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Shaykh Muqbil’s advice to the Jinn of Ahl us-Sunnah

Posted on: December 9, 2011

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…So from them (the jinn) are evil corrupt kafirs and with them is the ignorant, and with them is the Sunni, and with them is the shiite, and with them is the soofe. And it has been narrated that a jinn came to Al A’mash (ÇáÃÚãÔ) So Al A’mash gave him permission to eat some food. Then Al A’mash asked him, “Do you have with you something from An Nahl? Meaning the people of desires. The Jinn replied yes. And we find the most evil of them are the raafida.

…so this affair is important; that the Jinn from Ahlus Sunna obtain knowledge in the deen of ALLAH. And the Lord of Might says in His glorious book,

“And say, Oh my Lord increase me in knowledge.”(Chapter TAHA verse 114)

And He says,

“Is he then who knows that what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth like him who is blind? (Chapter Raad verse 19)

So how will the Jinn be able to distinguish between the truth and falsehood if they don’t obtain knowledge in the deen of ALLAH? especially while we are in this dark time period. So acquiring knowledge in the deen of ALLAH is a must.

And surely many from amongst mankind have been deceived by some of the “callers” to ALLAH. So they see a beard dyed with henna, and the thoub is half way up the shin, and the turban is rounded, so they say, “This one is the caller to ALLAH”. And surely you will find from amongst the Jinn these types also.

And I will give you an example from the hizbis from amongst mankind that we have with us and those that change the words from their proper places.

I and Abdul Majid Az Zindani were with the President, (The Sheik means the president of Yemen, Abdullah Salih, may ALLAH preserve him) so I said to the two of them, “I ask you two together to establish a proof that we are too stern”. Because they say that Ahlus Sunna are too stern. So the President was quiet, and that was appreciated from him. So Abdul Majid Az Zindani said, “As for me I have with me (as a proof) your speech (criticizing) the people.” So I said to him, verily the Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, said to Mu’adh, “Are you a trouble maker oh Mu’adh”. And he said to Abi Dhar, “Verily you are a person with some traits of ignorance in you”. So the President looked at Abdul Majid Az Zindani, meaning (by his look) “well, what is your response?” And Abdul Majid Az Zindani didn’t have anything else to say except, “Verily that proof has been abrogated.” (Abolished)

And I want these words to be recorded here so that the Scholars of the Muslims, those that defend the hizbis will know how they (the hizbis) rule upon the proofs. Who preceded you oh Abdul Majid and said that this proof has been abrogated?

…And if the Jinn from Ahlus Sunna wish for ALLAH to raise them, then it is upon them to hold firm to the book of ALLAH and to the sunna of the Messenger of ALLAH, peace and blessing be upon him. For verily the Messenger of ALLAH said, “Whoever turns away from my sunna is not from me.” And I am impressed by the words of Sheik Al Islam Ibn Tamiya, may ALLAH have mercy upon him, he said, ALLAH only raises a person according to his level of holding firm to the sunna of the Messenger, peace and blessing be upon him.

…And returning to our advice to our brothers from amongst the Jinn, we advise them to attend the classes of knowledge; and perhaps some people think that they (the Jinn) don’t attend the classes of knowledge. And there was a man there from Sa’da, and a jinn used to come to him to study the Koran; but the jinn was ignorant; and perhaps even a devil. So the jinn used to deceive our companion from Sa’da, so if anyone became sick the jinn would say to him, “You must slaughter a black rooster”. So he would say to the jinn, “That is not permissible.” So the jinn would say, “This sickness is not cured except by slaughtering a black rooster.”

Another person used to study in Riyadh, and a young jinni girl used to come to him to memorize Koran. So she used to sit behind him, and he would give her coffee, so she would take the coffee from him and drink it.

And another person used to study in the circles of knowledge, this particular day before he even realized it there was a voice saying, “Oh Sheik, Oh Sheik”, and those present did not know who was speaking. So the Sheik said, “Yes, what do you want.” So the jinn said, “These companions of yours, who are arriving, are throwing a stick, and it is not hitting anyone except us.”

So the Jinn are not prevented from attending the circles of knowledge. And a brother informed me that he was curing a person who had become possessed, so he (the jinn) said to him, “You are reading upon me, and I am a student of Abi Abdur Rahman Muqbil ibn Haadi Al Waadi. And this brother, the one who was doing the curing is the brother Naasir Al Kareemi; then the jinn said to him, “You used to have a house beneath the mountain”. And this was correct; the brother Naasir used to live beneath the mountain was he was here in Damaj. …

So there is nothing that prevents some of them from being present during the classes, and we say to them welcome. But as for those that cause harm and the devils, “And say “O my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee from the suggestions of the Evil Ones.

“And I seek refuge with Thee O my Lord! Lest they should come near me.” (Chapter 23 verse 98)

But as for the one that is present from the jinn and is well behaved, and benefits and returns and relays (the knowledge) to his people and does not harm his brothers; then it is no problem. (If he attends the lessons) And he studies the knowledge, and works by it, and calls to ALLAH. Because the deen is complete, comprehensive. ALLAH says,

“O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly” (Chapter 2 verse 208)


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