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The origins of wedding customs

Posted on: October 11, 2011

The innovations incorporated in wedding ceremonies and the violation of the Shari’ah are alarming to any Allah fearing person, not to speak of the expense incurred at a time when nearly half the Ummah is barely making ends meet.

This booklet aims at explaining the origins of wedding rituals in this day and age, with the hope that individuals can assess how deeply they have immersed themselves in imitating the non-Muslims. The social pressures of weddings are analysed and examples of an Islamic wedding from the first generation are cited. Numerous Ayah from the Holy Qur’an and ahadith are also quoted for the unbiased individual to take heed and make an objective view.

We pray to Almighty Allah that this booklet becomes a source of inspiration to conduct weddings in accordance with the Shari’ah-Ameen.

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