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Leaf of sidr for treatment of sihr (witchcraft)

Posted on: October 14, 2011

Imam Ibn Hajar reported in his book “al-Fath” from Wahab Bin Munaabbih the way of using leaves of Sidr (Lotus jujube) as a remedy to get rid of the witch. He said: ‘One should take seven leaves of green Lotus jujube, grind them between two stones, put the stones and the leaves in some water. Then take out the two stones. Having done so, one recites the verses of Kursi, (2:255) and the last three Surah (chapters) of the Qur’an (112,113,114). After that, one drinks three sips of that water and showers himself with what remains from it. One will – Insha Allah – feel delighted of what he had. This is particularly useful for the man who has been withheld from his wife.

Allah knows best.


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good and thanks very much

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