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The Jinn & Human Sickness

Posted on: September 29, 2008

The Jinn & Human Sickness

The subject of the jinn is one which is of interest to many people. Folk stories abound, and many superstitious practices have arisen in Muslim cultures with regard to protection against the jinn. Many myths surround the ideas of the evil eye and envy, and there are many strange notions surrounding illnesses such as epilepsy and mental illness, which are often thought of as being caused by the jinn.

This book cuts through all the confusion and identifies correct Islamic teachings on all these subjects. The jinn are real and they can indeed harm humans, but this book will teach you how to protect yourself in the manner taught by the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Break free from fear, superstition and fairy stories, and familiarize yourself with the teachings of Islam on these important aspects of spirituality which the author presents here, drawing on the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah and the writings of the respected scholars of Islam.

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17 Responses to "The Jinn & Human Sickness"

Where can i find these books in india mumbai pls help.:)

Hello Where can i find these books in india mumbai pls help.:)

i am too much anxious now adays.pray for me too much.i am in abig trouble now adays.pary that God makeout rakifa from mylife. she is avery cruel woman.she is very much cruel woman.remember me in your sincere prayers.please pary that GOD save me from jahnagul
black magic.she is a very cruel woman.remember me in your sincere
prayers.please send my answer on my email address.please pray for me too much.remember me in your sincere prayers.i am facing too much difficulties now adays.please pray that God makeout rakifa from my life. i shall be thankful to u.

email me your problems inshallah will of allah it go away

Wasalaam Alyeikhum brother
i have been possesion of jinn and black magic ,i can not got to work o sleepwell,o relaxing with friend allways iam feeling tied and body itching please make duas for me
Jakala la kheri

i am psychological patient from last 20years.there is avoice come in my both ears.pray for me too much.please pray that God give me health.God make my life easy.remember me in your sincere prayers.
i shall be thankful to u.

Mujhe amaliyat seekna hai –
kisiko agar mai dekoun to uska poora poora halat maloom hona chahiye
aur jin / mohakil ko kabu me karne ki amal.
gaib se har cheej ki jankari ke liye –
gaib se rozi – roti ko pane ka amal
kisi ki niyat laga kar dekhoun to uske present and past ka haal maloom hone ka ama.l

I’m Sadia From Lahore. I use to work for the Daily News for few years back. I have been researching Black Magic for few years now and meet hundreds of hundreds of people. People have no idea what really black magic is and what are it’s effects. People who pretend to say they know black magic or they do black magic is a total lie. Only 27% of people in the whole world know how to do a really black magic and rest of them are just faking it. We muslim have a very low faith in Allah or you can say no faith at all, believe in black magic in seconds. After a few years of good study and research I also found that, there is a person called ” The Guru ” lives somewhere in Pakistan who teaches Spiritual Healing, Power Of Chi and Mind Power to 80% of the peer saab in Pakistan. For the last 3 years I been try to track this person and was getting no where. 3 months ago I received a phone call from a person stating that he wanted to see me regarding the information about ” The Guru “. So I called my friends and told them about the call and wanted them come with because i didn’t wanted to go alone. So finally we got there as we were advised. First didn’t wanted to believe him because for the last few years i been searching for this guy and all of sudden now he is willing to give the information about him for free ?. Came to find out that he use to work for some famous peer saab just out side from lahore. That Guru use to visit that peer saab on a monthly bases, this guy use to be the peer saab assistance and one day he decided to leave peer saab and start his own business. He contact ” The Guru ” and got refused because ” The Guru ” said that he cannot provide services because his Peer Saab is his clients. The information that he provided us, we verified it and here it is:

” The Guru ” real name is Kamran Khan. Worked with many famous names including Criss Angel & David Blane in magic for over 15 years now. Recently we also discovered that he has a website with name of ” Kamran Khan Store “, from where he deals with clients. He travels in most of the asia. You have seen the magic show on Star One, Those are also his clients including that Franz Guy. If you see this guy he is only 35 Years old and people of his double age sits below him because He is there teacher. There is not a single Peer Saab specially in Lahore who are not his students. He only stay in Pakistan for 15 days and then he travels again.

After discovering all this I was shocked to see the result, there are hundreds and thousands of people go these Peer Saab every day and spend thousands and thousands of Rupees. All that money is really going to the ” The Guru ” Kamran Khan. The more these Peer Saab makes the more he makes money.

kindly send me more details on black magic

well sadia looks this guy has some dark forces who are helping him i researched on him a bit and it seems that he is minting money lefy right and centre ,any one who controls various entities is obviously delving into the forbidden world he seems to have some control over it seems like he is satsn’s assistant ,he sells some kind of product with the name lucifer and goes on about its amazing power ,if you search the word lucifer you will find its another name for satan so people are getting decieved by him just as satan told allahtaala that he will decieve the mankind,on the surface his antics look very attractive but he is deriving all the power from dark forces.

” The Guru ” real name is Kamran Khan. Worked with many famous names including Criss Angel & David Blane in magic for over 15 years now. who used to be Meera’s so called close friend & a big-shot of Lahore (Pakistan). Actress Meera is shown waking up from a bed (most probably in a hotel room) and the guy talking to someone on the phone and telling the guy that he slept at his home. Many time meera is been seen with kamran khan driving in the car and few times her car been parked out side kamran khan house in DHA Lahore EE Sector whole night. Just a friend ? then why spending the night at his home .?

Some new pictures of Meera has been leaked on internet in which she was seen with his un-official husband at un-known beach and enjoying a very cool weather there. Scroll down to see her pictures. Meera Pakistani actress Scandal Video Meera Pakistani actress Scandal. Meera also contacted kamran khan many times regarding the problems that is facing related to marriage. Kamran Khan and meera was seen in the car parked in front of the market both holding each other in the back seat of the car last saturday in DHA Lahore Market.

who are u people. have forgotten everything li just found this post on the web

“ooking for some black magic teachings.i have read post regarding magic and black magic. every time i have to searched for it, one name keep on coming. this guy kamran khan under the tittle of guru jee.

kamran khan the guru from kamran khan store. this dude is young but perform miracles in his own way. this guy kamran khan have very very very expensive prices regarding his work that he provides. very good in his work but too expensive. i wanted to learn but his price is too high. now how the hell u can learn something we can’t afford.

i wanted to marry some one and he said the cost of the will in £’s and his totally charges will be £7,500. which makes it over 10,LAK IN RUPPES.

i’m thinking to sell my personal things to arrange the money for him ..

is that right thing to do … ? when u love someone that much …

most of the people also saying that he has some supper natural powers and some even saying this that he is not even a human. why is not human i this question to few people and there reply was … we were a kid when my parents use to visit this guy and still he is young. i think either he is not human or he has found a way to stop the aging process.
any way … i thought i should share this with you guys.”

are u guys are even muslims. who are looking for help like that and willing to pay him so much money.

why anyone want to learn this. why waste so much money like that. can’t stand these paki’s. but the problem is not these paki’s people from everywhere is contacting this guy. when i called i got the answer ” you have to wait 3 months before we can accept my request. ”

3 months …. woow just imagine how many people are visiting him on a daily basis that he even doesn’t have the time to take any calls.

all guys can go to hell.

i tried everything nothing ever worked at all. all my money and time got wasted.

i was having trouble with strength, talking to people even feel ashamed to talk to my wife. my family wanted me to divorce my wife due to no kids. all due to black magic effects. i was surfing on the net and found kamran khan store website. read through articles, got interested so i called up and order the lucifer power costed me £360 each for me and my wife + shipping charges to pay. by the time i got it. the same time is start working for me. today it’s been over 7 months i had it and i never go out without it. i can’t explain it how it works. but just simply works even works in my sex life what else you want in your life..i’m becoming a father … and now my family is happy with my wife to and all the magic effect is gone for good.

thanks …

This is not islamic or Sunnah way of treatment. It’s simply a Jinn appointed for whatever talisman you have; once you remove the magic will work. It means the problem is not solved but you found a temporary solution.

i had alot of problems in my life. problem with marriage, problem with family, problem with money, problem with having kids and many more ….

where i went people thought i was a problem child. spent so much money where ever some one told me to find the solution for my problem…

first few months of marriage was great and after that every thing went down the hill. came up to that point where my husband family members start saying things about me because ( was unable to have kids )

One day their was a guest came in my neighbors house while i was sitting there. we start talking and start sharing things and then i start telling her about my problem. The name came out from mouth was ” Kamran Khan ” from kamran khan store. She said he had the solution for your problem.

He is very expensive and don’t give any promises at all but still his services works. most of the time you will not only feel but also see how it’s working..

She said is located in lahore, you will be lucky if you get time. never mind the money side. now i was living in multan and it was impossible for me to go to lahore and see this guy.

when i came home i just called him and told him about my problem. He gave me few advices and then quoted me the price and steps.

i was shocked to hear ” RS 1,35000 “. I told the i cannot pay him that much and hung up.

I contact my neighbor again to ask her relatives who visited her that day to call me urgent.

later that day i received the call from her and i told her that he told me the price ” RS 1,35000 “. she laughed and said you lucky he gave that price i have paid him over ” RS 5,00000 ” to have my problem solved. She said don’t look at the price, look at the problem that you have…

Few days later i called and said.. ok i’m ready to pay…

Too keep things short…

i paid him and he gave to few things to keep

few months past by and still nothing happened… so i called him again and said … well nothing is changed … nothing is working … and he replied .. u must wait ….

easy for him to say … wait . when i had to sell my gold to pay him ” RS 1,35000 “. well i had to choice but to wait…

few more weeks went and then all of sudden i got the biggest shock of my life when my doctor told me that i’m pregnant…

few months before i was nearly at the door from getting divorce and today … i just smile every morning when my husband kiss me before he leave.

I always pray for my neighbors, her relatives and kamran khan for helping me …

God Bless Them ..

His Number Is : 0336 840 0033

Glory to my Lord, Holy be He above all they associate. None has the power to bestow but He. All good and harm comes from Him. Never rely on anybody but He, the Sire, The powerful Lord of the Universe. Praised be His Majesty. He is Allah The Sustainer, Nourisher and Greatest of all givers.

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