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Black Magic rituals are very popular in Thailand

Posted on: December 28, 2011

No wonder why ALLAH swt has been sending sonamis to this region, Thailand, Indonesia, India etc….

Peoples of these regions believes Black magic is the short cut to become a RICH.

These pictures belongs to Thailand where Black Magic practice is very popular, peoples snatch the babies and sacrifice them on the name of Black magic to become rich.






Tsunami Indonesia 2004


Tsunami Indonesia 2010


2 Responses to "Black Magic rituals are very popular in Thailand"

Practice of Black Magic is very much rampant in Pakistan, India and even in many Arab countries. In Karachi specially it is known to have so many Tahbeej is being put in every grave yard that it is countless. Black Magic regardless where its being practiced is prohibited and should be approached to the practice r and believer of black magic to abandon the practice.

If any one need Quranic help to get rid of black magic,evil djinn etc..Contact with me i can help online fi sabi lillah(in the way of Allah free)Here is my email address…

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