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Aslam-o-Alakium; Brothers & Sisters of Islam

Here is the list of Websites those are misleading the Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam by providing/offering FAKE Quran, Ahadith, Verses, Surah’s, and other maertials of islam …The list may not be complete all the time, as growing of internet and websites, but I am trying my best to publish complete list of sites as soon as I come to such sites/links.

I also request you to please drop me an email and let me know if any site/link you also know, so i’ll keep my list updated.


Sohail Ahmed Shaikh

List of Fake sites

  1. Amazon offering fake quran

Anti Islamic Sites



44 Responses to "Fake Quran & Islamic Site Links"

dear sri Shaikh saheb- what you have written is very illuminating and we do respect yor vewi point.

But you have to first understand that astrology is an outcome of deep study of KARMA theory- which calls for ACTION- once you are aware of what to expect.

So astrology does not mean inaction as oyu have projected here. Also prediction and forecasting has been used in weather, markets and many other areas- I really donot knwo what your view point is on it.

Hinduism and Judaism are very evolved and deep religions- which used astrology/numerology t trace the journey back to GOD head.

Islam came up when the above practsies were takne to an extreme- but once gain extreme views about nay matter could be bad.

May GOD bless you with right knwoledge.

Take care

Mr Arjun,
We do respect your views about astrology. But hey, our point of view is that no one can predict the fate of a human being. Weather forecast is a different story. Havent you watched the Lage raho munna bhai? What happened in that movie? That was just a movie, I know that, but the point is, if the jotshi’s etc could read the future, then trust me they would have become the most richest people on earth. Yes the knowledge exists, we do not deny that, we just do not believe in it.
As for Hinduism and Judaism hmm no doubt Hinduism is a very old religion, but excuse me Islam was the first religion, Judaism itself was Islam till the followers changed the name.
And what about Hinduism holy scriptures referring to Prophet Muhammad? Do you want me to send you a link? or just search it yourself, Dr Zakir Naik gave some good examples there.
May God bless you and show you the right path.

Dear Arjun,

I would suggest you to pelase read my post “Islamic Ruling on Horoscope / Astrology”

Assalam Alaykum brother,

the list you have given is true,but i have dought on site.

i mean i’m not able to find anything wrong in this site.

can you please help me you have more links……

pls let me know…..

Inshah Allah,almighty will bless with his finest blessing.

asak , jazakallah for ur info i have found few more links if u cud update them on ur list dat wud b gr8 , as there are many other sites with the above site names , but not such a comprehensive list.
Kudos for your efforts.
link from where i got thm :-
———————————————————— – Ahmadiyya site

Thank you Nikhat, i have updated the list

thank you brother in islam for the list of all the fake islamic site… May Allah reward you for this. -Jazak’Allah

———————————————- – A solution to mankind!

mashallah keep it up is a good site where people could learn more about quran and islam and the people who wand to de rail us from islam and quran through doing such things i have seen a good and trusted site where people could learn quran online and learn quran with tajweed on
learn quran online, learn quran

Here are some other anti-islamic sites I found:

I’m sure that I’ve bumped into many more but I don’t remember them and can’t seem to find them at the moment.

Allah bless you for posting this page with this useful information

Hi sohail
Thanx for sharing all these list
I Have no idea of Quran but I am very keen in learning and knowing gr8 preaching of it .
I want to Get puryfied by its glow.
If you know some good article or link where i ccould get proper teachings of Quran
I shall be thankful for you

May god bless you

ahlansaihlan marhaba

This site is one of the largest Islamic names directories. In this directory you can find maximum number of Islamic boy and girl names to give your child a name. You will find this name directory very helpful to understant the meanings of names. We have a very huge collection of Islamic Wallpapers

This homepage is very interesting :)
Here is another wrong information about Islam:

Assalaam aleakum

Wa’alaikum Assalam

When doing research on articles I would search in Google and was amazed at the number of hate sites towards Islam and Muslims. It would be very hard for the Non-Muslim to know the difference between correct Islamic text vs. correct texts. It is just crazy how the internet has evolved being such an enourmous tool for New Muslims but at the same time creating so much confusion and easy misconceptions. I don’t like it but I don’t know what a Muslim can do….

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Assalamu alaykum! Please spread this information in order to forewarn and forearm our brothers in faith. This is not surpising because of the insecurity and jealousy of other faiths against Islam. Our individual and collective efforts will be a great service to Islam and humanity. Insha Allah, we will earn the pleasure of Allah for our unselfish efforts. Allah hafidz.

As-salam Alaikum Wa’rahmatullahi Wa’barakatuhu!

Jazak Allahu Khairan for your post Shaikh, if its possible for you to posts FAKE Islamic pages/groups in FACEBOOK as lots of pages/groups misleading the Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam by providing false information about ALLAH SWT and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAS. Mostly Filipino Reverts were the victims of this groups.

May Allah SWT reward you…Ameen.

As-salam Alaikum Wa’rahmatullahi Wa’barakatuhu!

Jazak Allahu Khairan for sharing all lists. Many of us who Muslims were not aware that we’re in the wrong websites. May Allah SWT continue to reward you. Ameen.

achi achi hadis masial

Thank you for the information. May Allah (swt) reward you generously for your efforts.

Dear brother thanks for the information about the fake and anti islam sites, could you please let me know about QFATIMA( is it a islamic site or a fake one. and who is running it? plz do let me know.
jazakallah khair,

Dear Zahur

The website is not for the purpose of Spreading the words of ALLAH or say Islamic site the website itself says Q Fatima is an independent, charitable organisation

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmtullah wa barkatuhu,

Thanks a lot ,Sohail brother to giving list of fake and anti Islamic sites,
i’m confessing that why i’m so late to connecting with your sites, now i’m
started sending to all sites list to my relatives and friends…….

My request to all Muslims try to read from this site 100 % right website
and try to download so many books in pdf.
ZazakAllah….. ZazakAllah Khair

Thank you for your comments and support brother. May ALLAH swt always guide us on right path.

Payaray Sohail Bhai,Allah pak ap per apni khasoosi rehmatain nazil karay jo ap ne muslims k liay yeh websites ki list banai aisa nahi ho sakta k kisi tarha yeh sites block he kar di jain?or pls ainda bhi ap jab yeh list update karain to mujhay zaroor send kar dain pls.Allah pak apko iss ka behtar Ajar ata farmaiy.Ameen Ya Rabul Alameen.
waiting your reply

Sohail Bhai
Can u urgently advise why is a fake site as I am on it investigating but could not5 spot anything as of now.Djazakumullah.

Brother, yet i dont find anything wrong on the website. They are just providing the service of Istkhara and Wazif etc. They dont have any Islamic articles written. Now about there service this is I cant verify, are they work according to Quran and Sunnah or not.

Is it right hadith or not? Please email me.

Assalamu Alaikum…thnxx for the wonderfull information about fake sites….thnx a lot…may ALLAH PAK reward u for this….

I dont understand why all muslims blindly believe in eveything that is told to them or is written in the quran. I have read the english version of quran and it staggers me how all muslims turn a blind eye to the politically motivated verses that are present throughout the text. I asked a muslim friend of mine about this and he told me that these verses were added later on by several other people to satisfy their own motives. There has to be flexibility in a religion to suit the times. It appears that Quran strictly forbids this and wants to keep the followers of islam away from the real truth. Humanity is the biggest religion and a religion which preaches against this in any way should change or is doomed forever.
P.S. I am an atheist. Dont kill me.

First of ALL, the Quran is the only book in this world, which can be found as it as it was. There are no changes or enhancements in Quran.

If you want to learn Islam, then i will suggest don’t look at the Muslim but look at the book, The Quran. And read and understand but not only what you like but all the things either you like or dislike.

About your friend, who is you are saying is Muslim, well, let me tell you, He is not Muslim, if he is then he wouldn’t say that the verses has been added later on. There is no such thing, remember to become a Muslim then you have to believe all the prophets and Prophet Muhammad PBUH as the last prophet and follow whatever has been said in Quran and Sunnah. And Believe that the Quran are the words of ALLAH. If you are not agree with any single thing then you are not Muslim

Shukran sheikh, I am in agreement with you. No muslim would ever dispute the word of Allah (swt) what Allah commands is what we have to do. Not 1 single word has been changed in the Quran in 1400 years, and this is only because Allah (swt) will not allow it. Islam is the first and only religion accepted by Allah (swt) as the meaning of islam is to submit to Allah and believe Only in Allah and that was the message of all our prophets (pbut). So the people out there trying to change the laws and rulings of Allah will be very surprised on the Day of Qiyamah as to who the real God is. May Allah protect the Ummah (the real) muslims from the evil and wretched people on this dunya Ameen

La ilaha ilalah – there is no God but Allah

Sohail is absolutely true…if anyone is telling that changes are made in HOLY QURAN later then he is not a muslim…following HOLY QURAN blindly is the meaning of muslim because HOLY QURAN is the only book in the world which can be trusted blindly because each and every word in QURAN is from our ALLAh…and u r saying that humanity is the only religion, then i would say that u tell any thing about ISLAM that is inhuman…ISLAM teaches humanity….and plz whatever translation u r reading of QURAN plz check it asking scholars….cause many books r written against ISLAM..and i invite u to the purest religion….may ALLAH guide lead u to right way….

Dear delusional soul,

Firstly humanity exists because of Allah, who is your creator and Lord even though you do not believe in anything this does not change the fact that Allah is your Lord and you will come to know this. What is so sad is that we have a merciful and compassionate creator who people like yourself do not believe in, but SubhanAllah Allah knows best.

Each and every soul has a convenant with Allah(swt) where we proclaimed that there is no God but Allah and the only delusional people are the people who do not believe this.
Evry soul will taste death and every person will stand in front of Allah and account for their sins. So my advise would be to worship the one true God Allah and follow the sunnah (example) of our beloved prophet (pbuh) as this is the only way you will enter heaven.

Who do you think created you? Where do you come from? Who created everything around you? Are people really so gullible and won over by shaitan who will no doubt stab u in the back when he stands with you infront of Allah.

All praise is to Almight Allah glorified and Exhalted is He above all they associate Him with – Allahu Akbur

So, What to do ??????????????

Block them from google permenantly, how ?

Google Search’s Blocked Sites

or use muslims search engine

Jazakum Allahu khaira

sohail ahmed shaikh brother very well work ,very well…..

Jazak Allah Kair,
Wa Aa keedu Kaida….Allah ki chaal sub say zabrdast hay…

I’m not Muslim but I have verbatim every symptom listed 3yrs I’m suffering this thing where do I go to get it out

I want to conform this site is 100% correct?
please reply as soon as possible..

this post could benefit by the addition of a list of good authentic Islamic sites

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