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Qareen (Hamzaad) قرين

Posted on: May 19, 2009

Hamzaad (Qareen ) is the demon permanently assigned to each person during his/her life whose job is to seduce human beings. Allah Almighty says: “His Companion will say: “Our Lord! I did not make him transgress, but he was (himself) far astray.” (Qaf: 27) i.e. the devil assigned to seduce him will say: “My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.”

36. If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of ((Allah)) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. Sura Az-Zukhruf (36)

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” Sahaba e Karam (RA) present in that occasion asked: “Even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “Even me, but Allah granted me victory over him and he became Muslim (or: and I am safe from him), so he only enjoins me to do that which is good.”

In order to get rid of such demon comrade, one should continuously recite the Quran, particularly the verse of Al-Kursi (verse number 255 of Surat Al-Baqarah), and the last two verses of the same Surah.

So Qareen or Hamzaad is a devil appointed as a companion. The Qareen should not be asked to be brought out or revealed, they are dangerous. However, some Amileens take the risk and do various things to communicate with him and gain benefits. Since Hamzaad remains with an individual, he knows about all the history of the person. Amils after taking control over their own Hamzaad, contact with the Hamzaad of any person and gain information about their past. By this way they inform their clients about their past and impress them with their knowledge but Hamzaad don’t have information about the future so any information on future given by Amileen is not reliable.

Enslaving the Jinns or Hamzaad is possible but a risky business and can cost one his life. It shouldn’t be done without having proper guidance from an experienced person. Once an amil was doing exercise for controlling his Hamzaad. He lit a candle and placed it on his back in a dark room during night. He focused on his shadow which appeared on the front wall and started reciting a verse. He continued for few nights after which his shadow started moving. After some more time, the shadow started running around the room although the candle and he himself was stationary. On the last day of his exercise, he was busy in his work without knowing that some guests were sleeping on the roof top of his neighbor’s house. All of sudden the Charpoys (beds) started falling from the roof. The guests got panicked and a crowd gathered around. People knocked the amil’s door as well and he had to break his work to go out to see whats happening. His Chila broke and the Hamzaad got free. Later the amil started receiving stains of blood on him and suffered throughout his life.

Hamzaad gets powerful when its companion human being indulges in evils and gets weaker if the person does good deeds. When one goes astray from the right path, he/she gets strong inclination/temptation from the inside. He/she feels that someone inside is pushing towards something. Scientist can claim it to be split personality or anything else. But the truth is Man is born with both Evil and Good in his inside. He has choice. If he chooses evil, than his evil takes over his goodness and he becomes a devil. If he chooses goodness the evil is enslaved and he becomes superior to Angels, a true Naib of Almighty Allah and deserves to be called Ashraf ul Makhlooqat.

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nice lil column

very nice & useful information. Also mention name of some experienced person or amil for guidance.

Brother so true you have written, that’s why a person should only seek a true Kaamil, as Kaamils only rely on help from Allah and his messenger! The Aamils you mentioned ate non but who require the help if Jinns those jinns that should depend on us as rightly you have said Ashraful Makhlooqat. May Allah guide you on the path of Roohaniat.

but how u say abt rohniat to others

mozam jah

which two quranic verses can conjure hamzaad and what is the procedure i will be waiting for your reply . fee aman illah

salam to aal,
hamzaad is great sipritual powr of the world of natural powers,
every one getting method of capturing itself. im one in them any budy tell me sumthing.

moazam jah

Assalam o allakum,
Hamzaad is actually spirit that can be used for both good and bad deeds. I have heard a lot of about it. But now there a great problem for those people who want to control but they failed due to many reasons. I personally do 4 or 5 chillas/rituals etc to capture it but failed. Recently before 4 month I meet with Mr.shokat Ali who tell me some valuable information about Hamzaad. He did hamzaad chilla in past (before some years).He perform chilla by noori and safli way and he kept Noori Hamzaad under his control for 2 years while he kept under his control on Safli hamzaad and that safli hamzaad was very very powerful and do all work as he order him and due to some reason he kept it only for 30days then he free him. His father guide him in chilla and himself as teacher in doing chilla then Mr.shokat Ali win to capture Hamzaad. He became aamil of Hamzaad. I personally meet him and get valuable information. He capture Hamzaad and do many task by that Hamzaad. Then due to some family matters me could not obey the agreement that was made with that hamzaad, then he finally Free the Hamzaad. He do 41 nights chilla (Ritual) then he successes to capture hamzaad. He do perheez (Egg, fish, meat, garlic, onion) & some other perheez Jalali wa jamali also did. When he was doing chillas he did that practice in a close room that was in the forest he used to go in that room & wear Red clothes at night and lit the Chragh (Candle) on their back side then sit in centre of room and focus on the neck of their shadow and recite some words for 2100 times (25 minutes time). After 7 days (7 night at amal time) his shadow become pure white color and on 11 night his shadow start movement. Shadows start moving left side and daily when he recite his shadow start moving and on 21 night his shadow start moving and come his back side. After 21 days his shadow come moving from back side to right side and on 39 and 40 night still remain front side and become his own shape a person (Human form::: Hamzaad). Hamzaad ask him; Why you call me? What do you want? He at once say to him I want that you do my work as I order to you and fulfill my task as I desire. He ask what you do for me then Mr.Shokat reply I will give you bread and water. So finally an agreement made and Hamzaad told some words for quick calling him. He wrote those words and keep them secret. After that he perform many task by that Hamzaad (Qareen, Saya, Astral body etc). He kept Hamzaad with him 2 years then he finally free him due to some personal reasons.
At this time he have no Hamzaad with him but he know reality and nature of hamzaad & 100% accurate Amal e hamzaad formula to call him. He told this ritual/amal/method to one his students in Rituals and he also win the amal…
According to my knowledge his is one person who reveal the truth to me and I myself share his practical and reality about Hamzaad amal. At present he have only one mokal at this time. With him. He is a rohani aamil at this time. He is living at Fort Abbas (Near chishtian…Punjab…Pakistan). I meet with him before 4 months at Khanewal (Multan…Pakistan). I share these information to you how and what things are involved in the reality of Hamzaad.. He also share me another 7 days Safli AMAL E HAMZAAD but I would not like share it to every one. Its method is secret and not good for doing to good person so I keep it in secret from sharing to Internet. It was simple and 7 night chilla but sorry for share it to every one. The first amal that I share is a Norani Amal e Hamzaad.
His second amal was about a JINN capturing which consist of 11 days ritual of surah jinn. This amal is very Jalali amal. It details is here as.,,, Surah Jinn 1000 bar parho to ak jinn hazar ho ga.Ya 101 bar 11 raat amal karo to hazary ho jay gi.Offer 5 times prayers a day, keep yourself clean 24 hours a day. Surah Jinn daily 101 times for 11 days, On 3rd day Jinn will come to appear and till 7 days they will fully try that you will stop the amal. On 7th day or 11th day they will ready to serve you & make a legal commitment with JINN & will tell you method for quick calling to him. Make promise by the Name of Prophet Suleiman (AS).This is very very dangerous amal. Ye amal bohat Jalali amal ha, told to me by Mr.Shokat ALI SB. (6 hour time required).Do hisar before amal daily at amal time. Ok
Strange amal e Hamzaad:::: That was performed by the friend of Mr.Shokat Ali and still he has control on his hamzaad this is very very strange amal. He has to get the Piece of cloth of that person………………………………………… and make the batti of chragh and stand up in a chowk where there is complete Loneliness he lit the chragh by fire and start reciting something for 1 hour then after some days a flame raise up then it become form of that person whose was that cloth. The hamzaad head, legs, arms etc then all body parts appear and finally on 11 night Hamzaad appear and ready to serve him and made an agreement. At present time he has that hamzaad with him and obey him as he guide his hamzaad….That chilla/amal completed in 11 days for daily 1 hour wazifa at lone chowk….
According to my knowledge at present time Mr.shokat is a one person that has all details and valuable information about Hamzaad. Any one who will come to Mr.Shokat Ali he will help him as he could by their own experience and his friend who presently controlling Hamzaad with Him. That is all about Mr.Shokat ALI who share his own and their father experience share with me and I share these information to internet that all who want to capture hamzaad should realize that Hamzaad chilla/amal/ritual is not easy and it is very dangerous for any one who do it without teacher.
Once my school friend Syed Asim jameel shah was doing chilla of hamzaad on “Harni wala Tiba” near his house at(Khanewal….Multan) . He make a hisar around him. He daily used to do amal at night when moon properly light up , he focused on his shadow which appeared on the front of him and recite some verse 4 some time (1 Hour or 2 Hour) daily when 7 or 15 days past the shadow began start moving left & right and its movement increase continuously. When 21 days past then shadow start moving freely, he was a bold person so he keep continue the amal. On 35 or 36 days of his amal he was driving a cycle and he pass over a river bank, then suddenly a black shadow come to appear and push him into the river with a great force. He luckily saved and come out of river then he broke/stop the amal.

brother agar ap Mr.shokat sahib ka koe number ya mail adress da dan to ap ke bare meharbane ho ge

Can you tell me koon Shokat sahab?

Dear Mr. Shahid, Can You Give me the address of Mr.. Shoukat Ali. My EMail is


me at

00923457231720 pak

I want to know about amal hamzaad


my naafs or hamzad is giving more trouble to me, every time he talk to me from inside my mind is always wondering and mind has become weak. kindly send me easy amaal to keep safe from hamzad misleading or if possible,easy amaal to capture hamzad.

Thank you


once u got hamzad
or hamzad started coming front of u than he gona stay with u till death
i red some comments above that coz of some family problems mr shoqat ali finished aggrement with hamzad lol
which is wrong not true rest god knows but would like to say dont bring family in it lol salam all

my nafs is giving me more troubles, every time he talk to me from indise and all the time my mind is rolling. I just want to avoid this problem but it’s beyond my capacity and now a days my my mind has become weak. Is any way to over come on my nafs or hamzad or will you give me any easy amal to capture hamzad. Please guide me.
Thank you & best regards.

can any body plz guied me about hamzaad what is hamzaad or about their type i mean norani hamzaad or safali hamzaad or about others types or about different methods capturing hamzaad if any body can guied me so plz email me my email is i m waiting ur email plz share with me true knowledge about hamzaad .

I would say to all the friends who are dying to capture Hamzaad to stay away from it……it may look great in the beginning but they will make your life a living hell………

yaha jise dekho wo hamzad ko capture karna chahta hai ya koi pakadna chahta to koi vash me karna chahta hai. bhai mera hamzad to bas ek bar hath jodne se hi hazir ho gaya. maut ki kagar par tha mujhe pani se nikal kar le aaya. mere dosto ke sath raha aur sab ko khush kar diya. mujhe sirf ek ya do bar dikha hoga par mere har kam sahi kar diye mujhe bina batay. use dost samzo nauker nahi. jo pakadne ki koshish mat karo use ek dost hi samjho aur kisi bhe amal se sahì use apne pas acche se bulao. bas mere jaisi galti mat karna mai use pahli bar hi mere bulane par hi dekh kar dar gaya tha aur wo sart rakhega ye baat to mai bhe manta hu.

salam sab dosto ko,

knowledge mere pas shayad aap se kam ho. par jo bhi hai me use pesh karta hu. hamare hinduism me is ko chaya purusha kahte hai.
hum suraj ki roshni me ya chand ki roshni me ise karte hai. ye hamari parchai hai. sufi tarike se isko bas karna thoda kathin hai.
suraj ki roshni me ya chand ki raat me ujale me ye sabse accha hai.
ise kahi tarike se bas kiya ja sakta hai. iske liye aap ke mind ka kabu chahiye. aap ka dar nahi hona chahiye.

Dear Dhaval thanks for the info let me inform u that through sufi way it is the most easiest to contact Hamzad (please note i said contact not control) this is my own experience . However unfortunately no true sufi master ever talk or teach about Hamzad because a sufi’s aim is to contact GOD not Hamzad.

Burraq bhai ye hamzad bhi Allah hi ki nemat hai jesy hawa pani zameen asmaan or wo gandum jiski sb log roti khaty hein theek isi tarha ye bhi nemat hai jiska tm sahi istmaal kro to wali Allah bn jao or ghlt istmaal kro to iblees k bhi baap .


hello, i’d like to ask a few questions, if the hamzaad cames out from our shadow, then will we not have any shadow anymore? and isnt the qareen part of us till death? how is it possible that it becomes free from us? where does it then go? i’m just curious

First of all my brother, you are confusing with Hamzad and Qareen, actually it’s same. Qareen is Arabic and in Urdu you call it Hamzad. This Shadow thing is all superstitious, Allah knows better. Every human have Qareen (in Urdu Hamzad) appointed with the will of ALLAH and commended by Iblis with him/her untill they die.

For example Prophet Muhammad PBUH doesn’t have Shadow but he has Qareen with him, which was only lead him to good deeds with the will of ALLAH. So here, lets say if Hamzad or Qareen is your shadow than why prophet Muhammad PBUH didn’t have shadow although he had Qareen with him.

i heard hamzad tells everything about a persons pasts, to anyone who wants to hear it?? is it true?? how can we stop our humzad from telling our pasts to such amils etc?? do theyey tell each and every detail about us and whats happening in our life?? do we have to go to such amils and than they get to know about our past? or they get to know it only by knowing our name?

Yes, Hamzad can tell anything and everything to Magician. You cant stop him. But his knowledge is limited in terms of what you know he knows, what you dont he also don’t about you. He have ability to remember your every second of life, he knows what your conscious and sub-conscious mind knows.

Can some one please write any simple amal to get rid of all the evils/sharr brought by hamzad/jinns?Please

I would like to say only one thing that after reading the comments it’s quite clear that our faith/yaqeen/emaan in Allah is very week and we prefer going to amils and doing bizarre stuff like capturing qareen to solve our problems. Allah has set limits for humans as well as for jinns and it’s better for us not to cross them. Once we cross the limits then we are misguided. So it’s a request ,please keep your faith strong by praying to One and Only Allah and don’t indulge in falsehood and deceit because shaytan is always trying to misguide you.

dear brother an answer of your question universe is too big which god or allah subhan created. Allah says explore its mean find me i m everywhere when u dont hasitate to see someone than why hasitating to find urself HAMZAD is part of ur body he hasnt come from outside hes same like you so how u misguide urself or otherzzzzzzz
i would like to advice who come here pass their comments they shold study holy book QURAN
Instead of criticizing otherz like saying capturing HAMZAD is shirk. Than u got to prove it and also need to tell the defination of SHIRK
last thing when we muslims go mizar or shrine is beg to dead peoples is this not a shirk
salam to all

@Rohilla, first of all you need to read carefully again the article and understand from deep down to heart. HAMZAD is not a PART of your body. It’s an external force which is appointed for you by Iblis. Besides if interaction with Jinns were allowed or possible then ALLAH would never made them Jinn (unseen) but we could see them, but it’s not the case. So please try to understand the fact and then decide what you heart says. Can you bring me any Hadees or Ayat of Quran which says that you interact with Hamzad or Capture or you can capture him.

Tell you the truth, many peoples you may have seen in your life claiming they have captured JINNs or Hamzad (hamzad is again is Jinn) so anyway I tell you they are the world’s foolish persons on earth, trust me, I believe they have jinns, but actually the reality is quit opposite, they havent caputred but in fact Jinn have captured them.

What’s the work of Iblis and his forces of Shayateen, they are actually looking for peoples who are willing to do Shirk and then they offer them there powers, and person is beliving ohhh wow finally after 40 years of SHIRK i captured a forces of Jinns. Come on Wake up. And look around who has captured, you captured a Jinn or Jinn captured you.


well said .

Is capturing the Hamzaad or Qareen and act of Piety which our Pious predecessors a.r. Advised or Recommended? The endeavour to enslave (capture – forcefully make a servant of the creation of Allah Ta’ala) is it not Haraam? Are the Qareen and Jin born free or as Slaves? is it Lawful in Shariah? Amazing how we go to any ends in justifying our wrongs like the accursed Iblees himself?

Allah Ta’ala guide us and give us death with Imaan

18 | Muhammad Rizwan
January 6, 2012 at 8:25 pm

Can some one please write any simple amal to get rid of all the evils/sharr brought by hamzad/jinns?Please

Attire the way of prophet Muhammad Sallal-lahu-alaihi-wasallam from the core of your heart and with fullest possible sincerity in every circle of your life, you above desire will get fulfilled with more blessings from Allah!!! wasalaam

Mr Omer, hamzad does not bring evil on you, jinn may be if you hurt them unintentionally/intentionaly, or may be some send it for jealousy / hasad.
before you do anything please check few things.
1- are you a proper muslim, do you follow islam,pray 5 times eat halal etc.
2- check your PAST what have you done may be your own sins / gunnah are following you. remember they always come back you dont know.
3- if above 2 steps are ok then you can find a good muslim wali or amil according to islam and ask for help he will explain and guide you the right path means he will give you to read some wazeefa and will give you something to get rid of evil spirits.
now question is how we should find out who the REAL wali Allah or amil;. for wali Allah it is simple,Muhammad (saw) said,”agar kisi kay face ko dekh kar Allah yad aajaey,OR jab woo baat kary to naseehat ho, woohe wali Allah hay’ so look for this person,i know few. if you need i can give you their names and places.
for amil you must need to know what his believes are, everyone will say i am good. but i know couple names only not more rest are fraud. why i know this becuase i spend my 20 years on this line so i met with lots of fraud people and execellent people.

I like to catch Hamzad but HOW?

Why do you want to catch Hamzad, I never understand we dont want to run for catch our Iman for ALLAH has recommend us, but we want to catch something that ALLAH prohibit to us. Hamzad is kind of Shaitan which Iblis appoint for every Muslim, and for your information these Shaitan do change time to time by Iblis, if anyone fail to do his job in a year than he change them. So how many Hamzad you will catch?

Salaam, this world is going on from long time, if everyone knows the wazeefa about hamzad than possibilies were that many can have hamzad. if NOT then it means it is NOT simple, yes it sounds simple, but believe me it not simple. first of all you can be killed, simple and easy, if not killed then will be punished for rest of your life, that is more worse then killing, then go further your family members can get harmed so, stop thinking about it. lets see the example,
how many magicians are in the world, they all have tried all stupid things to become stronger, BUT there are five most powerful magicains in the world. david copperfiled (jew) david Blaine (Christein, Mother hindi) and chris angle (jew+christein) and 2 more they all can fly move from one place to other. they have sold there souls to devil. if 100,000 people will perform chila then 1 – 3 will survive so where are others goes, results will be beaton, punished, killed, lost mind (crazy, mental hospitals) families will get killed etc.
why i am saying that because i know how to do what to read and have seen above mentioned results with people. so ask Allah’s guidance.

I completely agree with you brother.

ahmed bhai i red u comments and wondering how u can say such a big things like these magicians sold their soul to devil were you there when
they sold it or you are the witness
never ever underestimate about others no one knows about the reality
accept allah subhan.
IF you are realy big man and you have somthing to share bro than help
others instead of making wrong statements
you said when peoples do chilla their family members die with unknown
problems or desease or xyz
the person whos doing chilla he die with illnes plz dont spread these type
things not good
than u said that you know how to do chilla what to read or what to do one
side you stoping peoples and the other hand you instigating peoples to it
i will teach you
why this duble standard
Allah subhan says i have created the world and you the one who has to
explore it thats why human is called ashraf ul makhlukat
so plz accept my apoloy if i said anything wrong and teach the right way
to the peoples not to misguide
salam all

salaam, Rohilla
most respectfully, first of all let me clear something about me, i am NOT an internet baba who reads from internet and start giving opinions on internet as mine, no i am not that. what i do and how i lived my life and how i am living my life now. i spend over 20 years in this line, i met with those people, i lived in 9 countries included USA, i have sheikhs and teacher they teach me for daily bases my each action they know and i report to them. they ordered me to perform this spiritual rohani knowledge amals to cure people by the help of Allah. i have clents in USA, canada, Eroupe, pakistan. inda, etc. i never called myself as amil or sheikh and i am not. i am a student who learns and practise for the sake of Allah and Muhammad (saw). i met with preist, hindu, jew to watch how they perfom exercism etc. Where they live. i know how they perform black magic, mostly people have no idea what they do to accomplish their task. on the internet there are just fictional stories, believe me, in reality no one tells the truth. mark my word. i dont want to go in details,

once i was watching TV and saw a program some person was telling read this for this many days and this many times at night and you will have a moakal, i talked to my sheikh and teacher they said, he is right BUT teller hide few things and they are enough to harm a person. for example, if i try to control you Rohilla, your mind your life and body, would you like that, NO why?, you will do anything to get rid of me, same way they do Jinn / Moakal / Hamzad.
freedom is very presious wealth of Allah.
your comments about “we are ashraf ul makhlukat” i ask you a question what have you done to be a ashraf ul makhlukat, we dont even obey our parents, relatives etc. when ever we have some issue raised we suddenly become ashraf ul makhlukat, in reality we dont give a dam for being a asharf ul makhlukat, if we consider then there are duties and responsibility comes with this word, which we dont want. but we try to sit on the thron (takhat) which we dont deserve.
i have seen so many people in trouble, suffuring, bad conditions, girls are sitting home not getting married just because they dont have dowry or some relative had performed some spell for jealousy etc, good education no jobs, good families but problems, good husband and wife but bad relations, husband is going after onother girl or vise versa, i know there are their own sins too but there are ashraf ul makhlukat who are performing bad actions against their own relatives, brother and sisters, parents, husband and wives etc. they all are ashraf ul makhlukat. nothing can move without the order of Allah, but we as asharf ul makhlukat not stopping hurting others.
your comments about “magicians sold their soul to devil were you there when
they sold it or you are the witness”. sold their soul to devil means they promise to devil jinn that we will do what ever you say then devil / jinn ask them to do what pleases him and then he/she give them little reward. shaitan jnn/devil always ask to worship him or iblees and perform some very bad actions i am not going to mentioned on internet. that is called selling your soul to devil. we sell our soul to Allah too, to do what Allah says to do. selling soul does not mean that we receive money for that it means that we OBEY, so Allah has mentioned in Quran those who obey ME will be rewarded and those who obey Iblees will be in Hell. but answer to your question i was there or i saw or listen YES i saw and listen when they jap (read kufria words for devil to make him pleased).
your commenst “IF you are realy big man..” NO i am not a big man, i am a human and thanks to Allah i am a Muslim and i am a student of spiritual teachings and help people.i always say to my clients, the knowldege i have is given to me by my teachers and sheikhs i am just forwarding it, i cannot heal i can only put bandage, healer is Allah.
your comments, “you said when peoples do chilla their family members die with unknown problems or desease or xyz” Rohilla, you have no knowledge about these things, I have seen people get beaton by unknown, died during chilla, running away from chilla, tossed away by jinn during chilla, we communicate with jinn why they hurt such or such person and they explain the truth. you have no idea. if you never encounter or confronted any jinn so you can say what ever you want to. i dont mind.
your comments, “than u said that you know how to do chilla what to read or what to do one side you stoping peoples and the other hand you instigating peoples to it i will teach you”, NO i did not mentioned that i will teach you, i said, “dont even thing about it, it is dangerous, dont hurt yourself or family”. i know means that i have an experience.
i hope i answer your questions and if you still have some doubt then please feel free to contact me by email: or phone +1-403-926-9426
regards, Ahmed

perfact brother .every thing you said its ture .i agree but can you teach me .how to practice chilla

salaam, Uzair, first of all i need to check you means to meet you and then i can help you to do cilla. everyone cannot do chilla many people in pakistan or somewhere in the world put people to chilla without any knowledge of them and people get hurt. it is same like when you go for army or airforce trainig then officails try to make candidates to take some tests and look if they are able to go through the process. if you live in pakistan then i can meet you in pakistan in january, if you can wait. Ahmed

thank you ahmed bahi i am from pakistan but now i am in uk .i am student in uk and i live with my brother.thank you for reply .i am waiting for your reply.and i want to talk with you on skype to interduced my self my skype id . ahtasham.arshad1
between ahtasham and arshad is a dot plz add me . i sad in previse mess that my friend know about it .in the begning he sad to me i will teach you on that time i sad i am scared and after few month when i am agree he sad to me oh its very deficult for you you cant do it and start taking money from the people.before he sad my teacher shah saab sad to me dont take money .i think its to much
plz contact me

i need ph of a educated aamil

hi jamal, try this person he helps lots of people. his contact is Ahmed +1-403-926-9426

Why it is risk to stop the amal in between? Is it compulsory to complete 40 days in hamzaad amal? Why person become mental or killed?

salaam ahmed bahi eid mubarak plz contact me 07448268138

Looks like now a day everyone wants a Djinn/Jinn/Hamjad/Muwakkil just as bad as they want a car. They think they will accomplish great things; get a great job, make lots of money, have lots of power, be on top of the world. Well, to know the real fact, visit

I enjoyed the article very much I learned thing I did not know before it was very in lighting.
Thank you

Foolish me!!.may الله forgive us one and all.after reading through comments I have this to say.
When a person is born,a companion is assigned to that the child grows into the adult it is the parents duty to guide this child with the will of الله …we all have good in us and bad and الله alone knows what we will do and when we will do for the jinn assigned to you…it is up to the person to let ur own jinn become good…or is not befitting a Muslim to seek help through other means than الله first..for example…moosa a.s. Had a tummy ache…n was told by الله sbt to seek a tree and eat from its leaves.the remedy worked..a 2nd time..his stomach troubled again n he went straight to the didn’t work…الله sbt told him Yaa Moosa..the 1st time u seeked my help and the 2nd u went on your for this ummah Rasululah.saws said there’s a cure for every sickness besides old age…so when getting sick one should 1st seek الله help then attend the doctor.our problem today that whatever befalls us…we don’t stop to think…what would our Prophet Mohammad saws do in such a case etc..the answers are all there..knowledge comes through sacrifice so take. Walk to the scholar and seek guidance as per Quran nd Sunnah.we won’t know how to do something unless someone shows us or tells the time of sakaarul mout…if ones parents have passed away..they will come at your time of death speaking lies about الله and his messenger saws..this is the jinn imitating them to deceive you because this is the most important time of ones life..
So when u die…ur rooh goes to the barzakh..and ur jinn returns as they have a longer life now lets say that ur son or daughter dreams of u after u have died…its not you they spoke to in the dream etc etc….I. Always say this..the 1st person to enter jannat after the prophets are Abu Bakr r.a….even if I dream that sayidinaa Abu Bakr comes in a white kurta and green turban riding a white horse with lots of noor…..I cannot accept that its him….coz my Nabi said that iblees can imitate anyone except me….meaning the Rasul.
I hope this clears much doubts and may الله forgive us one and all.



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