listem to those who says that’s mental problem,my own sister is a doctor many of our relatives are doctors i sufferd this simphtoms which u metioned more then 10 years suddently i became like that i was walking on the street and i felt something entered my body my head become heavy like i am drunk,in short after that i got dipression i was abt paralise as all the times there was bluh bluh in my mind ,believe me how could it happen as i was sober when i was walking after that walk i felt vry bad nyte mares snakes death bodies i got it recently that i had to go a mulla who can recite kuraan on me i regret sooo much that i didn’t know and half of my life i spent in desease and sad,i was treated medical tablets and all by yearssss noooo doctor could understand why iam like this majory ,sir i have jinn i feel heat on my stomack and shoulders when i recite and listen to kuraan i start crying voice changes in to a man voice asking to stop it ,sometimes it gets out of my body when i listen to kuraan ,i feel fine but after some hours it gets in i don’t know what to do i have movement in my body in my right hand my stomack,i am really tired plss guide me what to do i pray 5times alhamdu lilah.

dear brother matlub

we can help you come out of your problem, but if you are in india it will be easy to comunicate, because we know a good alim who can cure your problem by the grace of allah. regards

You Have No Idea what you are talking about. You won’t believe it until it happens to you. Once you are possessed by a Jinn, let me know how your visits to the psychiatrists help you. Honestly, I wish somebody does black magic on you. Then go visit a doctor let us know what he diagnoses it as.

lol. true. but I wouldn’t wish black magic on anyone, because it’s not nice, it spoils your whole life, worldly dreams and aspirations you may have had, you miss out on your true potential (for this world). But if your a true muslim it can be a secret blessing in that you become more religious, and finally feel true love for Quran and Islam.

i am always depressed and lonely i always feel like i have got no body and i have a lot of enemies my mum is always ill to please give me somebody’s number who can help me thanks

Asalaamu alaykum. Last night i believe a jinn entered my body. Subhannallah i need help im so scared. I need to knouhen this happens is it always due to someone doing black magic on a person?? Please respond quickly.


please, this is true, all of these things happen to me, jinn’s even take to me and they say that they will not leave me alone. when i go to the docter they say nothing is wrong with me, how can you say that this is a lie? its part of islam…what a shame that people say that they are muslims but they dont follow some parts of it…

can u please tell me how u got rid of the jin,cause got a family member who is goin thru ths terrible thing,plleez help

dear, please offer 5 times prayers and ask all the members of that family, keep yourself in wudo and recite ait ul kursi 244 times atleast once ina day. please stay away from haraam rizk, haraam income, all athe members must recite ait ul kursi 244 times, and also DUM water with this, dont forget to recite darood shariff before and after reciting ait ul kursi, ok. keep your house clean. Inshallah jinn will be gone, and make sure after every furz raka, add ait ul kursi, 4 qul, sura faateha please. and please tolerate the changing tantrums of family members, this is expected, ghusa, rage…abuses….so tolerate them, once the jinn is gone your see everything getting to normal

tried reading ait ul kursi 244 times; I was very tired and slipping in and out of sub consciousness, and having very loose inference thought’s (whispers), but kept going once I felt like I had been awoken abruptly by something; and had to read a previous bead each time, so I only managed 100.

I am fasting; I am experiencing a lot of the symptoms. When I do wadu and get ready for prayer I feel very warm and a serevre headache comes on. I get interrupted when in Salah, and do my rakahs again.

Thoughts about a black dog / animal with red eyes has been coming into my subconsciousness; and when in doing wadu, after I say bismilallah; my thought drift to shaytann! (whispers). And back to Allah. 3-4 months ago, I had a bad dream and saw snakes, and about 1-2 months a really bad dream where I woke up drenched in sweat and frightened.

I don’t usually pray namaz, I do read Quran, but this month I thought I would make a real effort.

I prayed Isha yesterday, and after whilst I was getting ready for toady’s fast my kitchen desktop spotlight went out. I don’t know if it was loose fuse, but sometimes it flickers when the wire slips slightly. However, this month I notice it flickers a lot more.

I have my PC on sleep whilst I get ready for Namaz, and follow a lot of audio reciters; and I went to get a glass of water that I had been sipping. Whilst doing Wadu my PC came on and my Internet page managed to restore itself. I cannot recall whether I brushed it, and put Adhan on; which I usually do when getting ready for namaz. But this time I thought I’d leave it till after I had got Wadu, and to restore the Internet page you have to click on the mouse. All sessions came on at once, and YouTube clips were playing.

This really freaked me out, especially as I live on my own, and a distance from an English Graveyard, which can be seen from my Living room window. I have been there for 4 years and I have never had this experience.

Can somebody help, I am scared to go to bed after I Isha and stay up until after Fajir, and I am very tired so I don’t get up until after Zohar.

My aim is to try and a Quar’an complete this month and 1 left over from last year. I usually use the time between prayers to do this. But now it seems I’m not going to get any sleep and my fear is to fall asleep in Salah or whilst reading the Qur’an.

With the experiences that I ma having, I worried that I wound meet my Objective. As I will be doing extra to fight off the shaytan.


Jinns are mentioned in the Quran, so how can you deny that they exist. A doctor can only help by the will of Allah, Subhanahu Wa’ Ta’ala’s command, and their answer is to usually lock you up in a mental institution. Mental illnesses are caused by Jinn. Those who deny that fact have weak Iman and do believe in Allah, Subhanahu Wa’ Ta’ala.

I was meant to type: do not believe in Allah, Subhanahu Wa’ Ta’ala*

well this is a very interesting topic and true as muslims we have to believe… plus i have been throuhg so much myself in relation jinn issues but cant mention on here

Obviously jin does exist . people should not call this non sense. A person is trying to help the muslims . . so one should mind their languages.

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters the best way in excorcism is self excorcism. Just recite surah baqarah daily urself! Inshallah shifa wil b provided by the grace of allmighty Allah. Aameen! Jazakallah

15. Urge to push people or babies down the stairs

AlA.Jinn exists,As z mentioned n Quran and Hadiths.One who refuses their existence…refuses Quran and Hadiths.And one refuses Quran and Hadiths is not a muslim.various psychic symptoms can be the manifestatins of various organic diseases of our nervous system,So best consult first ur doctor.When he ruled-out organic brain diseases,then meet authentic ricis.Jazakalla hu khair.


Pls could you help me, I feel symptoms simillar too…………
While praying I feels like snake is around sometimes on my right side or on my backside and I fears so much whlie praying..
As soon as I finish praying I found nothing around.
What would be the reason….Pls help me I am very much worried…

Thank You

start reciting ait ul kursi every day, 244 times staring with darood shariff 11 times. and blow it on yourself, sprinkle the water in your room, things will be gone, the day youll do it, i hope u dont have any haraam money coming in your house from anywhere.

I havn’t got harram money but I am paying ribaa on my mortgage. Does that matter?

YES,riba is sood,”soodlainay wala, dainay wala, dono allah k khilaaf jung kurtay hein”

Simply keep yourself in wudo, stop haraam incom,e including riba, pray 5 times, then after each furz rakat, in dua, darood shariff, sura fateha, 3, to 5 times ayat ul kursi, 4 qul, then ask anything from allah, in the end darood shariff. if u can manage, then only recite ayat ul kursi 244 times, if not, then 101 times is enough, and even this you cant do, then 21 times, plus last ruko of sura baqara 3 times, 4 qul 3 times, sura fateha 3 times, , paanu pay dum kurein aur khud bhee peeyein, ghur walon ko pilaaein, saaray ghur pay dum kurein, aur khuda k liyay, riba aur na jaiz income say buchein. dushmani khatum kurein aur logon say muaafi maangein, Bus koee kitna bhee bura kuray, ussay app muaaf kur dein, kisi say budla nahi laina, muaaf kurtay jein, kuraty jein, aur koee baat kitni he burri lugay, huns k taal dein.

Well after reading the above i feel that some people really need to watch what they say and not jump to conclusions or take things the wrong way… if some one is giving advice or the signs and symptoms of jinn / sehr etc… then one should take that into account (End of the day Allah swa knows best). there are people out there who have been through this experiance for real and need help or advise as in to cure them selves so people with not enough ilm / knowledge may learn something but having said that we should try for our selfs to gain the knowledge through quran with translation and hadith and to try ask Allah for help through prayer… inshallah everything will be ok if Allah wills.

assalamu alaikum
can some one help please i am very confused, some times I have some weird dreams which i don’t want to talk about them it might be from shaytan Allah knows best , but what i don’t understand is when i realizing that am dreaming and try get get up i feel my whole body getting paralyzed and i have to fight to get up, some times it works, but most of the time they are stronger than me and the only way i could defeat them is by seeking refuge in Allah, one thing i have learned is when i say audhu billahi minash shaitan rajeem it doesn’t harm them what so ever, but when i say shahadah they leave me alone.

When i get paralyzed i can not open my eyes and my mouth so the only way I seek refuge in Allah is by my mind. there was once when i got paralyzed and i was fighting to get up i felt a woman hands holding my body and i thing she was inside me she wasn’t allowing me to get up and in another dream i thing i saw her she didn’t look like a human being , anyways some time i get up from sleep and i see my self running from my room , i know am running from something that’s scary but i can not remember what it is, one thing i have experienced lately is I even get bad dreams when i sleep in a day.

In another dream i was removing jinn from a friend’s body by reading some verses from the quran and then i started wrestling with the jinn at the end the jinn decided to gave up and he told me that he was going to leave but before he left he told me that my whole family was possessed through a book i was surprised, there was a question i wanted to ask him and the question was why do i have bad dream and get paralyzed but he ran away, when i got up my arms was hurting it felt like i was lifting some weights

And this is that i have experienced

a black dog jumping on me , a man wearing a motocross helmet when you look at him properly his got a lion head, a women whose wearing niqab hiding in my room i only saw her once and she paralyzed me , i have dreamed of me going mad many of times and i have a wet dream.

*10. Hearing voices in the head, sometimes a clear distinct voice.
13. Uncontrollable or irrational anger.

*14. Obscene thoughts during salah- pornographic or even kufr things like throwing the Quran.

Anxiety- Fear of sleeping in a day and fear of dying for no reason. Sometimes at night other times at maghrib time.

used to thing of committing suicide or doing something stupid to put my self in a hospital or go to the park at maghrib time or at night alone.

I talk to my self in the toilet but in a way where people don’t hear me and laugh in a toilet and make some funny faces.

feeling heavy on the shoulder and the chest.

cant stop worrying.

so please am very confused can some one tell me what the problem is or could give me some advice…………..jazakallah khair.

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu akhi.

I would say have a Ghusal bath every Morning or evening, and do not forget to wash after going to the toilet each time. Many men are still going to the toilet while standing, I don’t know if this applies to you also but, It is Sunnah to sit down while urinating, to prevent any filth clinging to you. Jinn hate clean people, and love dirty places and people. Do not forget to recite the Du’a’s on entering and leaving the toilet always. We have been told to recite these Du’a’s for a reason.
Keep saying Shahada as you have been doing, as said this helped you in the past, as well as reciting A’udhu Billah Minash Shaytan ir Rajim. Recite Ayatal Kursi. and do not stop reading the Quran as much as you feel the urge not to, don’t stop reading it.

I suffered problems where I felt so so sleepy when I really wanted to read the Quran. It happened to me every time. I could read any book and stay awake no effort, but with the Quran, It was becoming impossible. My eyes would be forced to close, with a deep feeling of intense tiredness, I would eventually then fall asleep.
I believe this is Jinn also. A’udhu billah. Don’t read the Quran while laying down or you are in a relaxed position, if you have the same problem I had. Reading in open fresh air is really good, or while on a bus or car journey.

Playing Surat Al Baqarah throughout the house daily, is good too.
and keep your house filth free. vacuum and mop up the house with cleaning products often. Especially the Kitchen, bathroom and toilet, so it is really clean. Don’t forget to use Du’a with everything you do akhi, Dressing, eating, sleeping, etc.
I agree with one of the comments that was made here. Curing yourself with Du’a and faith in Allah, Subhanahu Wa’ Ta’ala, is the best way to return from this set back.
In sha Allah, Ta’ala, I really hope things improve for you. I will make Du’a for you. But please try and do these things, In sha Allah, Ta’ala.
BarakAllah feek akhi.

Bhai, salaam, this happened with me, dont worry. just follow:
1. First keep yourself clean.
2. recite ayat ul kursi as much as possible.
3. You will not yourself easily go for namaz.
4. which ever namaz u get, in dua, start from darood ibrahimi, sura fateha, 1, or 3 times ayat ul kursi, 4 qul, dua, and darood ibrahimi and then amin.

I am telling u a simple way which would automaticaly push u to salaat. Ok. Once u have started, then dont miss Isha prayers, ok,rather than sitting and watching TV, the moment u feel lazy, again start reciting ayat ul kursi, and in few moments you will yourself stand and go for namaz, and so much so, u will notice your favourite TV programme will be gone, due t any reason, the more you recite ayat ul kursi, allah tallah forms a hisaar around u, and blocks every things which prevents u from meditation, or even good actions.

Just follow, and see results. Ok, I always say, STOP CHATTING ON NET, STOP RIBA,, bring home clean income,

The ultimate solution is,”recite ayat ul kursi as much as possible, in less than 5 days, you will be a new man, if u recite 244 times in one go, You will take a new birth”

salaam i have been having sleeping paralysis for many years now,but in the past 2 years i have been having paralysis with a wet dream in it,im like half awake and i feel something pressing on my private it hurts alot,,is this a jinn?

Yes it could be. you should visit a nearest raqi as soon as possible.

Salaamu Caleykum Dear brothers and sisters….I dont knw if i am possesed or not. I feel really confused at times and sometimes i feel like ive lost my mind in a way (mentally ill) when i find myself doing something stupid or doing something to someone These are my symptoms:
Lazy (Not wanting to study or work)
Talking to myself alot (Toilet or anywhere else) not that i let people notice me but softly.
Addicted to Alcohol once but stopped but now Addicted to drugs. Jazakala khair

Bhai, i have read. Just read my comments, recite ayat ul kursi s much as possible. Even when u work on computer, do listen audio of ayat ul kursi recited by qari abdul basit, and last ruko of sura baqara by hassan bin abdullah.

The day your tears will fall from eyes after listening to qirat, your heart, soul and body will start cleansing.

Everytime i start a habit,i cant stop it for some reason..
I get frightend sometimes for no partically reason. Very worried sometimes and other times depressed. Up to an extend of suicidel thoughts,but never thought of really doing it. I sometimes rather like to be alone. I live with my family but i am excluded from the social bond of the family coz i do drugs. Lately i feel things are getting worser and worser. I became numb and my heart turned cold. I say bad things about the religion in front of my mom

Mostly i really,really regret what ive just said in front of my mom. She even cries sometimes from the pain i caus her(May Allah(swt) forgive me) and i feel nothing. A year back i would feel really sad and horrible if that would happen. My dear brothers and sisters in islam, Ive never talked about this to any one in my life. Not even to the closest family or friends thinking that they would think ive lost it or something.
Please help me Jazakale khair

salamu alaykum i got married in 2004 in bangladesh after my marrige broke in uk i went to bangladesh and married my cousin sister and after my marrige i feel dizzy all the time i cant work feel tierd all the time and have headaches and feels like my head is jamed all the time i saw a black snake in my dream aswell i cant sleep at night i get about 3 4 hours sleep in 24 hours i have been to doctors in bangladesh and got my self checked out n they say i am fine i do pray to be honest i cant really pray fajr n all the time i want to be alone and dont like the light at night just wana keep my self to my self i have been to some imams in bangladesh n they say i have sihr on me i do read ayatul kursi n ikhlas falaq naas i dont feel any change please someone advise me

also i have arguments with my wife all the time n my head is hot all the time and day by day my anger is getting stronger n stronger when i come to uk i cant stay here i feel uneasy and feel dizzy nearly other everyday

Salaam. I have some of the symptons. And i also hear his voice. He tells some things and they come true. But he doesn’t tell me everything because he is a Muslim and he says he believe that Allah is all knowing. Not that i ask him. Have you notice the jinn a “he” because he hasnt told me his name yet. I havent told my mum or husband yet. Im scared they are gonna call me mad. I told my aunty she believes me. is there really a jinn or im mad? I used to read namaz abd the Holy Qur’an before i got married. Now i dnt bother. I feel lazy and depressed. I get angry nost of the time. Mashallah i have everything.Allah give me kind husband, a beautiful house.Allah also blessed me with a daughter and a son. But why do i feel jealousy and angry. My suster recently got married. She made beautiful bride and had a got a good wedin mashallah. I didnt have a good weding. But why im i jealous of her. i should be hapy for her. I myself im blessed everything mashallah. Why do i feel depressed ? Is it because i have a jinn or an i going mad? Please someone reply back. Sorry if i bored u. Allah hafiz

Salaam, I have also made my mum upset and cry most of the time. But i cant help myslf. I get angry and cant control my temper. I feel so guilty.

Selamun aleykum ,dear sister,

first to see if you have cin read the book :Vikayetul insan minel cinni vesseyatin of Vahid Abdesselam Bali , there is good explained this subject. To protect your self you have to do Ruqya on your own or anyone else to you.

My experience is this is a very havy and long job , which could be take several months.

Otherwise your problems could be too pischiology problems.
Sometimes you need to go to an doktor.

I have met cin almost since 15 years yet, to be free of cinn there is specialists (real good sheiks who does rukya with only Quran who can help you at one day ) , find such a sheik.

At you tube you can see real good RUQYA to listen , but reading self or readed by an sheik is better.

i wish you luck.

best regards.

halil uysal (turkish man , the netherlands)


dear sister noor,
women normally like to have the best of all and it is a part of woman nature to be jealous of something which she does not have or had, do not get confused that you have a jinn, your very normal keep your self busy or concentrate in some work.
gradually your depression will be out

I have sum of these symtoms .pins an nidles feel lazy sleep very late cant sleep have vnightmares .wet dreams .i see dogs snakes lions dead ugaly men fajar time feel sleepy an mis most of my namaz I have some heart problems an my legs back shoulder feel neck feel heavy .an ma pulse keep puping an something always touches me an some time I become ungreateful get confused an I stil get daba at times an during salah I get bad thots headacks everything .dnt no wat to du .couple of years a go somebody did jadoo on me .an plz help me there are many oda things aswel .ameen I feel something is wid me

Brother, I would suggest you to go for a GOOD raqi as soon as possible. The symtopms shows you have Black magic on you.

assalamu-alikum…..i have recently passed my exams of pre-engineering,,and i was very well before that,i was happy…but its been one and half month i dont know whats going on with me,,intially stages were,, I got very bad depression with no reason,then to get rid of this i tried to sleep a lot to avoid this,,then while sleeping i got jinn dreams(starring me)(then other night black snakes around my bed)then other night a big snake like a (cobra) (chasing me) and then again black snakes on my feet)after that in my dream i was taken to a masjid and a imam tried to read quranic verses on me and suddenly i got up from my dream…after having these dreams i am having headache all the time means heavyhead cant concentrate whats goin on,cant sleep if i got sleep raise up just right before the fajr…i am very scared….cant sleep easily always getting up after 1 or 2 hour sleep in night…..please read thiis and tell what is my problem…plz.plz.waiting for your reply…..assalamu alikum////////

Brother you seems to be effected with Black Magic. I would recommend you to find good raqi, and get proper treatment. Meanwhile you can do the following things;

1. Recite 4th Kalma 100 times morning and night
2. Pray Salah five times in Mosque
3. After every farz salah recite Ayat ul Kursi
4. Recite Ayat ul kursi and last 3 surah’s of Quran in morning and magrib and bed time
5. Recite Surah Baqarah daily if you can recite complete good otherwise even few surah is also enough, and also keep listening Surah Baqarah
6. Recite Manzil morning and Night
7. Download and Listen Ruqya, MP3, which i have already shared.

I do have many of the symptoms listed above and need help ive been suffering for years now … But cant find a raqi suitable I read namaaz daily and manzil daily and quran followed by other surahs to protect my self but still problems are there even though over the years they have calmed down a bit but the jinn iis still disturbing me in many ways …

Wow! So many people have such problems, it’s surprising!!!
May Allah(subhana wa-ta’ala) be merciful towards all of you & forgive our sins.
Read Surah Baqarah or have it play loud enough in your house so that the voice of the recitation reaches all corners of the house.
Read Surah Ikhlas, Surah Falak & Surah Naas 3 times each before going to bed, when waking up in the morning & in the evening.
Try saying your prayers 5 times a day.
Play or read Surah Yaseen & the Ayaital Kursi.
Allah(subhana wa-ta’ala) IS the Greatest & He(swt) will surely come to your aid.
It is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in the words of Allah(swt) Himself; when a person calls out to Allah(swt) just once, He(swt) replies “Labbaik Ya Abdi” meaning “I am here, my slave” 70 times! Indeed Allah(subhana wa-ta’ala) is the greatest & most compassionate.
I will pray for all the people who have posted here.
May Allah(swt) guide us all.
JazakAllahu Khyran.

There is no power but Allah, no magic is more powerful than the words of quran, Yes magic is real, jinns are real, they exist, evil exists but are not powerful than your faith….get close to Allah. Offer your prayers five times a day, read quran daily and keep up to other islamic duties and if something comes use one of the special wazifa to get cure and with the blessing of Allah you will be fine

assalam alaykum
inshaallah let us ponder over what we read and also what we say/write a bit more
these issues are sensitive…
why just assume things or speculate things while things are there already clear just to take in and understand
may Allah give us iman and hidaya
AS for being possesed by them or looking for sighns etc there are so many beautiful authenticbooks dedicated to this topic inclding blackmagic etc
inshaAllah find AUTHENTIC ONE WITH EVIDENCES AND PROPER WRITERS .the topic is really interesting.personally i am keen to be aware due to incidences unexplainable eg knowin foreighn language by somone who doesnt speak that language .cud this be a possesion from jin?!?
people need help and true correct advise
yes peoples experience is extreemly important in these issues because they understand best what they are going through…
talk to them and link the situations if they add from yor best of knowledge wot you know an read up esp also with descriptions simiar to others experiences chances are they are justifiable
please miuslis use yor intellect wisly as you are truly blessesd as

muslims,remember we will be questioned esp what you know and even had chances to find out.its a beautiful oppertunity maashaALLAH
dont let shaytan cause you whispers and wrong suggestions so avoid douts espo from non muslims or lost people god save us all from that.
thanx for patience of reading my post.Allah almighty god bless u.

Brother’s I really need help, most of the symptom apply to me I really need an advice my whole life is ruining before my eyes, and i feel like everything is going past me, time everything and i cant keep up with reality, If i pray something is my mind telling me all sort of thoughts, swearing, sexual things, if i read the qur’an something in my mind tell’s me to not read it, and i cant stop it i feel like someone is structuring me but i cant help but to follow those ordering, i only notice it after i commited the action i was told, my mind is soo deluded i feel am making all the wrong mistakes. i feel heaviness in my head, in to my thoughts i cant think properly everything i think of is late, or the wrong decisions i make, I feel like there’s so much weight, in my academic i’m currently in my final yr doing computer science and i got both got 2:1 in my first yr and 1`st in my second yr, but my final yr so far has being a disaster, i cant stop lying to myself, whenever i lie to people, i keep on doing it, i try my best but then i see myself lying to someone then i realise i just lied, to the point i even lied to my supervisor about my project i told him i finished when i havent this is going out of control i talk to myself, i wake up 6am walk around my living room talking to myself, i even punished myself after my exams, every exam i had i messed it up i could not revise, for two weeks i have locked myself in my house in order to revise for my exams but i couldnt i keep finding ways to distract my self, whether is facebook, youtube, or to talk to myself, and as i read the books nothing going to my head because my head is like controlled by something, my attention isnt there, BROTHERS PLEASE HELP ME OUT, am at the point of total self destruction, GIVE me some advice before its too late, i have being having so many suicide thoughts, because i have nothing left in my live other than my degree which i am pretty sure i will fail even though i am one of the best students in term of grades for the first two yrs

Brother, I am not Raqi, i will recommend you to go to some good raqi in your area/city. Meanwhile you should do the following things;

1. Keep yourself all the time in the state of Wadu
2. Start praying Salah on time in mosque
3. Start reading Quran with Meaning but read slowly
4. Start playing/listening Ruqya ( i already posted)
5. Read Black Magic Duas (i already posted)
6. Read Manzil morning and evening, blow on water, and spray water on your body
7. Keep doing Dhikr all the time
8. Read suplications day and night for protection.
9. Read 4th Kalma 100 times in morning

InshALLAH you will be protected by the will of ALLAH.

Thanks brother. I HAVE being praying and listening to ayatul kursi none stop and i feel bit better i woke up early which i never as i always think none stop about random things. again thanks brother for the kind reply. i will recommend a good raqi.

Thanks brother, i feel a lot better, i have being praying, although not on time for some, I have being listening to ayatul kursi none stop and i feel better to a certain extend thank you brother for the kind respond. much appreciated.

I was attacked by a jinn in my mother’s womb, somehow bef i was two yrs old i wouldn’t try to talk i somehow till i was given holy water. Then i developed a phobia of staying alone at a room whether it had lights or not. I’m not mostly ignorant but i lose attention at class at times because my thoughts go elsewhere without my supervision and at times its i get nightmares i didn’t normally had reason for. Am not a fool either , my mother had a history wid jinn when she lived in villages as she was a victim on an attack.

Guys, I NEED help please! I used to be a firm believer in allah swt until one day I thought “there is no god” OUT OF NO WHERE! ever since then I can’t get it out of my mind. I literally can’t. I feel like I have a block in my mind and there is no way of getting good thoughts into my mind about Allah and islam. I feel helpless because I used to believe allah 100% until this random thought! It takes me forever to fall asleep because I think of death. I am scared of the thought that say I went to heaven, that I’d meet the Prophet and his family. When I pray, my shoulders feel heavy that I have to put my hands on my hips. I get bad thoughts while I pray. what do i do to get rid of these thoughts? how do I become a firm believer of islam again! I know that islam is real but i literally feel like there is a block in my mind that I cant believe it.

MAY GOD help you .but my advice would be when you are alone just think about your self and think that there must be someone very powerful and he is the biggest creator and he created your body and brain and look at your surrounding and try to talk to someone who is a strong believer ..and recite sorah IKHLAS ..

all what this people is saying is the truth, i have experience all this, am still the victim, i will ashame of myself, i have great skills, i have travel all over the world, am a strong brother of islam, and i believed in allah and muhamed saw. who ever dont believe in jinn, u dont belief the saying of quran, i slept with this experience and i work,

I have the problem of thinking of a really nasty thought regarding our beloved prophet (pbuh) when it comes into my head i immediately ask Allah to help to stop me from thinking and i stop. I cannot control or stop these sudden thoughts coming into my head and which can occur anytime. I have had two beautiful dreams of the prophet but when i get these thoughts it really upsets me and makes me want to stop my prayers. I also used to have a dream in which i was always outside on the floor alone, and i couldnt move my body but im awake in the dream. Please advise me on how i can stop these thoughts. Jazakallah

salma i have gone through a very difficut time and with me i used to hear voices at 3:00 am every day and when i tried to sleep someone just touched my feet and i used to hear two men with a very strange language speaking and they were trying to enter in my room and i was on my bed and i was trying to move but i could,nt and my eyes were open and when i tried to recite quraan my tongue got stuck like a stick but i started to recited quraan in my heart and when i said BISMILLAH my tongue got soft and then i started to recite QURAAN fast and loud and then i felt better and i stood up and after some days my hubby said that he is hearing some one is talking very loud but so many other things were there.and i am kinda brave person because of my believe in ALLAH and his power…but i contacted a buzurg and they said some one has sent jinn in your house to disturb your life and they want to see to dead…and i used to dream about an ugly witch and snakes,dogs,rats,roaches,spiders, and so many times i saw some women is just sitting right outside my door and she was doing magic on koyla and they were so red and she was trowing them in my in short he suggested me to leave the house as soon as possible ….and he made dua for me and and by the grace of ALLAH nothing is there ..but still i and my hubby dream that some men are trying to break the door and they are trying to enter in my house but they could not …khuda har kisi ko apni hifazat main rakhey or har buri nazar walon se bachaey ameen..or aap surah bqarah gahr main lagaya karain computer pe hi laga dain khuda sab behtar karey ga ….woh buhat bara hia or us key agey kisis ki nahi chalti ….

sadly in todays world many so muslim communities have turned the subject of jinn and black magic into a joke and all kins of fake chalatan peers have emerged who seek to expoit this. The other extreme is that some “forward thinking fellows” in the muslim communities state there is no jinn posession and that the symptons described in the main article are just symptomatic of mental illness and thus require a visit to a psychiatrist and not reference to koran and sunnat.
I speak from personal experience without reference to the koran and sunnat that I experienced for many years some of the symptoms in the main article which i steadfastly ignored as I knew they were some form of evil. It was only when years later i started practicing the islam i had previously only been taught as a child, that I realised these sympotoms and the suggestion of these images and thoughts to me at random times were not something in me, but the evil jinn and shaitans whisperings of wiswaswas……So in conclusion koran and sunnat and reciting ayatul kursi and praying to allah swt for help are the answer. In such an answer if one can find a reliable pious islamic authority to push us towards these steps than that is good also.

Listen people, Jinn do exist but so does mental illness. Unfortunately, people with mental illness are easily attacked by Jinn – they often take advantage of a sick person to possess them, especially if they are weakened by their illness. Most times it is not a clear cut case of only Jinn possession. You will need to do some background checks into famiy history and see if anyone has a mental condition and whether it is genetic. Mental illnessess can range from anything from a learning disability, Autism to full Psychosis. A person suffering mental problems will most of often need both the specialist help of a doctor and a Imam. Knowledge is the key to fighting mental illness and/or possession, don’t rule out one or the other until you have carried out proper research, have had numerous professional and Islamic opinions given to you – don’t act out of ignorance or you could hurt yourself or someone you love and then you are responsible for this – ignorance is not an excuse in Islam. IF you love your sanity or want to help someone you love, approach this topic with knowledge and patience, sometimes an illness also happens because a vulnerable person is being abused and they need help getting away from the oppressor (be it a husband, father, mother, wife etc,,) – so do not think it is as simple as reading a checklist as above and then applying Ruqiya only. The whole lifestyle of that person will need to be looked at and some honest self examination made, which more than often will lead tothe whole family dynamics needing to be changed – the fault is not always with the sick person. It could be because a good person is living with unIslamic people. It is a long struggle overcoming mental illness but one that can be won. But it is also a very complex illness. And Allah (S,W.,T) knows best. Salaam,

Salam sis i dont know if this is the right place to leave a comment but i think i am being bugged by jinn but not sure.i am a convert for 13 yrs now and the past 8 yrs i have been feeling bad.all i think about is going out to night clubs and partying and i perfer to listen to music instead of quran,when quran is on loadly i feel scared for no reason i also latley been feeling a burning feeling in my feet that happend twice in 1 week and aslo i hav found bruseson my body that i have no idea how it got there,its a big issue for me to have intercorse with my husband even thogh i will but i feel angry when he come to me .i feel angry all the husband seems to be the target,when he trys to tell me something that will benifit me i get real angry and feel very irritable.i am scared of my house i feel theres always someone watching me.i constantly think about leaving him please tell me whats wrong is this medical or jinns

Dear brother take my salaam. im not sure all about those symptoms but thing is for last few weeks one of my cousine is acting wired. her mother’s uncle died few days back he also went there. he is five years old. after that day he is not talking to anyone normally. always talking about several kind of ghosts.
i talked with him he was telling me ghost came to him.
he can see him
that ghost has four fingers
after that day he cannot study.
his weight lost 2 kg’s in just 2 week
and many more.

i will be highly obliged if you can help me about this matter as soon as possible.

from Dhaka, Bangladesh,

I have most of these symtoms from the very beginig but never belived taht all the horror nightmares were from devils, however now i can hear their voice inside my head and i see things that others dont these voice abuses and curses me and every Muslim they made me do things that i didn’t even knew i was being manipulative by such evil creatures they used me like a puppet against other people around me. anger sorrow and sadness is the only thing that felt from very beging i cant feel any happiness how do counter it???

Mr.Shaikh the instructions you provided are they effective enough and do i need to do them for the rest of my life? I need to know cause i live in Bangladesh, Dhaka and don’t know where to find a good Raqi around.

Yes, with the will of ALLAH it will.

Hi,one of my close friend have jinn,but she dont know,when jinn coming in her body,she feel asleep,she is married,she having three beautiful children,she said she never slept with her husand,when ever she plan to ,she felt a day her face had bruce when she awake in morning,she asked her husband what happen to my face,he said dont u remember,u fall down in toilet,he told her u wake up,u had tea with,then u went toilet vomit and fall down.I took you to bed.I am feeling so sorry for her,any way to help her.I think her husband lose in intrest in her too.

Hey I am 18th years old and I am a girl I have been facing this from many years! I don’t know anything about reading hands but when i tried it was all right and I don’t know what was happening to me! And still now I can see things and it comes automatically in my mind ! Seems like I have someone around me I pray 5times a day.. I know reading hand is a sharik and I never wanted to do that but when I tried although I was trying to fool few of my college friends but it turns into a reality! Please guide me am I thinking to much or something is happening to me! The symptoms you have given few do happened to me :) please help I’ll be waiting for your reply

Kudha Hafiz

And one more thing I am always lazy! Weather it comes for walking like a second I don’t! What is it? Reply soon

Please reply

dear mahnoor
you say, your saying has come true, could you kindly tell about me. I willl tell if your problem

Whatever I say or predict I can even feel what is coming whenever some one tell me something on the phone (a lie) I can easily guess it even it comes in my mind automatically and I don’t know how! I can feel everything which is coming towards me! Can you tell me please what is it!

I feel some movements in my sick when i try to read a book or start using a computer. I have lost interest in reading books. My eye keeps on shaking for even a full month. I make noise at night with bad dreams. Something pressing me. I feel hotness under my feet. I’ve gone for malaria, typhoid and Brucella diagnosis and no disease has been found in me yet i continue suffering. I listened to the Quran and i feel better but when i leave it comes back.when i take ablution i feel my stomach full of air to be released, therefore i can not maintain wudhu for more than 30 minutes without passing out the wind. I can finish a whole month without feeling any sexual desire yet iam a man aged 30 years old. I need your help

aslm alykm sheikh. i send my question yesterday but i have not received any reply

that my comment is waiting moderation? i dont understand

Can anyone help me with these voices i hear it started when i had cleaned a head of a goat from the Masjjid strange things began to happen around me. I began to think about things around me automatically my eyes cannot stand on same sight they begin to move as some thing is forcing it to move in opposite direction, i hear voice in my head all day and night this voice told me that he is gabriel(a.s.) when i heard it for the 1st time but never believed it then they accused me of being dajjal and antichrist they and i rejected it then these devils and jinns played a very very hilarious drama with me these voice told me that i will become the next Kazab or fitna i used to feel like fire burning my body and stomatch. I can hear 3 voice 1 coming from my head and 2 from right and left they told me that they are former Kazab sent down on me for punishment from God one told me that he was Miraza Qadiani’s soul and other were yosaf kazab and Musilma Kazab. they kept me in play like a puppet i cant even explained what i saw with my own eyes illusion of arrows comming from skies on and didn’t even scrached me I used to hear a specific voice that told me it was the soul of dajjal that will enter those who will be choosen as the Masi kazab this is a long story but in the end i found out that this is all doing of devils and jinns the effect of magic has been cured at small level by an Amil but i still can hear voice in my head and cant even concentrate on thinking about things i do. Need urgent help.

Please let me know if you find any solution. As my wife is in same situation (hearing voice in head and cannot concentrate about other things)

assalomu alikum va rahmatullohi va barakotuhu,AHMED bhay i had and still i have this prob i can understand ur wife i didn’t know that it’s just bcoz of jinns i thought i am going crazy that’s why it’s happining i cant consentrate too but u know what i am doing is get some prayers on ur phone use ur headphone play the prayers and let ur wife to lie down and close her eyes don’t let her to open her eyes and she should to listen to those prayers after sometime she will feel bad don;t be afraid of let it be just continue she will start crying don’t remove the headphone let it play ,if she will start crying it’s not ur wife the jinns is crying ,you see?the jinn will speak up if u will talk to it,ask (her,him)what is it doing in wife and why?ask him or her to leave ur wife say otherwise you won’t stop the prayer to play ,but be carefull sometimes they say that they r leaving ur da human but they cheat ,ok ?have you got what i said?

AOA, My wife behaviour changed since last 6months. She always speak about that she hear singing voices in her mind, she always curse her childerens in mind due to which she is very upset.
She is almost mad and everyday begging me to protect her to becoming complete mad. I showed her to many doctors but no positive result.
Please let me know that what should I do?

I’m reading Quran Surah Baqra(sometimes) and Manzil nearly everyday and Alhamdulliah it’s very effective against this situation Read Manzil everyday make an amulet of Manzil for hanging in neck. tell her to read Aoz-billah when she feel anger or chill feelings

I think there is something dark inside of my husband. Can anyone help me I can’t take it anymore

he is not into himself, therefore no need to get angry, rather, recite ait ul kursi 244 times at stretch, blow it on water, put it ina clean bottle and make him drink or, make it sprinkle on him, then, every day after fajar prayers, recite darood ibrahimi 11 times, ait ul kursi 11 times then again darood ibrahimi 11 times, then blow it on your husband, and during the day, any time, whenever u see him, recite ait ul kursi 7 times starting and ending with darood ibrahimi 11 times and blow on him, your see the difference very soon, but, please tolerate his tantrums, please, and please do recite sura baqarah aya 102 every day loud, last ruqu of sura baqara every day and blow it on water and sprinkle this water in house…do add the ait ul kursi u have recited 244 times in it as well..drink it yourself too.and try to give away haraam rizk, haraam money as soon as possible, give away alcohol if it is in the house at the soonest, Jinn loves being in places where there is haraam, haraam of any type or sort.

I will try that … He also runs away when it is time for salaah especially maghrib what can I do about that?

assalomu alikum va rahmatullohi va barakotuhu,sir,i have problem ,i have those troubles which u’ve mentioned of i am possessed by jinns and can’t get rid of them they r boys they trouble me every time when i go to sleep i can hear their voices every time they talk on my head i prayed myself by a mulla 4sometime i felt good but later i got this prob again they tried to kill me when i prayed myself killing by choking me when i was sleeping,my shoulders are heavy my brain is not quite feeling anxiety i breath wrong what to do plss help me to get rid of them,they like darkness if i turn of the light when i sleep they bother me my stomach gets heat it’s weird sir pls give me ur personal e mail so that i will write u or u help me plssssss

Asalamulakum my name is Mohd Akber Ali i am frm Hyd, my marriage was occured in 2012, my wife always dislikes me she beets me n also she used abusing words towrds me infront of all she dont want to stay at my place not more then 5 to 6 days n she will stay 10 to 15 days in her mohters house whenever i go to her place she will not come to meet me even her dad tolds she will not come
even she cant pray namazs cant read Qhuran n she also cant take baths for 2 to 3 weaks even she has mensus also she will be like this only if any body told her to take bath n pray namaz n read qhuran, he/she is the close enemy of her she also used abusing word to my parents n she cant sleep in the nights before fajr namaz she sleeps n woke up at 1pm she will also me do sex with her so many times she told me that she dont like me she dont have a love with me she is not int in me so she wants khula now my family members also want that i has to divorce to her but i dont want to dis a i love her a lot n i will do what ever for her is she has a asar of anything or she is doing this with her willing few days aftr marriage she very happy with me n my parnts aftr that she started this why she is doing this as i am very much tension always thinking y this hapns to me n their parients/bros/sis or also worried for her y she is doing like this, plz suggest me wht has hapn to her n y she is doing this her name is Ayesha Waheed n her mother name is Khairunnisa Begum n my name is Mohammed Akber Ali n my mother name is Rasheeda Begum can she spend the rest of her life with me happily or not plz tell aftr we can know wht hpn to her n aftr giving her treatment i am eagirly wating for ur rply


I am a british born and since i have returned from pakistan for my cousins wedding in 2009 i have been effecting all the symptoms above with the red astrix..more and more everyday. I used to be a firm believer of Allah ta`ala and islam but now i am not sure. I used to take drugs but then stopped. Recently i have started taking them again in high quantity because they help me keep control of myself. I know it sounds weird but it is true. The more i take..the less suicidal and lonely i feel. I feel as if i am drifting away from this world into a world of my own. I feel i have become a burden on my family and do not like this seeing as i was an independent person.. i beg for you to give me the contact number for the person who has written the article above. Please help e-mail is……please contact me as soon as possible


when you went to pakistan someone did magic on you. PLEASE STOP TAKING THE DRUGS NOW, THE DRUGS ARE NOT HELPING YOU AT ALL…Follow islam come back to Allah swt. the jinns in your body are evil…

i think i have most of these simptoms bt im.scared to tell mi parents thy might thnk im.dumb or not believe me wat should i do???

Anybody help me out please . I find few of these signs in me . Like feeling like prick pain in heart just for sec now i am addicted to it . Feeling fear during salah, and unusual thoughts, the try a hell lot avoid thoughts but it get more and more out of my control. Since my childhood i use to get dreams of snakes trying to fear me everytime it comes to end thats its going to bite but something happens and i wont die in each dream. But i fear so much . Sometimes i feel in sleep in dreams i cant breath, cant move, no voice is coming out. Whole body is stuck at tat moment i feel i am goin to dye now.i have to struggle so much to wake myself . Most of the times i dream fear of snakes. Can some1 please help me . To avoid this

Your nightmares will end if you start reading Quran-e-pak. I had 99.99% of same symptoms u described, since my childhood. Try to read Surah-Jin blow on water and drink it.

Hey could you please help me out! I don’t know if it’s me or something else. Last year in 2011 I start praying 5 times a day in my own room, after couple of nights when I would be sleeping in my room my brother would hear noises from my room. like people talking to each other, so he ran upstairs and knocked on my door to see who’s in my room but obviously there’s was no1 except me sleeping. anyways as he would reach my room the talk sounds would stop. it’s happened about 5 times now. Just 2 nights ago I was praying in my room and I was about to finish 4 rakat fard I heard a scary breathing noise right in my ears. It got louder and louder until I freaked out and my heart was beating fast I felt there’s was someone standing behind me so I closed my eyes and Carried on praying. The sound got louder and scarier I asked Allah for forgiveness for leaving my namaz I ran down to my family tried to tell them what happened I start crying and couldn’t breath. Pls could someone tell me what this is. Email m if you can I need help and answers

yeah i have been doing witchcraft and my heart is feeling dead I have neglected salahs namaz and other stuffs i have wet dreams like I m getting seduced by a girl and i m afraid If I stop this witchcraft tht demon will come and disturb me I couldn’t stop it but i ask forgivenss from Allah swt for wht am I doing I pray tht he forgives me I don’t know tht I will be forgiven cuz I feel like next i m gonna go to hell I feel like the heat of fire i feel like chains surrounding me sometimes I feel like someone is saying you will go to jahanam for the things you did I feel like I will never be forgiven.

Can anyone help. Im suffering so badly. I hear swears in my head saying your going to Hell. Your mum is going hell. Dirty swears all the timr.
I thought this was all comimg from god so i stopped praying. I used to swear back thinkimg it was God. The voice in my head sometimes changed and i thought it was the prophet so i used to swear back at the prophet. Sometimes i used to get really angry and swear at my brother or sister. This went on for about 2years untill i went pakistan. There i went to sum1 and he gave me taweez. This has helped a little bit but the problem is still there. I dont know why im suffering like this. I used to be very religous and pray and read Quran and everything. Last ramadan i never even kept my fasts. Recently ive been doing dua to god for help.
And it has made a difference. Can this be a Jinn. I think this all started in my second year at Uni . I was lying on bed in my room when i felt something really heavy on my chest and my whole body started to vibrate very badly. At the time i thought nothing about it but now i realised thats wen the jinn enterd my body.

all please, all of you.please make it a habit of reciting ait ul kursi every day atleast once 244 times, 11 times after fajar prayers, and 7 times after asar, keep yourself in wudo most of the time, please add sura fateha, 4 qul in dua after furz raka, and stay away from haraam, income or any thing and do DUM of ait ul,kursi 244 times read on water and spray it all over the house.”upnay maal, jaan, nufs ko pak kur lo, sub theek ho jaaey ga, men and women please both follow the sunnah of rasool allah, without argument, without hesitation, mostly women dont follow, and i have seen women who even make fun and have crushed ahadith of rasool allah under feet”.


I am feeling all the Symptoms you have described. Exactly the same. Except my dreams have been flying in the sky, parachuting sitting on dangerous rides. The dreams scare me a lot.
Doctors describe this as psychosis so im taking meds which help a little. But this is clearly a Jinn.
I am sunni, and every Peer is full of Shit. Bull shitters trying to make some quick money.
Useless the lot of them.
So im confused. I have to live with this all my life. No matter how many times you go mosque read namaz do zikr read ayat ul kursi no difference. So wat do i do…..

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu,

We are offering a free ruqyah service in England subject to location with home visists also. Please call: Brother Muhammad:- 07423485073
We practice according only to Qur’an and sunnah

Alternatively you can e-mail us for help and support on
we also have a website for support and advice on how to handle the trial of sihr/possession please go to:

I pray Allah grants you all a cure and peace of Mind,
Sister A

salam!!! my family also a victim of black magic.. can anyone help me how to perform ruqya to posses person?

Yesterday night both my arms were hurting to badly. from hand to shoulders. also my chest. i couldnt sleep al night. i felt like someone was pulling them apart from my body. i not sleep all night. it hurt so much. also i always have dreams about dangerous animals like snakes, lions, monsters, and i also have dream of people or animals running after me tryn to kill me and i am hiding from them in all my dreams. please tell me am i cursed?


Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatAllah,
I’m very scared I have been experiencing some of these feelings for many years, and I have been seeing the animals listed above in most of my dreams. I am in desperate need of help, I don’t like talking about my problem, but I’m ready to admit I have one. Most people don’t take my issue seriously or they just laugh at me. I’ve spoken to a sheikh about my problem as well and they showed little interest. I do pray 5 times a day, recite and listen to Quran daily, I have a special routine at night as well for example I will make duaas, read ayat al kursi, leave the Quran playing as I sleep. I always try to sleep on my right side and I think about good things before I go to bed. But despite everything I still wake up terrified every night at the same time, This problem is affecting my life in so many ways, it’s hard to act normal in front of people. I’m always scared and nervous..and I don’t know where to go or who to ask for help.

asalamalaykum, i used to be very pious around teenage years, i dont know what happened all of a sudden i lost respect for my parents i stopped praying or taking interest reading quraan, i think about death alot, i am unmotivated to go to work and every time i try to pray isha then sleep i feel like invisible force on me, i can literaly feel hands touching me all over in a really disgusting way yet i cant move!! =( i read ayatul kuris in my head and its gone my heart is racing when i wake up in tears. this only happens when i try to be Islamic again.. i dont know what to do

dear nas
loosing repect for parents is out of irritation, weakness in your body,tension etc.
I do not know your age, while sleeping check where you sleep and how you sleep, or any young person around you in your house, finally if you are not married get married soon.


dear sister zoya
how did you come to a conclusion that some one has done black magid to your fiance

salaam the person who does not belive is not exsisting is foolish iam possessed with jinn since childhood i came to know about it only few years back it has completely runied my life since childhood til now iamm facing lot of problems i cant tell what iam going through allah does not answer my prayers worst thing is i love cats ive 4 pets but they fall sick now and then i dont know whether i should keep cats or not it is serious matter why allah is not helping me what did the cats do they r masoom iam not in good health the jinn is making me sick

People who are possessed by jinns and black magic. I recommend u to get ruqiya done bcoz getting a taweez or going to a so called magician is shirk and makes ur problems 10times worse. so please just ignore fake people who claim to help coz they interact with shaitans. ruqiya is the best cure

sister shabana,
every muslim believes the existence of jinn and shayateen because it is the part of our imaan, it is true that the jinn has the power to ruin the life of human beings,
jinn also comes in the form of pets like cats the most common form, so you better get rid of your pets, shower your love and affection to human being ,children.
we are not so pious to get all our prayers answered immediately from ALLAH.
we are human being and do not have the sifath of a WALI

Salaamz can u please tell me if paak jinn affect women,and the symptoms,cos I’ve been married for 17years and is infertile!

May Allah help us

Salam I am a sister I am 12 years old and I don’t know if I have a jinn you see I dsont want to tell my family because I am embarrassed my dad is a mareed and we have a very special wali you can not understand how special we are a suni sufi family and my family are very on the deen but I am not and I am ashamed I am getting very lazy I do not read namaaz I stay up very late and I don’t clean regularly I think about when I go to sleeopo if I might die and also I have not had this dream for very long time now but I have had it twice a black rotwieler chasing I do not want a jinn in me and I want to start praying and i always make dua but I can never bring myself to do it please wat should I do?

Salaam!I think I feel some symptoms,.because I dreamt of a lion caged nd even try to chase me,I get angry unnecesary,I like being alone away from my family,.I feel not to clean myself up,.I feel headache,I fear,.I see things at night,I get nightmares,.I sleep late n sometyms v erly,.and somany more I guess I’m possessed

dear brothers and sisters of Islam, the symptoms written are true of a person who has the effects of a jinn or any bad evil.
but it is not necessary that every person who is lazy has the effect of jinn or bad evil.
men or women who are weak are also lazy & as we are all human being the shaitaan is always playing a major role in our lives preventing us from namaz, quran ,zikr etc.
brother s and sister s of islam do not get confused putting something in your mind which is not,
today there are very less pious / genuine people who have the capacity to remove the jinn from the body easily.
There are too many people only trying to make money,
The best way to keep our self away from jinn or bad evil is to perform our namaz in time, keep our self always clean ,ask Alllah to forgive us for all our bad deeds & sins , then give sadqa every now and then with the niyath asking Allah to prevent us from all the bad evils and jinn or what ever.

Thanks, I would like to study & pray more of Allah.

i m asking 4rm you tht my brother had jins.
So there was imam he removed the jin 4rm hm.
Bt this imam gave hm waisifa of ikhalas.
Due to this he become a paticent of rajad.
Nw he says tht his shoulders and head are heavy as some body place a mountain on there head and shoulders and its very pinful 4r hm.
Is there any way tht he become quiet fine.
Plz we all r very upset due to hm.

I my self have been effected by jinn. It destroyed my life… I have done everything, even had ruqiya done. I was fine after that.. but it started coming back. What I started doing and has worked.. Thank Allah, I will light a white candle and pray to Allah to bring light back in my life and home, at the same time I will play Al-Baqara on my iPhone and burn white sage until its finish… maybe this is wrong in Islam… but I tell you it has worked for me.. I also make a bath with natural herbs and recite the last suras of the Quran over the water and I just keep my mind to Allah and his angels. I will do this on a regular bases.. since this is all that keeps the Jinn away from me! My life is coming back… I been through hell and back and Allah is all that took me out of hell..!

Asalaam aleikum all.
I don’t know whether I have a problem or not, but I have on more than one occasion felt that weight on me where by I can hardly move. However upon recitation of Lailaha illa Allah and Surat Ikhlas the weight was lifted. I get dirty thoughts during my salah, I am a 30 year old man but I often get wet dreams especially when I make an intention to wake up for tahajud. I do get angry, mood swings and quite irritable. I do listen to Quran and lectures but the messages never really seem to change a lot about my ways. Could this be a possible jinn??

Heaviness on shoulder during salah,ii had insomnia at age of 15,16,17,18.n at 15 I heard clear voices.but didnot understand.especially once before fajr azan.seemed like women voice (shirnky)voice.running with noise.human females won’t jog in dark with such noise.
When 18 experienced something entered room(as seemed heavy foots landed on my bed when I was lying n walked on my bed.n touched my neck.I started say surab n dua then slept.realized footsteps printed on bed sheet.n it was huge(it’s no story I swear)
I often feel who is ALLAH,y worship him,throw Quran during salah.ALHAMDULILLAH I overcame it all.but now I’m in my 20 ,few days ago I heard alot of voices before azan.but didnot understand few days after again I woke up early for fajr n heard a singing was melody not word.later I’t seemed to me a women’s voice.n the voice was indeed beautiful n it was echoing(as it was night n it was deadly silent)later when azan called from a far place it didnot stop.but when azan started from closer n more mashjids of my area it stopped.I’m a female n I hear female voices twice.what does that men I pray n love ALLAH although I accept I sometimes disobey ALLAH..what does this thing prove?what do I have to do ??

dear brothers of islam

There are audio ruqaya performed by the imams of saudi on the net, download and listen to the quranic verses called ruqaya,the verses of quran are researched and introduced to help people get rid of jinn , black magic etc, insha allah , Allah will cure the problem . sayed shafiullah

hey guys , im having some really terrible problems since i had 12 years old , now im 21

a lot of times while going to other people homes , when they left me alone and mostly when they were spying what i was doing , i always started to feel a really really great temptation fatiguing me to steal whatever thing that was in my sight even if they were worthless things , most of the time i felt my hand going by itself to steal , when i tried to resist , my hands started trembling but i could never stop it , no need to tell you how much problem i had with this

another one , still since i was 12 years old , a lot of times mostly everyday and wherever i was , in ma room , in other people room , at the dentist , at work place , in school , almost everywhere , (sorry to say this that way) i always suddenly felt like a really really big pain in my genitals , so much that most of the time i could never BEAR IT !!!, i had to masturbate to stop the pain , this one also there is no need for me to tell you how much problems i got

i had a really really great laziness that PREVENTED me to take a bath at all and even PREVENTED me to brush my teeth , no need to tell you how a person who masturbate everyday and could not take a bath for almost 4 years SMELLs

i had the same laziness for praying and reading quran , i had almost everyday terryfing NIGHTMARES at night , so much that by time goes i started to like them even if they are scary

and i had a voice that mostly everyone made fun of me even relatives
and only shortmided people told me my voice was funny , but other people always told me they saw my voice completely normal

i could not bear all this when i had 20 years old, beleive me to bear all this shit alone in your head thats worst than death , several times i told myself

1) why im still alive
2) another person in my place would have already suicide himself since long ago , thats too much to bear
3) why other people have a perfect lyfe and why i had all this shit

last year i went to an exorcist , he told me that he removed two jinns on me , most of these effect stopped now


now im having wet dream really often and dreams of having sexual relationship with women while ejaculating

and sorry for writing too much i hope you understand how much this ruined my life and also i had mention only some of the bad effect of the jinn on me , not all , too much to write

can someone gives me his opinions on all this

– Keep your self on wuduh all most of the day, and especially before you go to sleep.
– Preform your daily prayer/namaz, and try to go to the mosk as much as u can.
– listen to the Quraan 24/7 but if you read it will have more affect on you, especially “Ayat Alkursi” as many times as u can, also if some body can read the ruqya/manzil on you on daily basis + eating dates + drinking ruqya watter inshallah that should solve all your problems.
Wa salam alaykum wa rahmato Allah

Dear sir
Im going through many of this things I hear negative vocies about my husband its makes me very upset and angry ..I am always tired and my head hurts…can u help me plse.

I have these symptoms mainly 1 2 3 4 I don’t know what to do seems like Allah swt is punishing me please pray for me I m really upset and depressed scared that if I die I will go to hell please pray for me :;( I can’t live peacefully by myself

Iv bn possesd for many years unknowingly iv lost everything job,wife, tormented and need help

I was innocently surfing when I came upon this…I have ALL of the symptoms but the urge to shove someone down the stairs. I HAVE been to religious healers before but only to remove the jinxes upon me (to humor my mother). They didn’t mention anything about possession. Freaking out here.

All of these things I experience

hey i have to asked tht there is a pblm vth my bf,,, he had a saya type smethng who dnt pretend her or alow her to marry vth me our vth smeone else,,,,i m very tense bcoz of al ths bcoz he has gone everywhere but they dnt gve her a solutn bcoz tht saya is a grl and she loves her and she never alow her to marry vth me he is in so much pain….plz help me how can it be possible tht saya has gne out frm him plz help me i need ur help bcoz we bth r serious and we wanna marry….thanks

Asalamu alaikum…..I have been having having symptoms that can be related to sleep paralysis…If sometimes i wake up during night and try to sleep i cant move or talk….it happens even if i sleep during day

It first happend 3 years ago…but its back and frequent now plz help me

Pls i need ur duaa i huv jinn,evil eye & shir

I have most of these symptoms 1-2-6-7-8-9-11-13, i’m not sure about the other symptoms but sometimes i feel like something around me and i hear voices not sure what is it ?!

Me too when i put on the surat and i hear spitting also weird

jazaq,for your advice,my brother has same symtoms of jinn possesd person.he is hafidul quran,the jinn shows him some sura’s of quran,wich shows him he is a sinner and Allah will not forgive him.and some times it shows him to buy a knife n kill all pple who are doing shirk.plise any advice wll be apriciatd,shukran.

I am not a muslim but I need to ask a question… I often feel a snake like creature when im praying and keeping close to god. it moves from the left side of my back to the right side always. it happen so strong that I can almost feel the creature. is that a bad omen or good ? I thought it was the holy spirit flowing through me but im not sure

i have some similar symptoms like its hard to pray and i cant sleep at night or dark and something brothering me like if i want to sleep i cant close my ayes i also feel laziness and need to listen music a lot and its hard to read quran and feel pain in my left hand shoulder and thinking a lot and even sometimes i tolk to myself and sometimes thinking to do some shrk and sometimes i think something is tolking to me throught my brain also i had bad nightmares about devils and i cant sleep at night something will brother me like one night i had to sleep too early because i had to go to colloge in the morning then i hear (its demon) i swear to god
i was sleeping one time i heard its demon loudly i woke up with screeming and heart beating but my roomate doesnt really here anything
and also i had other problems this started the fast time i come here this colloge espicially my room every night someone knocks the door like humans when i open there is no one there and other many night i remember i open the door i didnt know why i open the door all i remember in the morning i think i was used to do it and i dont really like the toiled i am too scared of it with no reason i always wonder
so do you think there is jinn in my body
and what is the best way to get rid if off

and ofcourse i am muslim but i live where there is no many muslims here like i dont have muslim friends and there is no many muslims in my college there is only me and other 2(this is all muslims i have seen in my college) these two friends of mine cant do it so i just want self support

please tell me and i wil try to myself

and thank you much

Salam Alaikum wa rahmatulallh wa barakatuhu My brothers and sisters, I hardly write comments. This time I want to say mashallah a very beaztiful coverage topics. More grease to your elbows. Jazakallahu lana wa lakum khair. Sheikh Imam H. Gorogoroweii Grand Mufi of Africans in Europe

as- salamalikum
I have a few symptoms like in this and my family is facing terrible problems and we even can’t tolerate it . More difficulties can’t able to study and many thing like Hurting myself, I had started Cursing Myself for myself Many percious thing left from me away such as job , money Happniess etc and al;ways want to be even i don’t have anything in life but there is something in me not even letting me to be happy and always i’m very very sad but willed to away from family forever and ever .
i have many person regarding this but one gave porper answer and many thing are there wish i could get proper repsones from you site waiting for reply

Me to but strange thing is when I put qoran on they repeat the surat 3 different voices and when i eat let say smelly spicy food then my stomach hurts as if they don’t like filthy food herbs and that stuff perhaps there muslim I hear 3 voices women man and child :/

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