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The types of Possession by Jinn

Posted on: October 17, 2011

Al Mass at different levels, you have people you barely some marks of their Possession and others again all day load have, we can divide the next levels.

Full Possession of the whole body, and it has two types divide

a: Full Possession for a permanent or long duration,

It is this sort of possession that a Jinn sitting in the body that actually throughout the day active in the patient, the Djinn talks often on the tongue of the patient and the Djinn are usually not plan to more way to go until Allah brings healing. The Djinn has often the disposal of the body and often causes blackouts and the patient is often faint. These cases we see and Sihr severe cases of `ISQ (Jinn ‘ASEQ).

b: Full Possession of a temporary nature,

In other words, here we speak of a Djinn Tajier. This Djinn is thus available over the body like the games listed above, only that these Djinn Roqyahsessie a body flies out and when the session is over again enters the body.

Full Possession of a certain body,

And it is a jinn who has taken full possession of a body part, eg a leg, arm, eyes or tongue. The patient can spontaneously become paralyzed, blind or suddenly stopped talking etc etc, and if this person does medical research shows there is no reason

this finding. It is also possible that the Jinn from one to another body moves.

Possession from the outside (Mass Al Garizi) and dividing it in two:

a: Constant Possession from the outside,

And in this species there is no Djinn in the body, but outside the body and the Djinn is constantly with the patient. They are often cases of Sihr with the will of Allah is not the body and can then work through the outside of a Djinn that getting revenge on a man because of something man with the Jinn did.

It is sometimes also possible that a “concerned that ASEQ in love with this person, but not able to body to enter. The problem with this kind of Possession, is that as with the Tajier Djinn flight when Roqyah is done, the patient will thus treatments feel good and no signs of Possession show, but outside of the treatment is much affected by waswaas, bad dreams, and one can also see ghosts or animals who chase.

b: Temporary Possession from the outside,

It is this kind that a Djinn on the outside, but it is not always Djinn. It is possible that a person feels good day and have no symptoms and then suddenly do, the symptoms are more like the games listed above.

Possession of the surface that cause disease, and this is the following forms:

a: Possession of the surface that cause diseases without medical before signs or causes. And this is a very difficult case to detect, because the patient gets a disease and then go to the doctor and let fully explore, and yet nothing is found. And when Roqyah is done, there is no response, because the jinn from the outside causes.

b: Possession of the exterior that the person is already suffering from diseases that worsen, The Djinn causes a disease that this person has been getting worse. The patient suddenly sees that he previously used the medication and the will of Allah was useful for his illness suddenly have no effect, and this is the fault of the Djinn.

Possession of very short duration (Al Mass Al Taief)

this involves a very short Possession thus takes a few seconds up to several minutes, examples are also Jathoom (boegebez), but other shapes can be included in this group be.


4 Responses to "The types of Possession by Jinn"

Can you explain the out of body possession in more detail

How to cure Possession from the outside or Mass Al Garizi

Hi Shaikh Sohail, I am suffering from Mass Al Garizi Possession. Please contact via email and give me details of an Exorcist in London, UK who specialises in Mass Al Garizi field. I am prepared to pay money.

i think i am suffering from Mass Al Garizi Possession. i have been having problems more than 10 yrs now.. my previous marriages failed n my current marriage is in jeopardy. lately i have been noticing that i have these episodes frequently at the same days or times as always for the past years. in 2004 i had a seizure that wasn’t explainable, doctors say its due to depression n anxiety, my brother believes i was acting but i know how much pain i felt. it was like my body wasn’t in my power, other time i had this pain in my shoulder starting from my neck n on to my left shoulder for weeks, pain killers never worked, n then as suddenly as it came it went, till today i have no idea why it happened, doctor said i had no problem. i have also been suffering from depression for 15 yrs. at 12 yrs i remember seeing something under a tree at the house i used to live then, i don’t remember much but i know i was very scared, i never told anyone.sometimes i laugh hysterically for no reason n cry for no reason, i suspect my husband doesn’t love me for no valid reason. n i feel that its better alone than with him, while i know that its not true.. everything’s a jumble, i cant sleep with the lights out cox i have been experiencing a vibration of my body when lights r out.. at first i thought i was dreaming that, but later i thought it was my bed shaking, then i realized it was me.. it scares me.. its stops for a few days n just wen i think i imagined the whole thing, it happened again. i dnt understand it at all, i cant keep praying regularly either, something always happens n i am unable to… i need to know whether its all in my head or not. how do i find out for sure? my brother ones recited Qur’an over me, something happened, i got violent n angry but when my uncle came it vanished, my uncle is experienced in those things but he says its all in my head n they don’t believe me anymore… my last two marriages lasted just more than a year.. n now my current marriage just got over an yr and i am having trouble. its like no relationship lasts more than a year. is it just coincidence… how do i know for sure? pls help.

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