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Jinn, jinn possession and ar-ruqyah

Posted on: December 3, 2011


Shaykh Fawzee Al Atharee

Translated By Aboo Hakeem – Spubs

Because the shuyookh (scholars) see this as being an issue that is widespread amongst the Muslims, they’ve decided to have this session solely for the discussion of this topic. So, for that purpose, In Shaa Allaah this session will be concerning the Jinn, Jinn Possession, Ar Ruqyah, and affairs related to that.

Shaykh Fawzee said, “This sickness is like other than it from the sicknesses amongst you. It is an affair that’s a must to be cured. It is a must that a person afflicted by it be cured, just as a person who had a physical sickness, a normal sickness, he’d go to the doctor. He’d have himself examined. He’d fine out what the best cure for himself would be. Likewise, in regards to this type of sickness, it too requires that a person be examined and given the correct cure.”

“It is possible, just as the sickness affected the body, it may weaken the body so much so that the person is not able to perform acts of worship. Likewise, this sickness of the person afflicted by the Jinn, it’s a sickness that is harmful to the body. It is possible that that sickness, just like a normal sickness, may affect and be of the sicknesses which are widespread, contaminant, and can spread to other than the person initially afflicted by it. He ends up afflicting the rest of his family because of the fact that he doesn’t receive that cure of that thing, and it spreads in and amongst his family. In that way, no doubt harm is obtained, or will come from that sickness, therefore it is a must that the sickness is cured.”

“We’ve found some people not liking that we discuss and deal with this issue, or not like that the person afflicted by that – that he is cured. It’s possible that the person may remain silent about this affair, knowing that it’s present for whatever reason. In actuality, he should deal with that affliction and get it cured as Allah said, “Ask the people of the reminder if you do not know.”

“So, the origin is that a person should go to a doctor and seek for himself to be examined. If there’s nothing that can be found by way of general medicine, and a general doctor, and there’s nothing after that that can be found then, indeed the affair should be returned back to the people of knowledge. As the Messenger (peace be upon him) has informed us, “There’s no sickness, except that sickness has with it a cure.”

“Indeed, this was an illness that was present amongst the Sahaabah (may Allah be pleased with them all). From them were those who were affected, and cured by way of the Qur-aan. This is referring to the narration: A woman came to the Messenger (peace be upon him) and she had her son with her. She sought from the Messenger that he should read upon her son because the Jinn afflicted him. So we see that this was something found present in and amongst some of the Sahaabah, and they used to seek a cure from this affair. Likewise, in this time, this is something widespread, and it has a cure and In Shaa Allaah we’re going to speak concerning that cure.”

The Shaykh said, “This issue of a person being affected by the Jinn is a natural affair. So, why should a person be shy in dealing with this affair, or shy away from it in regards to dealing with it, mentioning it to his relatives, and other than them who are near to him? Just like any other sickness, like the sickness of a fever, or other than that from the sicknesses, a person would mention that he had such and such sickness and he would deal with that sickness. We find that many of the people leave this affair and they do not mention this sickness and this affair even though they know that it is present.”

“From the cures in that regard, first and foremost, he clings to the Kitaab (Al Qur-aan) and the Sunnah. It is upon him to study At Tawheed. Indeed, the issue of studying Tawheed, we’ve found that it is something that affects the Jinn. It harms the Jinn. Indeed the Jinn are affected by the study of Tawheed, and we’ve seen this in actuality. A person who’s affected by the Jinn, he’s not able to be tranquil in the lessons of Tawheed. He’s not able to be serene in those lessons. Likewise, we’ve found this in some of the women. In the lessons of Tawheed, the women who were affected, they’re unable to be tranquil and serene.

It is possible that the Jinn will leave a person just by him studying Tawheed. Therefore, it is upon the individuals affected by this, that they cling to the study of Tawheed. Indeed the Jinn are individuals who do not like ‘ilm. They do not like knowledge because knowledge is something which is light! The Jinn are not settled in the body of the individual who seeks ‘ilm. He’s not settled. Rather he’s in a state of i’tiraab (being unsettled) in the night and day (their night).”

“For the person who’s affected by the Jinn, that which is upon him is the study of Tawheed, and that he studies the other sciences. It is upon him that he cures himself first, before other people cure him, and this is by him making a lot of adhkaar (dhikr pl.), and the different forms of dhikr that have occurred in the Book and Sunnah, especially those adhkaar that come at the end of each Salaat. So, a person fortifies himself, for instance, reciting Sooratul Falaq, and Naas, and those du’aa that have occurred in the Sunnah, and the statements of the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him), “I seek refuge in the complete perfect Words of Allaah, from the evil that HE has created,” three times in the morning and three in the evening.”

“Likewise, the recitation of Aayaatul Kursee (2/255): The Messenger (peace be upon him) used to constantly recite Aayaatul Kursee. If this was the case with the Messenger (peace be upon him), than what is the case with other than him? It is upon you to protect yourself and your family with the likes of this recitation. Likewise, with the recitation of the Qur-aan, and that a person listens to the Qur-aan in his house, and car. A person does not go to those individual who utilizes the Jinn to cure the Jinn. He does not go to the magician. He goes to the individual who cures the Jinn upon the way of the Sunnah, and that they recite upon the way of the Sunnah. They do not cure the Jinn by way of utilizing the Jinn. It’s possible that a person may have a Jinn with him, and he’s not affected by the one’s who use magic to cure the Jinn. So it’s upon that person to seek the cure from one who cures by way of the Kitaab and Sunnah.”

“The Shaykh went on the mention that this affair of the Jinn, it is possible that he may leave the body of that individual by way of qiraa-a (recitation of the Qur-aan). It may leave by way of a person being constant in reciting the different adhkaar, different forms of remembrance upon himself. It is possible just by way of him doing that the Jinn may leave him without anybody reciting over him. Therefore a person afflicted by it should understand that he has to be patient, and know that his reward is with Allaah, just like the woman who was afflicted with epilepsy at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and she used to have fits, as it occurred in the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him). She used to have those fits and she remained in that state until she died. So, it is possible that Allaah may test a servant with that, and it doesn’t leave him, it remains with him by way of a test for him. His reward will be with Allaah. Allaah may test a servant for more than one reason. Allaah may test a servant with the Jinn, for instance, for him being distant from Allaah. So, Allaah tests him by allowing him to be afflicted by way of the Jinn.”

“With the exiting of the Jinn, we have found that many individuals who once had a Jinn with them, after the recitation and the like, after being cured and the Jinn leaving them, they’ve became from amongst the strongest of the tulaabul ‘ilm (students of knowledge). Therefore a person needs to be strong upon making the qiraa-a, and know that the ajar (reward) for reciting the Qur-aan is with Allah.”

The Shaykh continued by saying, “The philosophers reject this affair, and its something which is a trial, a test for a person. It’s possible that it may be by way of a punishment for a person, just as Allaah has said, “And whoever stays away from the remembrance of Ar Rahmaan, then HE will make for him a shaytaan (devil), and he will be a partner for him.”

“So know, that this issue of the Jinn entering mankind, it is possible that the Jinn may enter a person at a time when he is heedless of Allaah. The majority of the time that a Jinn enters a person is when a person experiences extreme fear, or is extremely heedless, or sometimes from extreme joy. It is possible that Jinn may enter out of Ishq (extreme love) that it has for an individual. So it is possible that a male Jinn has seen someone from the females of the human beings and liked something from that individual so entered. And vice versa, a woman from the Jinn may have seen a human being and entered because of something that it loved from that individual.”

Some people – the Jinn enter into them because of that fact that the person constantly frightens himself concerning them. Or, he convinces himself that he has a Jinn and he doesn’t have anything. It is possible for instance, when a person is in a dark room, and he imagines that he saw something move and he believes it to be a Jinn. Or, he sees something fall upon the floor, something that is regular, but he believes it to be something from the Jinn. This may occur as the Shaykh mentioned because of the people imagining that they’ve seen something that is not in actuality. It is a must that a person is certain that that which they’ve seen, and that which they’re fearing is most definitely something from the Jinn so that the person doesn’t address himself with something that doesn’t really exist.”

There’s something that is known as a sickness connected to the blood of a person that has an affect on his brain. A person may believe he has Jinn, when actuality he has a sickness that connected to his blood. Or, there’s a possibility that that sickness may lead to the brain and make him speak strangely, or do strange things making the people or himself believe that he has a jinn, when in actuality it is a physical sickness that leads him to acting that way. Therefore it is a must that a person is certain that a Jinn is present, and not some sort of sickness that is a physical sickness.”

So, if it a person is certain that he’s sick, then it is upon him to recite upon himself with firm will and firm intent when he does so, so that he may remove that sickness. If after doing so, he finds that there’s nothing wrong with him, he should go and have himself examined at the hospital by way of the doctor.”

There are some people whom the Shaykh wanted to draw our intention to that utilizes the issue of Ar Ruqyah for the purpose of making money. It’s possible that these people are happy, or happier when a person is afflicted, and affected by this sickness than when the people are free of it, and the people are in good body, mind, and health. It is possible that we’ll find from the people who utilize Ar Ruqyah and make trade, and money from it – we find them holding tight to the arteries of a person until that person possibly passes away, passes out and becomes unconscious because of the manner in which he’s holding on to the arteries of that person (the jugular vein). So, the person believes that he has a Jinn, – in actuality it happens because of the fact that the person held on tightly to the jugular vein.”

The person who does this and removes the jinn, he knows and has it firm in his heart, that this Ruqyah is an ebaadah from the Ebaadaat (a worship from the acts of worship) and it’s something that he’s using it to draw closer to Allaah and not that he utilizes it to earn money. It’s possible that he may utilize it likewise, or they may be in that something from da’wah for the people who’s receiving that recitation. So, maybe he can advise them against listening to music, singing, and different types of evil deeds that a person may be upon.”

You’ll find that the people who are receiving that recitation, they’ll accept that statements of the person. And likewise, he (the Shaykh) mentioned that there are people from the Christians, the Jews and from amongst the Soofiyyah who are themselves magicians and claim to cure from the Jinn. So, they themselves possibly send out Jinns in order to afflict, and affect the people, so that the people would come to them. They’d cure those people of the Jinns that they themselves sent out. Therefore, it is something that a person should understand is another form from the forms of the conflict between the Awliyaa of Ar Rahmaan (the allies of Allaah) and the Awliyaa of Ash Shaytaan.”

Shaykh Fawzee continued by saying, “The sins, generally by committing them it is possible that they make it easy for the Jinn to enter the body of mankind. So, it comes to the stage of the individual that he’s so immersed in sin that he forgets the remembrance of Allaah, and he doesn’t remember HIM except a little. It is possible that he leaves the recitation of the Qur-aan, and it is possible that some of them leave the Salaat. For that reason we’ve found that the vast majority of those people who are affected by the Jinn they’re sinful individuals, they’re ‘usaat (sinners). Certainly it has occurred that some people who’re upon their religion, and practicing it, are affected by the Jinn but we’ve found that to be little.”

So, indeed the Messenger (peace be upon him) someone worked magic upon him. But, those who’re affected by the Jinn and are firm upon their religion are very, very few. The vast majority who’re affected are those who are sinful individuals.

So, the person who is affected, as we’ve mentioned it is for him to turn to the Ebaadah in its different forms, and to return to the qiraa-a of the Qur-aan, the performance of Salaat, return to ‘ilm, return to Tawheed as was mentioned, and that the person leaves alone the sins.

The Categories Of Jinn Are 3

As relates to a question, Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez (rahimahullah) mentions that Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah (rahimahullah) said, “From the Jinn are those Jinn who enter mankind just because they (the Jinn) are mischievous. They like to play around. He has free time, so he decides that he’s going to be mischievous with someone from amongst mankind, thus he enters him.”

From the Jinn are those who enter mankind because of ‘Ishq, or passionate love that they have for the human being. As for the one who enters because he’s playing, it is easy to remove him. As for the second type, it is certainly harder to remove it although Allaah has ability over everything.

As for the third type, it is the type of Jinn that enters because of adaawah (animosity). The human being did something unknowingly to that Jinn, so out of adaawah he enters him.

Q. Many of the brothers like to train and do physical exercise, and martial arts of the Orients. Is it permissible to study the philosophy of these people, like the Buddhists, the Taoists and their like if it is known that these people claim to do amazing things with the mind, body and strength? Is it a physical reality or do the Jinn aid them? Jazaakumullaahu khairaan.

A. Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez (rahimahullah) replied by saying, “As for referring to it as philosophy, it is something that is new to me. The origin is that these types of sports, exercises and such things in regards to their origin and ruling are permissible, like weight training and other than that. If a person intended by way of that the disobedience to Allaah, then obviously this is not permissible. As for the fact that these sports came from the Kuffaar, then this is not something that is a major concern to us, the main thing is that there is no opposition in that to the Sharee’ah, or in it is the wasting of time. We find, for instance a person spends the whole of his life just servicing his body, just like the person who has a sword, he spends his life servicing his sword, shining and polishing it, but he doesn’t fight with his sword.”

“Likewise, it doesn’t have anything in it that oppose the Sharee’ah like exposing his ‘awrah (private parts), or that he lives and dies for his club. As long as none of those affairs are present, then the performance of these arts are permissible, especially if a person wanted to perform them with the purpose of that which draws him closer to Allaah, and strengthens himself for Allaah, then this is something which is permissible.”

“As for it being connected to the Jinn, this is not something that is correct, in fact it is something that is incorrect, and Allaah has taught mankind that which they did not know. This is something that returns back to experience of those individuals, their own training and it doesn’t have a connection with the Jinn.”

“Generally, the issue of utilizing the Jinn in regards to these arts are something that returns back to the individual himself. It is possible that a person may involve himself in those arts and may utilize something from the Jinn, but that doesn’t necessitate that the art itself has its basis in the Jinn; just as we find some people are able to perform certain feats, jumps and the like but it returns back to the physical ability of that person.”

“If it is established that a person actually uses the Jinn in those arts, this is not permissible. Just as we find that some of the people are able to move objects with the mind, or for instance; carry themselves from one place to another like Baitul Maqdi by way of the Jinn. If a person uses that, then it would return back to the art, Wallaahu A’lam.”

Shaykh Fawzee (hafidhahullah) said, “Shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah (rahimahullah) there are examples of people who’re carried by the Jinn and use them for their own purpose. Some of them were carried by the Jinn and passed by the Miqaat in Hajj and allowed them to land in front of the Kaâ’bah. This is something that Ibn Taymeeyah said the Jinns are able to do with the human beings.”

Q. Is it permissible for a Muslim to cure a non-Muslim affected by the Jinn? What are the circumstances? Jazaakumullaahu khairaan.

A. This is something that is permissible if the person is a male or female from amongst the disbelievers. What is the upon the person who’s doing that cure to call him to Islaam, perhaps Allaah will make him a Muslim by way of that person. So, it is possible that he may cure him. We’ve found that this happened to some of our brothers back home. They gave cure to some people from amongst the Kuffaar and those individuals became Muslim after receiving that cure. It is permissible, but call that person to Islaam.

Q. Are there any texts describing what the Jinn actually look like?

A. Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez (rahimahullah) said concerning the question, “As for right now I don’t know of any clear proof that explains that concerning their characteristics and what they look like exactly. But, we find that the Qur-aan has described to us something to make us understand what they look like, and they are ugly beings. When Allaah said concerning the Tree of Zaqqum, HE said that its fruits are as though they are the heads of shayaateen (devils), which indicates that they have ugly faces, and are ugly beings. Anything other than that by way of text, then nothing else comes to me concerning that and if Shaykh Fawzee knows anything, then perhaps he could benefit us by way of it.”

Shaykh Fawzee (hafidhahullah) said, “Concerning their form, then indeed as Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez mentioned, their forms are ugly forms just as was mentioned in the Qur-aan. So, we’ve found that we’ve read on some people that have with them this matter and their faces have come out of those people, and they have ugly faces. We’ve seen the change in their eyes and the change in their faces, which indicates that they’re very ugly, and that is as it relates to the shayaateen, the evil Jinn. As for a proof concerning the normal Jinn, then I don’t know of a proof describing their natural form. There are some people that we’ve seen from those whom we’ve recited upon; they have the form of mankind. Its possible that they have a beautiful form of an individual from amongst the humans.”

“On one occasion, we recited Ar Ruqyah on someone that had a female Jinn in him. When she came out, we found that her face was very beautiful. The person performing the cure said that we have not seen the like of her in beauty. It is possible that a person recites over someone and sees something very ugly. Some of the people, we’ve recited over them and their face changed from a normal face, to the face of a Jinn, but the face of the Jinn was a normal face like someone from amongst mankind “not an ugly face, neither was it a beautiful face, it was a normal face from amongst mankind. So, the face of that person changed from his normal face and became the face of someone else, but it was a regular face, not an ugly face, nor a very beautiful face.”

“Sometimes that Jinn take on the form of a scorpion, or snakes. From them are Jinn that remain present all the time in one place, and from them are those Jinns who travel from place to place, so indeed the Jinns take on different shapes and forms.”

Q. What they the characteristics of the one who performs the exorcism?

A. Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez said, “The Raaqee (person who performs the Ruqyah), it is a must that he is not a person who has made Ar Ruqyah a means of obtaining wealth, rather he does it seeking the Face of Allaah. Na’am, it is possible that some of the people have with them the ability to cure. Sick people are constantly brought to them, so they’re performing Ruqyah, being busy away from everything else. For this type of person, it is permissible for him to take something to make living easy for him, but not more than that which allows him to live, as it has occurred in the hadeeth of Abee Saâ’eed (rahimahullah), he performed Ar Ruqyah and was given something for it. We have seen some of the people perform Ar Ruqyah and take by way of it take a great amount of wealth and become very rich.”

It is upon the person who performs Ar Ruqyah to be strong in his Tawheed and ‘Aqeedah, not afraid and they must be firm. It is possible that if he performs Ar Ruqyah and the Jinn appears, that it may see something from weakness in him, thus enters him. Just like the person who stands to fight with a sword, he is not a fighter. So, a person therefore is strong in his ‘Aqeedah and Tawheed and he doesn’t fear the presence of the Jinn and he’s firm upon his religion.”

“Likewise, from his characteristics is that he doesn’t speak a lot to the Jinn if it begins to speak to him because the Jinn knows that that speech is easier upon him than the recitation of the Qur-aan. So, when the Jinn speaks, the best thing for that person to do is to busy himself by reciting the Qur-aan in order to weaken the Jinn by it. This is because we find some people speaking to the Jinn as though he is a journalist interviewing the Jinn. This is something that should be stayed away from. Rather, the person should busy himself with reciting the Qur-aan upon the individual, and do not be fooled by the Jinn who wants the person to speak so that he may stop reciting the Qur-aan.” “If a person is making Ruqyah upon a woman, the woman observes her full hijaab, and she has with her a mahram from those who are related to her from her mahareem. The person doesn’t hold on to her, he doesn’t hold on to her neck, or parts of her body. The person should fear Allaah with his gaze and he should not look at the woman or the sister who’s being exorcised. This is because, it may occur something from zinaa of the qalb (heart), and the person may be swayed in his performance of the Ruqyah.”



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