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The Presence of Jins, its types and its forms

Posted on: October 20, 2011

The Presence of Jins, its types and its forms

  • Whispering
  • Being in the brain of the patient
  • Being in the brain without tricks
  • Being in the body of the patient
  • Presence of both the patient and the jin
  • Complete presence of the jin
  • Common presence
  • The situation of the patient when the jin leaves
  • How to drive away the jin when they are present

Many people think that anyone who is subject to Jins must have madness or be an epileptic when the Jin comes. Also they entertain the idea that the presence of the Jin is complete and not partial. This understanding is erroneous and unfounded since the presence of Jins is of many types, namely:

1 – Whispering:

The Shaytaan can whisper and cause a lot of anxiety, negative thoughts and paranoia to the point that the patient start laughing or crying without any reason. The patient might experience tamper. Such state could last few hours or from time to time during the whole life spun.

2 – Being in the brain of the patient:

The Shaytaan controls all his physical and spiritual senses. In such case the shaytaan uses one’s senses, nerves and muscles and it is easy for him to make the patient suffer from madness to a great extent. It might last few minutes or few days or even most of patients’ life spun.

3 – Being in the brain of the patient without tricks:

The shaytaan influences most of one’s senses and could speak on behalf of the patient. In such case both of them will not notice if they are beaten up. This situation might last for few hours.

Examples: Those who experience sleepwalking that are someone who cannot even shout when facing a danger, etc.

4 – Being in the body of the patient:

The Shaytaan might be in one of patient’s limbs and cause him a pain in his back or his head and as result he might temporarily lose his hearing or his sight while being conscience. Such situation might last many days.

Examples: Permanent paralysis caused by Jins. This can occasionally affects eyes only during reading or healing courses, etc.

5 – Presence of both the patient and the jin:

Both the shaytaan and the patient can speak. Both of them feel the pain if they are beaten up. Such presence does not last few hours.

6 – Complete presence of the Jin or possession:

The Jin comes and possesses completely the patient, speak and walk on his behalf.

He [the patient] can even dispute or run away without being aware. Some Jins make the patient drive his car and travel without being aware and later find out that they are somewhere else!

7 – Common presence

This is similar to the two previous ones [the partial and the complete one] but in a subtle way. The patient is able to see things properly and can distinguish everything. However, he could unwillingly utter or do something so much so that some kind of Jins don’t speak with their own voice [we hear patient voice instead] without being noticed even by the patient theirownselves. This is the case of a black magic associated with a Jin – mostly magic of separation – in order to dispute with others in so that to make a couple split up.


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Shaikh sb kindly ap apne tamam books urdu may send karain mujhe english parhna nahe ate hay ap ke mehrbani hogi or mere malomat may izafa hoga thanks

Kindly send more info to my mail plz. Thnks.

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