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Ruqya amal against many jinns

Posted on: December 3, 2011

This is the sets of Ruqya:

To remove them, so that the patient can have a normal Muslim life, free from jinn/sihir, we suggest 2 phases:

  1. Phase 1 – freeze the jinns
  2. Phase 2 – break the shield



Recite every night for 14 nights in a row:

1. Istiqfar 3x
2. Fatiha 1x,
3. Ayatul Qursi 1x,
4. Al-Baqarah 285-286 1x
5. Al-Ikhlas 3x,
6. Salawat/Darood 11x – shortest is "ALLAH humma sali ‘ala Muhammad wa ‘ala aa-li Muhammad"
7. Niyat (3x) – Eg of niyyat: "YA ALLAH, YA HAYYU QAYYUM, YA MALIKul QUDUS, YA WAHAB, YA RABB, please protect me from all calamities, all sihir, all jinn, and the evils from all creatures"
8. Salawat/Darood 21x –
10. Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim 21x
11. ALLAH Hu akbar 33x
12. Ayatul Qursi 1x
13. Al-Baqarah: 163 21x
14. Ayatul Qursi 1x (and repeat the last phrase 33x – "wa la ya u duhu hif zuhuma, wahuwal aliyul azim")
15. Yasin: 17-18 21x
16. Al-Mu’minoon: 117-118 21x
17. Salawat/Darood 21x
18. Ameen .

Upon completion of recitations, immediately take deep breathe and blow into bottle(s) of water, olive oil and apple vinegar. Make sure sure each gets 3x good blow. All blowings must be completed within 2 minutes.

After the 7th night of recitation, we can use the recited water to drink at least 3 glass per day. Each glass should have either lime juice from 1/4 slice of fresh whole lime. Or 1 teaspoon of vinegar. But do not drink on empty stomach, as lime juice and vinegar are sharp on stomach.


Preparatory Amal

zikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 1000x (to strengthen our amal)
Yasin 1x surah (protection against counter-attack)



1. Istiqfar 3x
2. Fatihah 1x
3. Salawat/Darood 21x
4. Ayatul Qursi, followed by Fatihah 21x – Explanation: repeat reciting Qursi followed by Fatihah, Qursi followed by Fatihah, Qursi followed by Fatihah until you reach 21x
5. Surah Yasin 3x
6. Surah Al-Hasyr: 21-24 for 21x
7. Al-Falaq 7x
8. An-Nas 7x
9. Al-Ikhlas 7x
10. Salawat/Darood 21x
11. Ameen.

Remember after you have finished reciting the amal, you should blow your breath on a bottle of drinking water and use the water for drink. Please use a large bottle of water. If you start tonight, you recite and blow on the drinking water. Tomorrow night you recite and blow on the same drinking water.


7 Responses to "Ruqya amal against many jinns"

Without niyat muraqaba is done or not able thank you

Ruqya Amal

Islamic sufism spirituality

Assalamu alaikum hazrat in muraqabah niyyat is important and how to free from shaitani hamla and nafsiyat .assalamu alaikum

Assalamu alaikum hazrat how are you .hazrat how much knowledge must a seeker need a traveler of a spritiual journey and what is the importance of tauba in sufism …may allah swt protect you .assalamu alaikum

Assalamu alaikum hazrat what should do for protection from nazar e bad and waswasa .may Allah pak protect you

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