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Many articles i come across, writers are talking about and trying to prove that Iblis was not from the Jinns, so some of them tries to claim he was from Angels some says some others.

Anyway as a Muslim we believe on Quran and Sunnah only, when in Quran ALLAH swt clearly says that Iblis was from the  Jinns. Then why there is a discussion or questions that Was he from the jinns?



Sahih International

And [mention] when We said to the angels, “Prostrate to Adam,” and they prostrated, except for Iblees. He was of the jinn and departed from the command of his Lord. Then will you take him and his descendants as allies other than Me while they are enemies to you? Wretched it is for the wrongdoers as an exchange.


The Existence of Spirits Created from Smokeless Fire (jinn)

He mixed fire and plants, so the form of the jinn was set up as an interspace between two things

It is between a bodily spirit with a place in depth and a spirit without “where”.

That which accepts embodiment seeks for food for nourishment without falsehood, And that which accepts the angels, accepts the heart in taking shape in the source.

For this reason, it obeys one moment and rebels the next. He will repay those of them who disobey with two fires.

Creation of the Jinn, angels and man

Allah says,

“He created jinn from a fusion of smokeless fire.” (55:14)

It is reported in sound hadith [saying of the Prophet],

“Allah created the angels from light and Allah created the jinn from fire and He created man from what you were told.”

As for what the Prophet said about the creation of man “from what you were told”, he was concise and did not specify it as he did in the case of the creation of the angels and the jinn. The Prophet “was given all the words”. This is part of them. The basic creation of angels and jinn did not vary.

The creation of man is varied as there are four categories of man’s creation.

  • The creation of Adam does not resemble the creation of Eve.
  • The creation of Eve does not resemble the creation of the rest of the children of Adam.
  • The creation of Jesus does not resemble the creation of the others.
  • Here the Messenger of Allah was concise. He has transmitted to us the details of the creation of man.

1-Adam was created from clay, 2-Eve from a rib, 3-‘Isa is from the blowing of a spirit, and the 4-children of Adam from “a contemptible water“. (77:20)

The conceptual cohesion of heaven and earth

When Allah set up the four basic elements and smoke rose to the bottom of the Sphere of Fixed Stars, the seven heavens unwound themselves in that smoke, each separate from each other. He “revealed, in every heaven, its ordinance” after “He established in it its nourishment” and all that was “in four days”. Then he said to the heavens and the earth

“Come willingly or unwillingly.” (41:9-11)

i.e. they answer when they are called to produce what He wants them to produce. They said, “we come willingly.”

Then Allah established a conceptual cohesion between heaven and earth and a direction by which He desires to bring into existence products in this earth in the form of minerals, plants and animals. He made the earth like the wife and the heaven like the husband.

  • The heaven casts to earth the command of Allah in it as a man casts water into a woman in intercourse.
  • In that casting, the earth brings forth the types of formations which Allah has hidden in its.

The four elements and the formation of man and jinn

When air is ignited and heated, it burns like the lamp. The burning of that fire is the flame which is the burning of the air and this is smokeless (marj, jumbled) because it is mixed with the air and is the burning air. Marj is mixture and from this the smokeless is marj since the plants are mixed in it.

The jinn are composed of the two elements of fire and air,

  • as man is composed of the two elements of water and earth kneaded together which produced the name mud.
  • Similarly the mixture of air and fire has the name ‘smokeless fire’. Allah created the form of jinn in that smokeless fire.
  • Because of the air which is in the jinn, they can assume whatever form they wish. Because of the fire which is in them, they are
    insubstantial and very subtle, and they seek dominance, pride and might since fire has the highest position of the elements and it has great power to change things as nature demands.
  • That is reason why he [the jinn Iblis] was too proud to prostrate to Adam when Allah commanded him to do so, because of his own estimation of himself. He said,

    “I am better than Him” (7:12)

    , i.e. meaning according to the basis by which Allah preferred fire among the four elements.

The jinn did not know that the power of water from which Adam was created was stronger than fire for it extinguishes it and earth is firmer than fire by cold and dryness.

Adam has strength and constancy by the dominance of the two elements from which Allah derived him. Even though he also possesses the rest of the elements – air and fire, they do not have the authority in him. The jinn also have the rest of the elements…

Adam was given humility on account of the clayness of his nature.

  • When he is proud, that is incidental (and not intrinsic to his nature).
  • He accepts that because of the element of fire in him as his imagination and states accept different forms because of the element of air in him.
  • The jinn are given pride by the nature of fire in them. If they are humble, that is something incidental which they accept because of the element of earth in them. They also accept fixation in enticement if they are devils and fixation in acts of obedience if they are not devils.

The jinn when Surat ar-Rahman (Chapter 55 of the Qur’an) was recited

When the Prophet recited Surat ar-Rahman to his Companions, he said,

“I was reciting it for the jinn. They listened to it better than you. When I said, ‘So which of your Lord’s blessings will you deny?’ they stated, ‘We do not deny any of the blessings of our Lord’. They affirmed them and did not quake when they were told, “So which of your Lord’s blessings will you deny?”

in his recitation. That is by is in the nature of the jinn of earth and of water which remove the fieriness of fire. Some of them are obedient to Allah and some are rebellious, like us; but they can take on forms as can the angels.

Their basic form is spiritual

Allah has made them invisible to us so we do not see them except when Allah wishes to lift the veil for certain individuals who then see them.

  • Since the jinn are insubstantial and subtle, they can take form in whatever sensory form they wish.
  • Their basic form is the spiritual one which was the first form the first jinn accepted when Allah brought him into existence.
  • Then he took on various forms according to what Allah willed. If Allah had opened our eyes so that we could see what the forms conceived by the conceptual faculty through the imagination (khayal), then at different times you would have seen man in various forms which are unlike one another.

Procreation in jinn and men

Then Allah breathed the spirit into the flame which was full of turbulence because of its insubstantiality. The blowing increased the turbulence and air dominated it and it did not remain in the same condition.

  • The world of the jinn appeared in that form.
  • As intercourse occurred in mankind by the casting of water in the womb and progeny and birth occurs in this mortal Adamic species,
  • So procreation occurs in the jinn by casting air into the womb of their female, and progeny and birth occurs in the jinn.
  • They exist by Sagittarius and it is fiery. That was mentioned by the one who
    arrived – may Allah preserve him!

The years between the creation of jinn and men

There were 60,000 years between the creation of Jann (the first jinn) and the creation of Adam. This is necessary according to the claim of some people that birth will cease among the jinn after 4000 years and that birth will end with man after 7000 years.

  • However, things do not occur on that basis. Things will occur occurring to what Allah wills. The jinn still procreate and we still procreate. So when did man begin, how many years of progeny does he have left and how much time remains until the end of this world and the annihilation of mankind on the face of the earth and their transfer to the Next World? This is not the stance taken by those who are firmly rooted in knowledge. It is stated by a small group of people and will not be repeated.

The Jinn are an interspace between angels and men

The angels are spirits breathed into lights.

  • The jinn are spirits breathed into winds.
  • Men are spirits breathed into shapes.
  • It is said that a female was not separated from the first existing jinn as Eve was separated from Adam.
  • One of them said Allah created a vulva in the first existent jinn, so part of him mated with the other part and offspring like those of Adam were born to him: a male and female who married each other.
  • So the jinn’s nature was hermaphrodite. For that reason the jinn are part of the world of the interspace: they resemble men and resemble angels as the hermaphrodite resembles both the male and female

The food and marriage of the jinn

The elements of air and fire dominate the jinn.

  • For that reason, their food is what the air carried by of fat in bones.
  • Allah made their provision in them.
  • So we see that the bone and its flesh is not decreased at all and we know that Allah gave them their sustenance in the bones.
  • This is why the Prophet said about bones,

    “They are sustenance for your brothers among the jinn.”

    In a hadith,

    “Allah appoints their sustenance in them.”

    Someone to whom this was unveiled reported to us that he saw the jinn come to some bones and sniff them like beasts of pray sniff. Then they went back having taken their sustenance. Their food was taken in that sniffing. Glory be to the Subtle, the All-Aware!

As their union with each other in marriage, it is in the form of twisting – like what you see of smoke issuing from a kiln or a pottery oven. The smoke intermingles and each of the two individuals enjoys that mutual entry. Their ejaculation resembles like the seed of the palm and is in the form of pure scent, just as is the case with their food.

The tribes and clans of the jinn

They have tribes and clans. It is said that they are contained in twelve tribes and then they branch into subtribes.

  • There are great wars between them, and some whirlwinds are, in fact, the centre of their battles.
  • The whirlwind is the mutual opposition of two opposing winds, each preventing its companion from passing through.
  • So that barrier leads to the circle witnessed visually in the physical dust which is the effect of the mutual opposition of the two winds.
  • Their battles are like that, but not every whirlwind is on of their battles.
  • The story of ‘Amr the jinn is famous. He was killed in a whirlwind which was seen. It dispersed from him while he was dying. It did not take long for him to die. He was a pious jinn. If the basis of this book had been to present traditions and tales, we would have mentioned some of them, but this is a book about the science of meanings. You can look for their stories
    elsewhere in book of history and poems.

The manner in which the spiritual world appears in forms

When this spiritual world takes on shape and appears in a sensory form, the eyes confine it since it cannot abandon that form as long as the eye continues to look at it although that it is the human being which is looking.

  • When human eye defines it and continues to look at it, the spiritual (ruhani) being does not have a place into which it can disappear, so this spiritual being manifests a form which it puts on itself like a veil.
  • Then the spiritual being makes the person imagine that that form has left him in a particular direction, so his eye follows it.
  • When his eye follows it, the spiritual being leaves its confinement and vanishes.
  • When it disappears, that form vanishes from the sight of the one who is looking at it and following it with his eye.
  • In relation to the spiritual being, that form is like light is in the case of a lamp whose light is diffused in the corners.
  • When the body of the lamp is absent, the light is lost. It is thus with this form. If someone knows this and wants to confine that spiritual being, he should not follow the form with his eye.
  • This is one of the divine secrets which are only known by the instruction of Allah. The form is not other than
    spiritual being. Indeed it is the same, even if it is in a thousand places, or in every place, with different shapes.

If it happens that one of those forms is slain and apparently dies, that spiritual being moves from the life of this world to the interspace just as we move when we die.

No information about it remains in this world, just as is the case with us.

  • Those sensory forms in which the spiritual beings appear are called ‘bodies’.
  • It is the words of Allah,

    “We cast a mere body on his throne” (38:34)


    “We did not give them bodies which did not eat food.” (21:8)

  • The difference between jinn and angels, even though they share in spirituality, is that the food of the jinn consists of foods found in natural bodies.
  • The angels are not like that. That is why Allah mentioned in the story of the guests of Abraham,

    “When he saw that their hands were not reaching for it, he was suspicious of them” (11:70)

    i.e. the angels did not reach for the roasted calf and they did not eat it which made him afraid.

The formation of the world of the jinn

When the time for the formation of the world of the jinn came, He directed three of the trusty angels in the first sphere who took their deputies which they needed for this formation from the second heaven.

  • Then they descended to the heavens and took two deputies from the second and the sixth there.
  • They descended to the elements and prepared the place. Three other guardians followed them, and they took whatever deputies they needed from the second heaven, and then descended to the third heaven, and to the fifth from there.
  • They took two angels. They passed by the sixth heaven and took another deputy from the angels. Then they descended to the elements in order to complete the formation. The remaining six descended and took the remaining deputies in the second heaven and the heavens. All were gathered for the ordering of this formation by the permission of the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

When the formation of the world of the jinn was complete, Allah directed the spirit from the World of Command and breathed a spirit into that form by which life flowed into it.

  • It stood uttering the praise and glorification of the One Who brought it into existence: this is the natural disposition on which He fashioned it.
  • Within it there was might and immensity whose cause is not recognized nor discovered since at that time there was no another creature in existence in the world of nature other than it. It remained worshipping its Lord, proclaiming His power, humble to the lordship of the One who brought it into existence by what was in its being until Adam was created.
  • When the jinn saw his form, one of them, whose name was Harith, was overcome with hatred for that organism and he glowered at the sight of the form of Adam.
  • The rest of his species saw that and they censured him for that since they saw that he had grief and sorrow because of it.
  • When Adam’s business was complete, al-Harith displayed what he felt in himself and refused to obey the command of his Creator to prostrate to Adam and became arrogant towards Adam because of his own constitution and he boasted of his origin [from fire which he said was better than earth].
  • He failed to see the secret of the power of that water from which Allah created every living thing, and from which comes the life of the jinn although they are not aware of it.

The creation of Adam and the formation of man

If you are among the people of unveiling, reflect on the words of Allah,

“and His throne was upon the waters.” (11:7)

  • So the throne and the creatures around it were brought to life by water.

    “There is nothing which does not glorify His praise.” (17:44)


  • He used the negative. Only the living glorifies. In an excellent hadith from the Messenger of Allah said,

    “The angels said, ‘O Lord (in a long hadith)! have You created anything stronger than fire?’ He replied, ‘Yes, water.'”

  • So He made water stronger than fire. If the element of air in the structure of the jinn had not been ignited by fire, the jinn would have been stronger than the children of Adam, for air is stronger than water. In this hadith, the angels asked,

    “O Lord, have You created anything stronger than air?” He replied, “Yes, the children of Adam.”

    Allah made the human organism stronger than air.

  • Water is stronger than fire, and it is the main element in man as fire is the main element in the jinn. This why Allah said about Shaytan (Satan),

    “Surely the guile of Shaytan is ever feeble.” (4:76)

    He did not ascribe any strength to him at all. He did not deny it to the Governor (of Egypt) when he said,

    “surely your guile is great” (12:27)

The reason for that is that the human organism accords deliberateness in matters, perseverance, meditation and reflection due to the predominance of the elements of earth and water in the human temperament. Thus the human being has ample intellect because earth holds him back and restrains him while water makes him supple and easy. The jinn are not like that. The jinn’s intellect does not possess that which will enable him to hold to something as the human being does. This is why we say, “So-and-so is ‘light’ of intellect and dim-witted” when he is frivolous and foolish! This is the attribute of the jinn, and by it the jinn strays from the path of guidance due to the frivolous nature of his intellect and his lack of firmness in his thought. So he said,

“I am better than him,” (7:12)

and combined ignorance and bad manners because of his frivolous nature.

The first shaytan of the jinn

So any jinn who rebels is shaytan,

  • i.e. one who is far from the mercy of Allah. Al-Harith was the first jinn to be called shaytan.
  • Allah drove him to despair, i.e. drove him out of His mercy and repelled mercy from him. From him all the shaytans branch out.
  • Any jinn who believe, like Hama ibn Alham ibn Laqis ibn Iblis, join the believing jinn. Any who remains an unbeliever is a shaytan.
  • It is a matter of some dispute among the scholars of the Shari’a). Some of them say that the shaytan never submits, deriving this from what the Prophet said about his shaytan who was the companion entrusted to him,

    “Allah gave me power over him and he submitted (aslama).”

    The one who interprets what he said as “aslamu” takes it to mean: “I am safe from him” and he has no way against me. Thus the interpretation varies. If it is interpreted as “aslama” is it submission. It means that he submitted although he was an enemy and so he only commands me to good, compelled to do so by Allah and as a protection for the Messenger of Allah. The opponent says that “aslama” means that he believed in Allah as the unbeliever becomes Muslim and thus becomes a believer. This is more appropriate and acceptable.

Iblis was the first of the wretched jinn

Most people claim that al-Harith was the first of the jinn, and that he was in the same position to the rest of the jinn as Adam is to mankind.

We do not think that that is the case. Al-Harith was one of the jinn, but the first among them who is in the same position as Adam is to mankind was someone else. That is why Allah says,

“Iblis was one of the jinn” (18:50)

i.e. he was from this category of creation.

Similarly Qabil (Cain) was one of mankind, but Allah wrote him down among the wretched. He was the first of the wretched among mankind, and Iblis was the first of the wretched among the jinn. The majority of the punishment of the shaytans of the jinn in Hellfire is by severe cold, not by heat, although they may be punished with fire. Most of the punishment of the descendants of Adam is through fire.

One day I came upon one of the saints whose intellect was deranged. He was weeping and saying to the people, “Do not stop with His words, ‘I shall assuredly fill Hellfire with you’ (38:85) and apply them to Iblis alone. Look how He alluded to you when He said, ‘…Hellfire with you‘. Iblis was created from fire, so he returns to his source – may Allah curse him! If Iblis is punished with it, the punishment of pottery by fire is greater, so take heed!”

When Hellfire (Jahannam) was mentioned, this saint only thought of fire in particular, and was heedless of the fact that Jahannam is a name for both its intense heat and its intense cold. It is called Jahannam by its frowning (jahama. Jahuma means “to have an ugly face“) because its appearance is hateful.

  • Jaham is the word for clouds which have already poured out their water.
  • Abundant rain is the mercy of Allah. When Allah has removed the rain from the clouds, then the name jaham is applied to them. since the mercy, which was abundant rain, has vanished. Similarly, Allah has removed mercy from Jahannam which is hateful in appearance and report. It is also called Jahannam because of its great depth. One says, “the depths of Jahannam” when something is very deep. We ask Allah Almighty, to give us and the believers security from it!
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By Abu’l-Hasan

(c) “Al-Jumu`ah” magazine

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Some people are skeptical of the existence of the jinn, while others resort to far-fetched, distorted interpretations of these creatures in order to suit their whims and personal fancies, such as claiming that the jinn are microbes. In this country, a certain heretical group teaches that the white man is the devil (evil jinn). This preposterous idea would imply either that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam was black, or that he was a devil (Allah forbid!). Both of these conclusions are clear blasphemy, for they contradict conclusive historical facts and common sense.

What are the jinn?

The reality, which it is obligatory to affirm, is that the jinn are an established world, unseen to us. They eat, drink and procreate, and among them are both righteous and wicked individuals. The word jinn itself comes the Arabic root meaning “something hidden which cannot be seen.”

The existence of the jinn is firmly corroborated by the Qur’an, authentic sunnah and consensus of scholars (Ijma`), and thus one who denies their existence is outside the pale of Islam. Suffice it to say that the word jinn and its derivatives occur at least 29 times in the Qur’an, and the word shaytaan and its plural shayaateen together occur more than 80 times. In fact, there is an entire surah called Surat al-Jinn (72), which speaks in clear, explicit terms about the jinn.

Their Creation

Ibn `Abbas radiallahu `anhu said, “Two thousand years before [mankind] was created, there were jinn on [the earth], and they caused corruption on the earth and shed blood. Then, Allah sent against them a troop of angels who beat them and then cast them away to the islands in the seas. So, when Allah said, (translated),

“‘I am placing a viceregent upon the earth,’ they said, ‘Will You place therein one who will cause corruption therein and shed blood,’” [2 (Al-Baqarah), 30]

i.e. just as those jinn did? Then, Allah said, (translated), “I know that which you do not know.” (Related by Al-Hakim.) Thus, jinn were created before mankind, as attested to clearly by the Qur’an also. Their origin is from fire.

“And verily, We created mankind . . . and the jinn We had created before from smokeless fire.” [15 (Al- Hijr), 26-27]

They are the descendants of Iblees, who disobeyed Allah’s command to prostrate to Adam, and became known as the Satan (Shaytaan).

We cannot ordinarily see them, unless they materialize. When they materialize, it is usually in an unpleasant or ugly form, such as a snake or a black dog, as opposed to angels (who materialize into pleasant and handsome forms). In the battle of Badr, Iblees materialized into the form of a man named Suraqah ibn Malik, and urged on the disbelievers, saying,

“There is none who can overcome you today,” [8 (Al-Anfaal), 48]

Then, Allah sent the angel Jibreel (Gabriel) against him, and when Iblees saw him he cried out to the disbelievers, “I have nothing to do with you! I see that which you do not see! I fear Allah, and Allah is severe in retribution,” and then he fled.

Their Lifestyle

They are accountable, just as human beings are.

“I created jinn and mankind only in order that they might worship Me.” [51 (Adh-Dhaariyaat), 56]

There are believers amongst them, who will be rewarded, and disbelievers, who will be punished.

“And indeed, there are amongst us Muslims and amongst us wrongdoers. As for those who accept Islam, they have sought out the right path. And, as for the wrongdoers, they will be firewood for Jahannam.” [72 (Al-Jinn), 14-15]

Whenever Allah sent a prophet to mankind, the jinn of that time could also receive his message. Thus, some of them received the message of Prophet Moses `alayhis-salam. Some jinn came to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam one night, and he went with them, recited Qur’an to them, and taught them about Islam. (Related by Muslim.)

They eat and drink, and have fiqh regulations similar to ours. Just as we eat meat of animals over whose slaughter the name of Allah was recited, the jinn are allowed to eat bones of such animals, and therefore the Prophet sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam has instructed us not use these for istinjaa’. On the authority of `Abdullah ibn `Umar : the Messenger of Allah sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam said, “When one of you eats, he should eat with his right hand, and when one of you drinks, he should drink with his right hand, for Satan eats with his left hand and drinks with his left hand.” (Related by Muslim.) Satan also partakes of our food if we neglect to mention the name of Allah before eating.

A verse of the Qur’an indicates that they have conjugal relations.

“Therein [in Heaven] are [women] of modest gaze, whom neither human being nor jinn have touched before.” [55 (Al- Rahman), 56]

Another verse establishes that they beget children.

“Will you then take [Iblees] and his offspring as protectors in preference to Me, although they are an enemy to you?” [18 (Al- Kahf), 50]

Although the jinn tend to have longer lifespans than ours, they also die and pass away, as evidenced by the Qur’an [7 (Al- A`raaf), 38] Iblees, however, has been given respite upto the Day of Arising.

“[Allah] said, You are, then, among those given respite, upto the day of the time known [and appointed]” [38 (Saad), 81-82]

The shayaateen (devils)

The shayaateen (devils; the singular is shaytaan) are the disbelieving jinn, but the word shaytaan is also used for those disbelieving human beings who are active in corruption and fighting Islam.

“Thus have We made, for every Prophet, an enemy, the shayaateen of mankind and jinn, inspiring one another with flowery discourses by way of deception.” [6 (Al-An`aam), 112]

As for those jinn who are prominent in mischief-making, they are referred to as mareed (plural: maradah), meaning froward or rebellious.

“Among mankind is he who disputes about Allah&127; without knowledge, and follows every froward shaytaan.” [22 (Al- Hajj),3]

Iblees has his throne in the sea, and he sends out his dispatchments who aggravate people. The greatest of them before him is the one who has caused the most fitnah. One of his workers comes and tells him, “I did not leave [my victim] until I brought about separation between him and his wife.” Iblees draws him near, and says to him, “Yes! You (are the best!)” (Related by Muslim.)

Eavesdropping on the heavens

The shayaateen go up into the heavens, trying to eavesdrop on the angels. `A’ishah radiallahu `anha said that she asked the Prophet sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam about how it is that the fortune-tellers sometimes foretell something which turns out true. He replied that that is the word of truth which the jinn manages to catch, and so he comes and whispers it in the ear of the fortune-teller, and to one truth he adds a hundred lies. (Related by Bukhari and Muslim.) Allah sends meteorites against these eavesdropping shayaateen, but sometimes one of them might pass on what he has heard to another jinn.

Their effect on humans

Every human being is always accompanied by a jinn, who tries to incite him to evil, but the Prophet sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam ‘s jinn was unable to harm him. On the authority of Ibn Mas`ud : The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “there is not any one of you except that he has been assigned his companion from among the jinn and his companion from among the angels.” They said, “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied, “Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him, so that I am unharmed (or, so that he has accepted Islam), and so he orders me to do nothing but good.” (Related by Muslim.) Thus, terrible thoughts may sometimes occur to us, but we are not responsible for these promptings provided we neither allow them to take root within us, nor act upon them. The fact that we recognize them as evil is itself a sign of our faith.

Satan runs through the children of Adam with the running of blood. It is possible for jinn to enter human beings and possess them.

“Those who consume interest (ribaa) do not arise except as he arises whom Satan has driven to madness by his touch.” [2 (Al- Baqarah), 275]

Protection from the shayaateen

In the authentic hadith related by Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu `alayhe wa-sallam has instructed us to recite the following supplication before having intercourse with our wives. “Bismillaah. Allaahumma jannibnash-shaytaana wa-jannibish- shaytaana maa razaqtanaa.” (In the name of Allah. O Allah! Spare us from Satan, and repel Satan from that wherewith You have provided us.) Then, if a child is conceived, Satan will never&127; harm him.

The shayaateen like to frequent filthy areas such as restrooms. Thus, we should ensure that we recite the sunnah supplication (narrated by Bukhari and Muslim) before entering the restroom, “Allaahumma innee a`oodhu bika minal-khubuthi wal-khabaa’ith.” (O Allah! I seek refuge with You from male and female devils.)

Reciting Ayat al-kursiyy [2 (Al-Baqarah), 255] at bedtime ensures that no devil will come close to you until the morning. (Related by Bukhari.) Saying “Laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahoo laa shareeka lahoo lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu wa-huwa `alaa kulli shay’in qadeer” (There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner, His is the kingdom, and His is praise, and He has power over all things) 100 times in the morning provides protection from Satan till the evening. (Related by Bukhari and Muslim)

In general, frequent remebrance of Allah and obedience to Him provides immunity from the shayaateen.

“Whoever withdraws himself from the rembrance of [Allah] Most Gracious, We assign to him a shaytaan, to be his comrade.” [43 (Az-Zukhruf), 36]

“[Satan] has no authority over those who believe and place trust in their Lord.” [16 (An-Nahl), 99]

By Dr. Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar

The causes of being possessed

Ibn Taimiya explained, possession of the human by the jinn can occur from desires, lusts, passions, zealousness in the same way that a human is in accord with another human…And it also occurs, and this is the majority of the case, due to hatred and revenge. For example one of the humans harms a jinn or the jinn thinks the human was trying to harm them by urinating on some jinn or throwing some hot water on them, or a human might kill a jinn, even though a human might not have realized that.

Our obligation towards them

We mentioned that the jinn have been ordered to worship according to the prescribed law. If a Muslim is able to contact a jinn, in the same way that a human speaks to a jinn that has taken over a human body, the Muslim must seek to enforce the Islamic law upon the jinn, that is encourage the jinn to do good and so on.

If the possessed is from the first type above, due to desires, lust or passion, then it is a great lewd act that has been prohibited by Allah for humans and jinn. This is true even if it is with the approval of the other party – therefore, what must obviously be the ruling if the other party does not like it? It is a lewd and oppressive act. One must tell the jinn that and inform him that it is a prohibited act and provide evidence against such an act such that the ruling is clear to him. And inform him that is the rule of Allah and His Messenger that was sent to all the beings: human or jinn.

If it is from the 2nd type, where some human had harmed them, if the human was not aware of that, then inform the jinn that the human was acting in ignorance and that he did not intend to harm the jinn. Therefore he does not deserve the punishment that is being given to him. If the action occurred in the person’s house or on his property, then inform the jinn that the person was just acting in a manner that was permissible to him. And the jinn need not live in a place that belongs to a human without the human’s permission for they are allowed the dilapidated and abandoned buildings.

Ibn Taimiya said, If the jinn is wronging the human, then inform the jinn of the rule of Allah and His Messenger and provide evidences for him to establish proof against him. And order him to do good and forbid him from doing evil, in the same manner that one treats another human. As Allah says,

“We never punish until We have sent a messenger” (al-Israa 15).

And He says,

“O you assembly of the jinn and humankind. Came there not unto you messengers of your own who recounted unto you of My tokens and warned you of the meeting of this your Day?” (al-Anaam 130).

Abusing the jinn and striking them

Ibn Taimiya mentions that it is obligatory to aid one’s brother who is being wronged. The one who is a victim of possession is being wronged. But aid is also only done with justice, as Allah has ordered. If one does not drive away the jinn with exhortation, proof and consultation, then it is allowed to abuse, strike or curse the jinn in order to drive it away. This is what the Prophet (pbuh) did with the devil who put a flame of fire in his face, he said ” I seek refuge in Allah from you, and I curse you with the curse of Allah.” He said that three times.

Ibn Taimiya also mentioned that one may be forced to strike the jinn in order to drive it away. One may strike the possessed numerous times as the strikes will harm the jinn and not the human who is being harmed, until the person comes to and he will not have felt a thing. There will be no mark left on the person himself. It has been the case that some have been struck 300 to 400 times on the leg, such that had it been a human he would have been killed. But it is the jinn that is being hit and screams. Ibn Taimiya has related that he himself has done and witnessed such an act on many occasions.

Using dhikr and Quranic reciting as help against the jinn

The best thing that can be used against the jinn in the case of possession is the mentioning of Allah and reciting the Quran, especially the verse of the throne (al-Baqara 255),

“For whoever reads it, Allah will not stop to have a protector for him and Satan will not come close to him until morning.”

This is in a hadith from Sahih al-Bukhari that was presented earlier.

Ibn Taimiya wrote, The numerous people who have experienced these events all confirm amazing effectiveness of this verse and warding off devils and breaking their spells. It has a great effect in repelling devils and breaking their spells. It has a great effect in repelling devils from humans, from the possessed and from those picked out by devils, such as wrongdoers, people with bad tempers, those who follow their desires and lusts, musicians and those who become ecstatic through whistling and clapping. If these verses are read over them with sincerity to Allah, the devils will leave. It will put an end to the mirages created by the devils. It will also disclose the falseness of those, the brothers of the devils, who perform miraculous acts. The devils inspire their devotees with some knowledge that the ignorant think are miracles that Allah grants His pious servants. In fact, they are simply satan’s acts of deception over his devotees, of those whom have earned Allah’s wrath and those who have gone astray.

What the healer must be like

It is necessary that the one who is trying to cure the possessed be of strong faith and full of conviction that the remembrance of Allah and Quranic recitation will have an effect on the person and the jinn. The stronger the faith, the stronger the effect on the jinn. Perhaps the person is stronger than the jinn in faith and, therefore he drives the jinn out. Perhaps the jinn is stronger and, therefore, he does not leave. Perhaps the person is weak in faith and the jinn has intended him harm. So the person must continue to make supplications and invoke the aid of remembrance of Allah and Quranic recitation, in particular the verse of the Throne.

Incantations and Invocations

Ibn Taimiya stated, Concerning curing the possessed by means of incantations and invocations, there are two types: One type is where the meaning of the incantation is clear. It is within what Islam allows to be said by a person, such as prayers to Allah and mentioning His name and His speech to His creation and so on. This type is allowed to be used as an incantation in the case of possession as is confirmed in the Sahih that the Prophet pbuh said, “What is permissible in incantations is what does not contain any polytheism.” And he also said, “If one of you is able to aid his brother, then he should do so.”

If the incantation contains statements that are forbidden, such as elements of some type of polytheism, or they have no understandable meaning to them, which might imply some words of disbelief, then it is not allowed for anyone to use such an incantation. This is the ruling even if the jinn should leave after its use because Allah and His Messenger have prohibited it due to its harm being greater than its benefit.

He also mentioned at another place that many of those people who use polytheistic incantations are unable to repel the jinn. Many times they are not able to over power the jinn when they ask them to kill or capture a jinn that has possessed a human. The jinn deceives them and makes it seem like they killed or captured that jinn.


The Characteristics of Jinn

Jinn are conscious beings charged with Divine obligations. The word jinn literally means something hidden or veiled from sight. As mentioned earlier, jinns are a species of invisible beings. A short Qur’anic chapter is named for them, and in it we learn that a band of jinn listened to Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, and some became believers: Say:

“It has been revealed to me that a company of the jinn gave ear, and they said: ‘We have heard a wonderful Qur’an, which guides to righteousness, so we believe in it and we shall not join (in belief and worship) any (Gods) with our Allah. And (we believe) that He-exalted be the glory of our Allah-has taken neither wife nor son …. Among us there are righteous folk and among us there are far from that. We are sects having different rules.,” (72:1-2, 11)

From this, we understand that jinn are conscious beings charged with Divine obligations.

Recent discoveries in biology make it clear that Allah  created beings particular to each realm in the universe. Jinn might have been created while the Earth was still a body of some sort of fire. They were created before Adam and Eve, and were responsible for cultivating and improving the world. Although Allah later superseded them with us, He did not exempt them from religious obligations.

Jinn are created from smokeless fire

The Qur’an states that jinn are created from smokeless fire (55:15). In another verse, it clarifies that this fire is scorching and penetrates as deep as the inner part of the body (15:27).

Jinn, like angels, are not bound by the constraints of time and space within which we move

Like angels, jinn move extremely fast and are not bound by the time and space constraints within which we normally move. However, since the spirit is more active and faster than jinn, a person who lives at the level of the spirit’s life and who can transcend what we know as limits of matter and the confines of time and space, can be quicker and more active than them. For example, the Qur’an relates that when Prophet Solomon asked those around him who could bring the throne of the Queen of Saba’ (Yemen), one jinn answered that he could bring it before the meeting ended and Prophet Solomon stood up. However, a man with a special knowledge from Allah replied: “I can bring it to you quicker than the blink of an eye,” and he did so (27:38-40).

Jinn can do more difficult things than human beings

Nothing is difficult for Allah Almighty. It is as easy for Him to create the universe as it is for Him to create a tiny particle. He has provided human beings, jinn, and angels with the power and strength appropriate for their functions or duties. As He uses angels to supervise the movements of celestial bodies, He allows humanity to rule the Earth, dominate matter, build civilizations, and produce technology.

Power and strength are not limited to the physical world, nor are they proportional to bodily size. We see that immaterial things are far more powerful than huge physical entities. For example, our memory is far more spacious and comprehensive than a large room. Our hands can touch a very near object, but our eyes can travel long distances in an instant, and our imagination can transcend time and space all at once. Winds can uproot trees and demolish large buildings. A young, thin plant shoot can split rocks and reach the sunlight. The power of energy, whose existence is known through its effect, is apparent to everybody. All of this shows that something’s power is not proportional to its physical size; rather the immaterial world dominates the physical world, and immaterial entities are far more powerful than material ones.

Appearance Of Angels And Jinn In This World

Angels and jinn can assume a form and appear in this world in the shape of any being. Here, we observe movement from the visible to the invisible: water evaporates disappears into the atmosphere, solid matter becomes a liquid or a gas (steam), and matter becomes energy (nuclear fission). Likewise, we observe movement from the invisible to the visible: gases become fluids, evaporated water becomes rain (as well as snow or hail), and energy becomes matter. Similarly, intangible thoughts and meanings in our minds can appear in the tangible form of letters and words in essays and books.

In an analogous way, such invisible beings as angels, jinn, and other spirit entities are clothed in some material substance, such as air or ether, and then become visible. According to Imam Shibli, if Allah wills, He allows them to assume a form when they utter any of His Names, for this functions like a key or a visa enabling them to assume a form and become visible in this world. If they try to do so without Allah permission, by relying on their own abilities, they are torn into pieces and perish.

We read in Qur’an 19:17 that the spirit Allah sent to Mary (the mother of Jesus), and whom Muslim scholars say is the Archangel Gabriel, appeared before her as a man. When Gabriel came to Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, with Revelation or Allah Messages, he rarely appeared in his original form. Rather, he usually came as a warrior, a traveler, or a Companion named Dihya. For example, he came as a warrior on horseback following the end of the Battle of the Trench and told the Prophet, upon him be peace: “O Messenger of Allah, you have taken off your armor but we, the angels, have not yet done so. Allah orders you to march upon the Banu Qurayza.” Once he came as a traveler dressed in white and, in order to instruct the Companions in religion, asked the Prophet such questions as: What is belief? What is Islam? What is ihsan (excellence or perfection of virtue)? When is the Day of Judgment?

Like angels and jinn, Satan (who belongs to the jinn) also can appear in different forms. It is narrated that before the Battle of Badr, he appeared to the leaders of the Quraysh as an old man from Najd and gave them some advice. Likewise, a Companion guarding the spoils of war caught a disguised Satan trying to steal some of the booty (most probably to lead other Companions to suspect that Companion). He entreated the Companion to release him, which he did-twice. On the third time, the Companion tried to take him to Allah Messenger. But Satan appealed: “Release me, and I will tell you how you can secure yourself against me.” The Companion asked what that was, and Satan replied that it was the Verse of the Throne (2:255). When informed of the event, Allah
’s Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, commented: “That wicked one is a liar, but on that occasion he told the truth.”

The Qur’an relates that a group of jinn listened to Allah Messenger reciting the Qur’an and, when they returned to their people, said: “O people! Surely we listened to a Book that has been revealed after Moses, affirms what precedes it, and guides to right and the Straight Path” (46:30). The sura continues with what they thought about what they had heard. There are also Traditions that tell us that the Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, recited parts of the Qur’an and preached his Message to the jinn.

Jinn can also appear as snakes, scorpions, cattle, donkeys, birds, and other animals. When our Prophet, upon him be peace and blessings, took the oath of allegiance from them in the valley of Batn al-Nakhla, he wanted them to appear to his community either in their own form or in other agreeable forms, not in the forms of such harmful animals as dogs and scorpions. He warned his community: When you see any vermin in your house, tell it three times: “For Allah sake, leave this place,” for it may be a friendly jinn. If it does not leave, it is not a jinn. If it is harmful, you may kill it.

The jinn who gave allegiance to Allah Messenger promised him: “If your community recites the basmala (In the Name of Allah
, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate) before anything they do and cover their dishes, we will not touch their food or their drink.” Another Tradition says: [When you have relieved yourselves] do not clean yourselves with bones and dried pieces of dung, for they are among the foods of your jinn brothers.

Contact With Jinn And Their Influence On Human Beings

Some people have an innate ability to go into trance and contact beings from the invisible realms of existence. However, it should not be forgotten that whether these are angels or jinn, invisible beings have their own conditions of life and are bound to certain limits and principles. For this reason, one who gets in touch with jinn should be careful, for one may easily fall under their influence and become their plaything.

Some assert that the Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839-1908) of Qadiyan (India), fell victim to such tricks of jinn. He attempted to serve Islam by struggling against Hindu Yogism through the way of Fakirism, but evil spirits got control of him. First they whispered to him that he was a reviver (of religion), then that he was the Mahdi (Messiah), and when he was finally under their influence and control, told him to proclaim that he was an incarnation of Allah.

Sins and uncleanliness invite the influence of evil spirits and unbelieving jinns. People of a susceptible nature, those who tend to be melancholy, and those who lead a dissipated and undisciplined life are their primary targets. Evil spirits usually reside in places for dumping garbage or other dirty places, public baths, and bathrooms.

Do jinn cause certain illnesses?

Jinn can penetrate a body even deeper than X-rays. They can reach into a being’s veins and the central points of the brain. They seem to be like lasers, which are used in everything from computers to nuclear weaponry, from medicine to communication and police investigations, and to removing obstructions in our veins and arteries. So, when we consider that Satan and all jinn are created from smokeless fire that penetrates deep into the body, like radiation or radioactive energy, we can understand the meaning of the Prophetic Tradition: Satan moves where the blood moves.

Jinn can harm the body and cause physical and psychological illnesses. It might be a good idea for medical authorities to consider whether jinn cause certain types of cancer, since cancer is an unordered and diseased growth in the body that we describe as a kind of cellular anarchy. Maybe some jinn have settled in that part of the body and are destroying its cellular structure.

Although science does not yet accept the existence of invisible beings and restricts itself to the material world, we think it is worth considering the possibility that evil spirits play some part in such mental illnesses as schizophrenia. We constantly hear of cases that those who suffer from mental illness, epilepsy, or even cancer recover by reciting certain prayers. Such cases are serious and significant, and should not be denied or dismissed by attributing them to “suggestion” or “auto-suggestion.” When science breaks the thick shell in which it has confined itself and accepts the existence of the metaphysical realm and the influence of metaphysical forces, it practitioners will be able to remove many obstructions, make far greater advances, and make fewer mistakes.

The Employment Of Jinn In Different Tasks

Today, the doors to the metaphysical worlds are only slightly ajar. We are barely at the beginning of contact with jinn and devils. However, one day we will feel constrained to enter these worlds to solve many of their problems pertaining to this world.

The Qur’an states that Allah bestowed upon the House of Abraham the Scripture, Wisdom, and a mighty kingdom (4:54). This mighty kingdom manifested itself most brilliantly through the Prophets David and Solomon, upon them be peace. Prophet Solomon ruled not only a part of humanity, but also jinn and devils, birds and winds: Allah subdued unto him devils, some of whom dove for pearls and did other work (21:82). Solomon had armies of jinn and birds, and he employed jinn in many jobs: They made for him what he willed: synagogues, fortresses, basins like wells and boilers built into the ground (34:13); and Wind was also subdued to him; its morning course was a month’s journey and the evening course also a month’s journey (34:12). As pointed out earlier, the throne of the Queen of Saba’ was carried from Yemen to Jerusalem in the twinkling of an eye (27:40).

The verses relating to Solomon’s kingdom point to the final limit of humanity’s use of jinn and devils. These also suggest that a day will come when we can use them in many jobs, especially in communication. It is quite probable that they also will be employed in security affairs, mining and metal-work, even in space studies and historical research. Since jinn can live about 1,000 years, they may be useful in establishing historical facts.


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