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An eight-month PETA undercover investigation at the University of Utah has documented the daily suffering of dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits, and other animals in the school’s laboratories.

Homeless dogs and cats—who were bought for $15 to $25 from local animal shelters through a Utah state “pound-seizure” law, which requires government-run shelters to turn animals over to laboratories that request them—were used in cruel, invasive experiments. In one study, a litter of kittens born to a cat bought from an animal shelter died after they had a chemical injected into their brains to cause fluid to build up.

In other experiments
, mice whose back legs were paralyzed, rats suffering epileptic seizures, and mice with huge, ulcerated tumors covering their bodies were left to suffer without adequate veterinary care. Many animals died and were left for days before anyone noticed.

Please be a voice for the animals suffering in labs at the University of Utah. Take a minute of your time to urge the university to stop taking advantage of the animal overpopulation crisis and stop acquiring animals from shelters, which are supposed to protect animals from harm. Also, please call on administrators to release to the public complete records on all the animal experiments at the University of Utah funded by tax dollars, including grant proposals, experimental protocols, veterinary records, and minutes of oversight committee meetings.

Please take a little time and sign this petition.. at this link


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Award-Winning Films
that awaken compassion and deepen each individual’s understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.

A Charitable Organization
that empowers caring people everywhere to become agents of peaceful social change.

A Global Community
of people from all walks of life dedicated to living with kindness and respect for all living beings.

A Commitment
to actions guided by publicly stated values, ever mindful that the means are the end.

A Vision
of a world free of violence and full of beauty.

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Update: Following our investigation inside Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., 19 indictments for cruelty to animals were filed against former employees. Now, for the first time in U.S. history, two ex-employees have been convicted of abusing factory-farmed turkeys, and one has been jailed. Learn more on our blog.

More than 72 million of the nearly 270 million turkeys killed for food every year in the U.S. are slaughtered for holiday meals. In 2008, just prior to the flesh-focused Thanksgiving holiday, PETA conducted an undercover investigation lasting more than two months at the factory farms of Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., the self-proclaimed “world’s leading poultry breeding company.”

While working at a series of Aviagen factory farms in West Virginia, PETA’s investigator documented that workers tortured, mutilated, and maliciously killed turkeys. The following are just a few of the documented offenses:

  • Employees stomped on turkeys’ heads, punched turkeys, hit them on the head with a can of spray paint and pliers, and struck turkeys’ heads against metal scaffolding.
  • Men shoved feces and feed into turkeys’ mouths and held turkeys’ heads under water. Another bragged about jamming a broom stick 2 feet down a turkey’s throat.
  • A supervisor said he saw workers kill 450 turkeys with 2-by-4s.
  • One man said he saw a coworker fatally inject turkey semen and sulfuric acid into turkeys’ heads.

To learn more, please read the investigator’s log notes, view our photo gallery, and visit our blog.

PETA’s investigator repeatedly brought abuses to a supervisor’s attention. The supervisor responded, “Every once in a while, everybody gets agitated and has to kill a bird.” PETA also brought the abuse to the attention of Aviagen, and although the company made assurances and instituted some new rules, the cruelty did not stop.

The suffering typically found on factory farms was also routine in Aviagen’s sheds: Hens’ beaks were cut with pliers, massive birds collapsed and died of exhaustion or heart attacks, and turkeys were thrown into transport cages.

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Foxes on fur farms are forced to spend their entire lives in filthy cages with uncomfortable wire-mesh bottoms, deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, before they are finally killed and turned into fur coats or fur trim for retailers like Burberry.

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shocking investigation in Canada exposed how tens of thousands of black bears are killed each year in North America—often in front of their cubs, who were left orphaned. Bear hunting in Canada involves an indefensible practice known as “baiting and shooting.” PETA sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to support a ban on the baiting of black bears.

While there were probably once as many as 2 million black bears in North America, the population has severely declined. By current estimates, there are fewer than 600,000 living today. The once-wild places that are home to these peaceful animals are disappearing altogether, and black bears continue to suffer from unnatural deaths and terrible cruelty at the hands of “bait and shoot” hunters.

Hunters place bait in a barrel to attract the bears, and when these intelligent, gentle, and curious animals come to eat, they are shot—often several times before they die. Many bears escape wounded and face a slow death from blood loss, gangrene, or other infections, dehydration, or starvation.

Mother bears who are killed leave behind orphaned cubs who are completely dependent on them for food during their first 17 months, and when left in the wilderness alone, they often cannot survive. In many areas there are few restrictions against shooting mother bears with nursing cubs, leading to the destruction of entire families.

Because of the barbaric nature of bear baiting, it has been banned in British Columbia and many U.S. states. Many Canadians and numerous hunting and conservation groups agree that this is a cruel and unsportsmanlike practice, yet black bears continue to be mercilessly slaughtered in Canada.

Please join us in contacting Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and urge him to ban bear baiting in Canada. If you are a Canadian resident, please ask your Member of Parliament to help end bear baiting in your province.


For the sake of Allah and HIS animals – WATCH THIS and DO something about it! This is sickening! Share this and tell everyone you know to be KIND and LOVING to ALL animals! This is our duty as muslims and as human beings! THE ANIMALS SUFFER SO MUC…H – they do NOT deserve this cruelty! They need our understanding and compassion, we need to help them MORE!!! May Allah protect, preserve and rescue his animals from all the pain and intense suffering. What color is your heart….red or BLACK? MINE BLEEDS RED WITH ALLAH’S GIFT OF COMPASSION!



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