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Signs of the aseq (lover) Jinn

Posted on: November 19, 2011

  1. Many poor and violent dreams.
  2. The person feels like someone in his bed but he sees nothing.
  3. The person feels that his desire something larger.
  4. The person feels as if his dream was real community and wake up very tired.
  5. The person just smells perfume.
  6. Panting in your ear when you hear in bed when no one is.
  7. Often feel that someone on your genitals while sitting in one around.
  8. This person has no desire to marry, and has many excuses sure.
  9. If a married person, then he has no sense of intercourse (which may also in other types of al-Mass and Sihr) with his partner, but to zinaa to commit or to.
  10. If a married person, it feels like a stuffy with partner intercourse.
  11. If intercourse between the partners then this is only but the other happy, the person with the Jinn “ASEQ wants to not really.
  12. If sexual intercourse between partners, and one of them Jinn “has ASEQ does the partner along with the community, after the act this person feels bad and very tired and hate the act and sommmigen even find it as bad as they have done and continue zinnaa
  13. After dreaming of sexual intercourse is the person very tired.
  14. Dreams about having intercourse with familiar faces like their own father, children, brothers, etc.
  15. The person who has been affected by the ‘ASEQ can sometimes just a hair found in his underwear that is not his.
  16. The ‘ASEQ is unfortunately common in young children, will be For example, wake up naked while she dressed, also complain kids always pain in genitals without medical cause, kids get often shapes the ‘ASEQ to see, so take your children seriously if they arrive with such things.

Dreams of community can be divided into two:

1: A person dreams of intercourse is, this is a normal dream and has three conditions:

– This occurs after puberty (Baligh), and this happens so that a person are fluid (semen, etc.) can be lost, this is made so by Allah.

– The person dreams about having intercourse, but no real contact with the genitals, just looking at or touching each other doordit and the person receives an * (al-Many) and the dream stops and Taken all together it takes a few seconds.

– There is no fatigue when the person is awake and this kind dreams happen occasionally not so often a time in 3 months approx.

2: A person dreams of intercourse, and this is due to the influence of the Djinn.

– This person thinks about sex at all times.

– This dream is really sex, so the genitals touching each other.

– This dream takes a long time depending on the strength of the person.

– If the person awakens after the dream, he is very tired, just if he actually had intercourse sometimes sweat This person also.

– This dream often occurs, sometimes three times a week, sometimes every day and Sometimes he sleeps every time he does all this 3 times a day.

– This dream is often the person gets to see his community with people who should never, like his mother, father, sisters etc.

Having intercourse between jinn and humans consists of four cat:

1. Al-Ihtilaam,

Everything happens only in a dream, and it is necessary that this person the ghusl for any *.

2. Al-Istimtaa ‘,

It enjoys the Jinn from mankind without having it by not, in a way that only Allah knows, this person does not have to do ghusl

3. Al-Al-Mu’asarat Gafeejat,

Here, the Jinn (inside) community with man, and man knows this but can not stop.

4. Al-Taskeel,

It takes the shape of a Jinn and a human community to go with a man, this is a very advanced and very dangerous stage.

The purpose of the Jinn “ASEQ is to have intercourse with a Man, here are some things that man can do and where to the will of Allah the man can prevent.

1. The rub genitals with black or red musk and if not with rose water or olive oil.

2. The body rub with olive oil and mixolie habat Sawda roqya which verses are recited daily and thus to spread before bed.

3. The bedding and sleeping clothes or nice rub musk scents.

4. Naked sleeping or transparent clothes, sleep well dressed.

5. Saying Bismillah when putting on clothes, according to hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

6. Adherence to keep the pleas of the morning and evening and especially the pleas before bedtime.

7. Stay away from sins and comply with all obligations.

8. Not only sleep if possible.

9. Dua do to Allah that He protects you and your Shayateen repellent.

The treatment of a Djinn ‘ASEQ is done through the Roqyah permitted, one uses the verses of Al-Dham Fahisat and further the cause of the verses of “ASEQ, or so Sihr or Al-Mass of the Evil Eye and Al-Hasad.

At first it intends to use the jinn from the body get it frequently invites the Jinn in Islam to even talk

The Djinn is not, he still hears you, sees that three days after the jinn there ever, it changes one’s intention in asking Allah for This Djinn to kill and burn.

How a Djinn ‘ASEQ to kill the will of Allah:

1. The recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah from accessing answer daily, and self-recitation is better.

2. Ayat Al-Kursi to CD for an hour and while sleeping next to you bed play.

3. Take a bucket of water and put your fingers in it, it should prefer a large bucket of water so the water will last several days, and each time you see that the water is create new.

You do your fingers in your mouth and close to the water and recite the following verses over it. Get your hands just like you are ready ‘re recite and hold while reciting the intention that you want Allah the Djinn burned.

– 3 x bismillahi Alladhi La Yadhurru Ma’a ismihi shaj un-fil-wala ardhi fis-sama-wa huwa he assamie’ul Aleem

– 3 x A’oedoe billahi Samee’ul Al ‘Aleem minna shaytaani raziem min hamzihi wa wa nafgihi naftih, wa min hamazati Shaytaan, wa a’odoedoe Bika-Rabi other jahduroen.

– 3 x A’oedoe billahi’Adeem wa al-Kareem wa biwazhihil Sultaanihil Kadeem minna Shaytaani Raziem Mared Al-Al-Al-La’een’Aaneed Al-Tareed.

– 3 x A’oedoe bi-kalimaatillaahi taammaati min sharri Mon khalaq

– 3 x A’oedoe bi-kalimaatillaahi taammaa min koellie shaytaanien wa haammaa wa mien koellie “aajnien laamma.

– 7 x A’oedoe bi-kalimaatillaahi taammaa min ghadabihi wa ‘wa ikaabihi Sarri “ibadihi.

– 3 x Tahsinat bi dwil ‘izza djabroet shore wa bi i’tisamoenna Rabil malakoet tawakalat wa ‘alal al-hay baaki alladi yaamut laa.

– 1 x ‘A’oedoe bikalimaatil-laahi taammaatil-laa-latee yujaawizuhunna barrun wa laa faajimn min sharri khalaqa Mon, wa wa bara’a thara’a, wa min sharri Mon yanzilu Minas samaa’i, wa maa min sharri ya’ruju feehaa, wa maa min sharri thara’a filter’ardhi, wa min sharri Mon yakhruju minhaa, wa min-sharri fitanil layli wannahaari, wa min sharri kulli taariqin ‘illaa taariqan yatruqu bikhayrin yaa Rahman.

– Surah Al-Kahf verse 29

– Surah Al-Maidah verse 33

– Surah Al-Anfal verse 50 and 51

– Surah Al-A’raaf verse 18

– Surah Hud verse 117, 118 and 119

– Surah Al-Sajdat verse 11 t / m 14 and 18 t / m 22

– Saad Surah verse 76 t / m 854. Drink this water every time you’re thirsty and you were one once a day with this water, preferably just before bedtime.

5. Lubricate all openings of your body with musk, preferably black Musk (mouth, nose, ears, genitals front and back, navel, toe and
fingernails, nipples, above the eyebrows, the eyelids)

6. Listening or reciting the following Suwar 1x in the morning and 1x in the evening with the intent to burn the Jinn. You do not have everything  simultaneously, but this is the best, with time constraints should be to divide In three days, and in these three days should be listened to them all have, so we will then continue for the next three days.

– Al-Nur, Al-Saffat, Al-Dukhan, Yosof, Al-Rahman, Al-last part Hashr, Mulk, Djinn, Burooj, Tarik Al-A’la Al-Ghasiyat, Al-Zalzalah, Al-Qari’at, Al-Humazah, Kafiroon Al, Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq, Al-Annas.

7. Spread your bedding daily with musk, and if you can pajamas.

8. Recite a minimum of once a day the following verses or listen to at least 2 hours a day number 6 of the link.

– Surah Al-Baqarah 30:
– Surah Al-Baqarah 168-169:
– Surah Al-Baqarah 205:
– Surah Al-Baqarah 219-222:
– Surah Al-Baqarah 268:
– Surah Al-Baqarah 275:
– Surah Ali-‘Imraan 14:
– Surah Ali-‘Imraan 119:
– Surah Ali-‘Imraan 135:
– Surah Ali-‘Imraan 197:
– Surah Al-Nisaa 16:
– Surah Al-Nisaa 22:
– Surah Al-Nisaa 25:
– Surah Al-Nisaa 77:
– Surah Al-Nisaa 95:
– Surah Al-Maidah 33:
– Surah Al-Maidah 41:
– Surah Al-An’am 151:
– Surah Al-A’raaf 27-28:
– Surah Al-A’raaf 33:
– Surah Al-A’raaf 46:
– Surah Al-A’raaf 102:
– Surah Yunus 70:
– Surah Hud 43:
– Surah Hud 64:
– Surah Hud 78:
– Surah Yusuf 23-34:
– Surah Yusus 50-53:
– Surah Al-Nahl 90:

Please note, when it has become clear that the jinn may have gone out or been slain, must immediately begin to close the body, allowing re-entry by the same Jinn (who is out passed) or species (the jinn that has died) from happening again.

This course is suitable for all, clear that a Djinn in the body is gone or has died, so even people with Sihr, Evil Eye Possession and other species, the plan to stuff the body can


4 Responses to "Signs of the aseq (lover) Jinn"

need help

Salam aleikoum

you say in the last part that you must immediately begin to close the body

but you did not mention how to close the body
can you please reply

another note your advise about the water and the bucket contains a lot of incomplete sentences and therefore I cannot use that advice.
I hope you understand

i love your website :)
may Allah bless you

a sister

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