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Symptoms of Ayn, Possession, Black Magic

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Symptoms of specific B.M(Black Magic):

Magic of separation

  1. An upheaval of the behavior and feelings in an abrupt way. One passes from a major love to a visceral hatred
  2. Suspicion as for the actions of the other 3 – Refusal of excuses
  3. Reasons of dissensions keep worsening even for trivial issues
  4. Disliking the other as soon as they see them
  5. Getting bored with the actions of the other and hating anything done by the other

Magic of passion

  1. Passion and violent love
  2. A strong desire to make love with his wife several times a day
  3. Impatience and incapacity to keep away from her or vice-verse
  4. Total obedience and docility to one’s partner

Magic to prevent marriage

  1. Migraine now and again
  2. A tightening of the heart (anxiety)
  3. The man or the woman appears to be ugly to the other fiancée
  4. Lack of mental concentration: impossibility to hold a discussion
  5. Insomnia and anguish at night
  6. Malaise and agitation of one’s mind
  7. Agitated sleep
  8. Frequent stomachache and painful backbone

Tying magic (To prevent someone from having sexual intercourse with their spouse or husband despite not being impotent)

  1. A Jin is appointed to prevent the flowing of man’s blood so he becomes abnormally impotent
  2. As for women there are many ways with which a Jin ties them, that is: Sticking of the legs; completely insensitive and indifferent; excessive menstruations (that last); hymen depression; and obstruction.

Magic of sterility

  1. Sterility of a man can be cured by means of ruqiah if it is associated with the following symptoms: Anxiety and tightening of the heart; mental distraction; backaches; insomnia; nightmares.
  2. As for women not only can a Jin prevent fertility but also they can cause a child premature (abortion) with the will of Allaah subhanah wa ta’aala.

Enchantment (sihru attakhyeel consists of bewitching one’s eyes)

  1. Motionless things seem to move
  2. See a tiny thing too big and vice versa
  3. One could see hallucinations that does not exist

Magic of madness

Mental distraction; excessive forgetfulness; stammer; staring; impossibility of preserving the same situation i.e. work; accommodation; one might wander and sleep in desert places; they can hardly do any work.

Magic of indolence (loss of mind)

Fond of loneliness and complete seclusion; Continuous silence and mental distraction; unsociable; permanent headache; habitual slowness and laziness.

Magic of disease (tamreedh)

Painful limb or epileptic fit or a whole body’s member paralysed or total paralysis

Symptoms of the B.M that was eaten or drunk

  1. The patient feels a permanent pain in their stomach when the B.M is recent
  2. This pain increases during ruqiah as long as the B.M is not old and has not yet spread all over the body
  3. Too much gases
  4. They feel some unusual heat of their body and especially during ruqiah
  5. Some patients lose their appetite
  6. Constipation in some cases
  7. Very strong pain for women who are menstruating
  8. When hands or feet have swollen or some spots appear it might suggest that B.M has accumulated in that area and Allah The All Mighty The All Wise knows best.

Jin’s touch (mass-h) symptoms:

While sleeping

  1. Anguish and sleeplessness (insomnia)
  2. Disturbed sleep (broken)
  3. Frequent nightmares
  4. Visions of animals (often black) i.e. dogs, snakes, etc.
  5. Squeezing teeth in dream
  6. Sleep walking without realizing
  7. To see oneself falling from a very high place
  8. To see oneself in a cemetery or a dump or a frightening way
  9. To often have erotic dreams
  10. To see strange persons e.g. too tall or too short
  11. To see always the same person or the same animal in one’s dream
  12. To see oneself among the dead people (silhouettes)

While awake (conscientious)

  1. Headaches most of the time without any reason (meds are useless)
  2. Turning away from remembering Allaah e.g. salaat, invocations, etc.
  3. Mental distraction (mind always absent)
  4. The patient is tired and lazy: no motivation whatsoever
  5. They speak alone or they do not speak at all
  6. Anxiety increases at nightfall or at dawn
  7. Sight affected e.g. flashes, strange staring,etc.
  8. Sometimes a touched person is unable to move one part of his body
  9. They might appear like epileptic. They can pass out (consciousness loss) and fall anywhere)
  10. The patient complexion might change and their look is strange

Below is Evil Eye's symptoms:

E.E (evil eye)symptoms

The effects of E.E can affect someone’s wealth, their body, and their family. As a result, a physical disease cannot be healed by traditional medicine. Below are some effects of E.E: Joint problems; laziness; spots; anti-social behaviour against their own relatives; turning away with aversion against anybody; forgetfulness; anxiety; heavy shoulders; contrast of one’s body temperature; etc.

Assuredly the worst of E.E is when it is associated with devil’s touch, then it can be as nasty as the black magic associated with devil’s touch because patients become more vulnerable.

Symptoms of evil eye during Ruqiah (Recitation)

  1. Yawning associated with tears. Yawning at other times is not proof.
  2. They can fall unconscious (sleep) little while
  3. The patient might start to sweat, particularly the head
  4. They might feel sick or experience vomiting after a meal
  5. They might wish to cry
  6. Their limbs get colder than usual
  7. Their hearts might beat harder than usual
  8. Their body might experience a strange heat (Allah the All Mighty the All Wise knows best)

Symptoms of black magic

  1. Most cases of black magic are associated with the symptoms of devil’s touch
  2. Sudden attitude change i.e. from love to hatred, from being healthy to illness, from joy to sadness, etc.
  3. Very bad tempered and quick to react
  4. Their state worsens or their symptoms change when the Qur’aan is recited upon them or after that
  5. Those suffering from magic feel like being urged to say something or to do an action without their will and most of the time they regret their behaviour
  6. Pain in the stomach
  7. Pain in the low back
  8. Their eyes appear to be remarkably shining and they look up and down. In most cases not only does it suggest that they might have eaten or drunk B.M that had reached their eyes but also it could signify the presence of something
  9. A very putrid smell comes from their mouth or their skin or their stomach even if they wash themselves they cannot get rid of it

Symptoms during ruqyah [recitation upon the patient]

  1. Crying when hearing the verses wherein magic is mentioned
  2. To fall asleep
  3. Painful stomach
  4. The patient looks at the raqui “ The one who recites” ironically
  5. The patient might laugh without his will

Before and after you see a raqi [A non deviant and pious person usually known in the community]that will read the ruqiah text on you : Your reaction to the recitation will be a proof of the existence of such ailment.

If someone has magic and does not react either the reciter is impious or the suffering person does not believe that Allaah is the cure.

Examples of reactions:

  1. Crying when hearing the verses wherein magic is mentioned
  2. To fall asleep
  3. Painful stomach
  4. The patient looks at the raqui “ The one who recites” ironically
  5. The patient might laugh without his will
  6. some patient shiver or shake

The following steps are recommended:

  1. Putting one’s trust in Allaah and believing that He is the only One who can cure
  2. Reading the Qur’aan and specific invocations (evening and morning supplications)
  3. Listening to ruqiah tape or Surah Baqarah at least once a day. In case you have no time play it in your house when you go to work.
  4. Following ruqiah course prescribed by the raaqi [water that was blessed with a recitation for bathing or drinking,etc..]
  5. Try to find the magic and remove it e.g. amulets, talassim, doubtful things, etc.

Anyway if you find your magic burn it and don't throw it in the water.

  • Read ayat kursi, ikhlas and mu'awithitain after every single obligatory prayers.
  • Always keep woodhoo as it helps a lot.
  • Making specific remembrance such as hasbiyyal Allaahu wa ni'mal wakeel and asking forgivness.
  • Don't tell to suspicious you reality wether cure or still suffering

repeat the following du`a’s on a regular basis both in the morning and evening three times or more:

  • Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a ismihi shay’un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama’i wa huwa as-sami`u al-`alim [ 3 times evening and morning]
    (In the name of Allah; with His name, nothing whatsoever on earth or heaven can inflict any harm; He is All-Hearing and All-Knowing).
  • Hasbiya Allahu la ilaha illa huwa `alayhi tawakkaltu wahuwa rabbu al-`arshi al-`azhim
    (Allah suffices me; there is no god but He; in Him I place my sole trust; He is the Lord of the mighty Throne).
  • Allaahumma ini a`duhu bika min hamazati ash-shayatin wa a`udhu bika rabbi an yahdurun
    (O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of Satan; my Lord, I seek refuge in You from their presence around me).
  • A`udhu bi `izzati Allahi wa qudratihi mimma ajidu wa uhadhiru [ 7times]
    (I seek refuge in Allah’s glory and power from the affliction and pain I experience and suffer from).

To name but a few

It is important to remember that du`a’ and dhikr will only benefit when it comes from a heart that firmly believes in Allah, and thus cherishes firm conviction in Allah’s power and sovereignty.

Healing EXTERNAL and INTERNAL Black Magic:

In general ruqiah can dispel black magic wherever it is and remove it from the body with the will of Allaah subhanah. Getting rid of any B.M(black magic) can occur during the recitation or afterwards.

On the whole, the healing could last six months and even up to two years.

The best ruqiah is the recitation or the listening to the surah Baqarah every day for three months especially for an old BM. Also the verses that mention sorcery could be very efficient.

Treatment of Black Magic that was eaten or drunk:

It includes numerous methods, namely:

  • 1 – Utilisation of laxatives:
    To use any herb that is laxative mixed with some water that was read upon during ruqiah. Meanwhile it is recommended to avoid cold drinks.(senaa leaf is great from sunnah)
  • 2 – Vomiting:
    – To touch one’s throat with their finger
    – To add some olive oil to water and to be drunk by the patient
    Preferably, in such case one should avoid eating two hours afterwards. Also it is to be avoided by pregnant women, children and elderly. In most cases black seed oil, honey and olive oild can be vey efficient if taken during ruqiah.
  • 3 – Cupping:
    It consists in removing the contaminated blood that stagnates on one’s back or elsewhere.
  • 4 – Iktihaal :
    using ‘Kohl’ can be very useful to weaken BM that has spread in one’s eyes if Allaah wills.

Removal of Black Magic from Veuins (Internal):

Getting rid of BM that has spread in the veins could be either done while reciting the roqiah text upon the patient or one would massage them with ‘blessed’ oil (read on).

The best way is to rub in a circular way from the bottom of the veins upwards or downwards until the exit point i.e. mouth, the bottom of the stomach, etc.

For example, if the BM is on the hand the starting point would be the fingers and then upwards till the neck,etc.

Dispelling external Black Magic:

The only way is to find the BM and undo its knots or burn it or read the Qur’an upon it.

To do it there are three different possibilities to come across the BM, viz:

  1. The patient will have a vision which is a bounty from Allaah similarly to the Prophet sallal Allaahu alaihi wa sallam who had a vision in regards to the BM that was worked on his hair [Hadith narrated by Aishah [ra].
  2. When the magic is associated with devil’s touch then the jin might indicate where the magic is hidden.
  3. The patient could have a feeling or basseerah or a guess to where the BM is.

Destruction and Nullifying of Black Magic:

When the BM is found one should not throw it into the sea, the toilet. Nor should he urinate on it, etc. Rather, they should observe the following:

  1. In order not to lose a part of it one has better use a cloth or a plate to nullify it with the ‘ blessed’ water.
  2. If the BM is of the type that can be burnt then one should recite the ruqiah and then burn it.
  3. In case the type of magic is unknown [or amulet] the BM should be put into ‘blessed water’ and after being dried it should be burnt.
  4. If the BM is buried somewhere without, in truth, knowing exactly then one should spray the ‘blessed’ water on the whole area [i.e. 2meter square].

7 Responses to "Symptoms of Ayn, Possession, Black Magic"

I have been suffereing from one year mera saans ruk jata hai koi cheese mujhy khaney nhe daite mera seena aur heart sakth ho jata hai ab tu bohat takleef ho jati hai aur mere marriaghe honey wali hai mai kia krun kia main marriager ker sakti hoon please jaldi reply karun

BM for separation was used on me and i am living alone now from past 7 months every symptom that you have mentioned has happened with me and i was too late when i realized it i have gone to many people who claims to be amil but ended up paying thousands of rupees without any gain my condition is getting worse day by day now we dnt speak also can you help me getting someone genuine and powerful enough to solve my problem i am from mumbai india

dear sir i agreed with these symptoms

i am praying since more than 20 years and i am a murid of one peer in b ombay i am getting viberations in body specially in both the legs and i have aproblem with my eye sight i need your help to know the truth about a fact that my eyes spark and a light is generated when i turn around back and when i do any sort of prayers or sit in any position to pray i get the same image in my eyes constantly which is moving like a web on my retina and pupil of the eye and disturbs me constantly where it is difficult for me to read or to do any sort of job the image is same like me in the position which i sit and do the prayer without glasses i cannot read or write any thing which is always floating in front of my eyes and eitching is done in both the eyes and i put the eye drops for relaxing for some time right now i am jobless in abudhabi and hunting for a job please show me the right way how to tackle this problem.


patel shoyab.

may Allah help you as you help many people in this world.Ameen

What cures black magic for woman impotence? JazakAllah

Assalam Alaykum Warahmatu’llahi Wabarakatuh.
I do practice ruqya (FREE and I only seek the Pleasure of Allah) to any person(s) affected by Sorcery, Evil Eye or jinn possession.

I live in Liverpool/UK.
My email is:

Assalam Alaykum

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